1000 solved mcqs of English grammar

1000 solved mcqs of English grammar
1000 solved mcqs of English grammar

1000 solved mcqs of English grammar

1000 solved mcqs of English grammar

Different types of exams like FPSC, NTS, CSS, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, KPSC, PTS, OTS, BTS, and other government jobs exams conducted by Pakistan government. There are many mega files of competitive exam papers of various government jobs.

English Solved Mcqs are repeated in various competitive exams, like, FPSC PPSC CSS PMS, and NTS. Most of the questions are taken from past papers of various competitive exams. The short questions and study material on this website are very useful for academic exams and quizzes.

We try our best to keep providing you with the best and quality knowledge and content. We also hope you will give your feedback to deliver the best. English Solved Mcqs and Vocabulary are an integral part of any competitive/job related exams. So, this site provides best quality knowledge and combined subjective and objective solved paper for your competitive exam preparation.

How do you improve your English vocabulary?

We are all well aware that in today’s competitive world, we really need to make a lasting impression in our social space to succeed. An important aspect of making your first impression depends on our language skills, especially English language skills. This is the reason why spoken English and personality development courses are in such great demand. After analyzing this whole scenario I realized that I need to work on my communication skills to improve my personality. Here are some of the ways I learned there that helped me improve my interpersonal skills and master the language.

1. Become a better listener.

There is nothing more charming than having someone listen to you so intently that you feel like you are the only one in the world.

2. Read more and expand your interests.

The additional you browse and develop new interests, the additional fascinating you may be to others. When you meet new people, it gives you an opportunity to share what you know and exchange ideas with them.

3. Be a good conversationalist.

It has to do with how much you read and know. Once you have a lot to contribute, learn how to talk about it with others. No one can read or know everything, so it’s refreshing to learn from others the things we don’t have time to read ourselves.

English Grammar MCQ PDF- Are you looking for English Grammar Questions?  Do you want to crack competitive exams? Here you will find miscellaneous English Grammar MCQ list for free.

There are hundreds of English grammar quiz websites and apps available in the market. But I have selected some important English Grammar MCQs for you, covering all topics from sentences to sound changes.

English Grammar is an integral part of the competitive exam. If you are preparing for any competitive exam be it national or international, you must prepare for English Grammar.

1-He studied poetry at the age of six.

Oh, you can.



D is

2- ——- May I come in, please?


May B

C-may be.

De Ville

3-I like to see your book.

A- May

B. Can

C should be

D-will be

4-We—— It is better to consult a doctor.

A is

B is

It was C

D. May

1000 solved mcqs of English grammar
1000 solved mcqs of English grammar

5-You don’t enter my room until I call you.

A- will

B Shawl

C is


6-The author travels back ——to his youth.

I am

B to

Sea over

By D

7- To achieve success ——must try your best.


B. He

C One


8-His ——— is coming to Delhi.

O sister-in-law

B. Brother-in-law


D. Brother-in-law

9-Unless you have work, you are not successful.

A- May


C will

C- will do.

10-I am —— of reading.

A- Got it

B’s hobby

Like C

D enjoy.

11-Nen enjoys——.

A- Swimming

B. To swim

Sea swimming

D. Swimming

12-My book is more than your book.

A- More expensive

B. Expensive

C- The most expensive

D – Too expensive

13-It’s a ——-club so girls can’t enter.

a boy

B of the boy

C boy


14-You have a good chance ———Match.

A- To win

B- To win

Winning in c

D- To win

15-This is the first attempt to write poetry.

I am

For B

C on


16-After the bomb blast, all—– broke.

A is

B is

C is

D are

17-Your———is absolutely necessary in the meeting.

A gift

Presenting b

C presence

D-Be present

18-The controversy centered on —– his behavior.

A- around


About C

Regarding D

19-His intention ——-doubtful.

A were

As b

C are

D look

20-The workers were up in arms against the management.


Be up

C in

D. On

21-The lamp fell ———the table and pieces broke.


Be off

From c

Out of D

22- Total obedience of soldiers —— is necessary.

There are

B is

C should be

D. Kane

23-Management ——-happy with workers.

A- is

B are

There were C.

De Ville

24——-She comes every day?


B does.

It was C.

D is

25-They don’t know me.

1000 solved mcqs of English grammar
1000 solved mcqs of English grammar

There are

B does.

C is


26-He ——-any knowledge of your whereabouts.

A- Denies.

B. Denial

C- rejects.

D refuses.

27- He ——– taking a bribe.

A- refused.

B- Rejection

C was denied.

D. Denial

28-Accepting ——–dowry is also a crime.

From A


By C

From D

29-They traveled by ——-car.

With A-


By C

From D

30-Child and his parents———missing.

A were

B are

C is

D. Shall

31-My hair is gray

A- is

B are

There were C.

D look

32-You have two white hairs on your head.

A- is

B was

C are

D appears.

33-Our family is very old.

There are

B is

There were C.

D seems to be

34-My family members ——-out for their various tasks.

A- is

B are

C will

D was

35-I had a terrible dream last night.

A saw

B has seen

C had seen it.

D is found.

36-We needed to write our answers in ——ink.

With A-


From c

By D

37- — Following rules will help maintain discipline.

With A-


By C

From D

38-The body was kindled——to the flames.

I am


Under C

From D

39-The house is well fortified ——–robber.

From A

With B

Against C


40-My happiness consists in ——-You are well.

With A-


C in

From D

41-My uncle is a man ——– Conclusion.

I am

From B


With D

42-The child ——wasn’t there to play.

A- Allow.

B is allowed.

C allows.

D. Allowable

43-My mother reacted to my words.

A- Angry

No anger

C- Anger

D angry

44-I hope you will stay here for — days.

A- A few

A few


D Chand

45- He has read the books that he had.

A- A few

A few

C – A few

D. Many

46-He was adamant about it.

A- To say

B-in is saying.

C is saying.

Deon is saying.

47-I insisted ——-my fee was paid.

A- To be

to be on b

Being in c

To be d

48-We should avoid evil.

By doing A-

Doing B-in.

To do

D is turning on.

49-They forbade me from a book.

A- By borrowing

B. Browning

C- Borrowing

D Borrowing

50-They insisted on ——-away.

A- He has to go.

B he go

C-He’s leaving.

go d

51-Gujarat has ——-railway networks as compared to other states.





52-Your performance is too much for you.

A- Applicable

B complete

C- Remarkable

D. Credible

53-She is good at singing and dancing.


B. Productivity

C complete

C was established.

54-He being a public servant is —— for people.

A- Accessible

B is weak

C familiar

D. Responsive

55-I do not agree with the expression in your newspaper.

1000 solved mcqs of English grammar
1000 solved mcqs of English grammar

A- Agreement

B- Agreement

Confirm c.


56- The invention of the wheel has proved a great achievement for mankind.

A device

B use

C service

D. Bone

57-Please don’t tell me if I can help you.


B production

C object

D listen

58-He ——on his head.


B stroke


D. Striking

59-Rome was not —— in a day.

A building


Sea Bullet

D is under construction.


A flying

B flow

C flew away.

D. Flon

61-Water was—-

A- Frozen

B. Frozen

C frozen

D. Freezing

62-That —— mad dog.


B was killed.



63-The prisoner was——-.


B Hang

C hanging

D execution

64-Those pictures on the wall.

One hand hanging

B execution

Si Hung

D was hanging.

65- The dress is near ———.


B is over.

Wear c

Wearing d

66-It was —— by hand.



C made.


67-Does he have a seed?

a dwarf

B was shown.

Sow C

D. Boya

68-The ground is full of dead leaves.

Oh Straw

B. Straw

C. Strion

D. Striving

69-The prisoner ——-was hand and foot.

A binding

B to bind

C bound

D. Tie

70-He —— that he will take revenge on him.

A- swears.

B swore


D. Swearing

71-He easily his enemies.

A- Forgiven.

B. I’m sorry

C is forgiven.

D. Forgiving

72-He has everything he had.

A- To lose

B loose

C loss

D is lost.

73-His company was —— after all.

A search

Searched for B.

Searching for C

Seekers of D.K

74-I didn’t have breakfast this morning.



C no

D. Many

75——Money is better than nothing.

just a little

B – Small

C – A little

D- Something

76-Can you bring me books?

A- A few

A few

A few

D. Many

77- Everyone in this world wants to live long but no one wants to grow old.

A- Desired

B would like

C wants

D-Would like.

78-He said he didn’t remember–a more enjoyable movie.



C. Ara

D saw

79-Sun has —-.

A- Rise

B- got up.

C growing

D are increasing.

80-She was —— out of the house.

Oh driving

Powered by B

C ran

D drive

81-All his sufferings with great patience.

A bearing


C was born.

D. Bor

82-He was ——- on March 12.



Sea bore

D. Bor

83-His cheek was ———from a mosquito.

Oh Bate

B to cut

C cut

D bit

84-He is the best fruit of the garden.

A- was selected.

Choice of B

Chosen by C.

Choose D.

85-She ——-bids us farewell.

A dialect

B spoke


D spoke

86-He to his teacher.


B Lane

C lied.

D kept

87-He to his teacher.


B Lane

C lied.

D kept

88- Nowadays chickens don’t have eggs.

Hey Lane

B Lane


D laying

89-He——died on earth.


B Lane


D laying

90-He lies awake in bed for hours.


B Lane


D laying

91-What bell is ——-?



C color

D is ringing.

92-He ——–me on the telephone.



C color

D is ringing.

93-He ——-for 2 hours.

O swimming

B is swimming.

C was swimming.

D. Swimming

94-A Woman ——across Dal Lake.


B. Swimming

C. Swim

D. Swimming

95-His behavior ——–His servant is really bad.


With B

For C

About D

96-His company is much sought after ——-


After B

See out

For D

97-The climate of Delhi does not suit me.

A- Agreed

B hold

C suite

De Fiore

98-I am angry with him ———his carelessness.



For C

D in

99——-If so, no more needs to be said.

1000 solved mcqs of English grammar

A- Since

For B


As D

100-To the students —— they are teachers whenever they meet them.

A- engagement

B Hello

C- Congratulations

Regarding D

english grammar mcqs with answers pdf

english grammar solved mcqs

english solved mcqs pdf

css mcqs with answers pdf

1000 solved mcqs of English grammar

most repeated english mcqs in ppsc pdf

css english mcqs with answers

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