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10th Class Biology Guess Paper 2023

10th Class Biology Guess Paper 2023

10th Class Biology Guess Paper 2023

Biology Guess 2023
All Punjab boards,
McQz all exercises textbook
List of Important Short Questions of Biology for 10th Class
Nadeem Akbar Malik
 Write the role of skin in homeostasis?
 Write the types of Coordination.
 Write the names of two types of cartilage.
 Write the names of components of Coordination Action.
 Write the names of the hormones secreted by ovaries.
 Write the functions of hypothalamus.
 Write name of three main parts of brain?
 Write the difference between Elastic cartilage and Fibrous cartilage?
 Write four symptoms of pneumonia.
 Write down types and symptoms of Bronchitis?
 Write down types of nerves on basis of axon characters?
 Write down the symptoms and treatment of Asthma?
 Write down the differences among motor neurons, sensory neurons and inter-neurons?
 Write down the normal chemical composition of urine?
 Write down the difference between inspiration and expiration?
 Write down function of coordinator?
 Write down the cause of paralysis?
 Write down examples of response?
 Write a note on Autonomic Nervous System.
 Write about contribution of Ali ibn-e-Sina about eye?
 Why transpiration does not take place at night?
 Which drugs are taken in the epilepsy?
 Which hormones are secreted by glands? What functions are controlled by these hormones?
 Whet is stimulus? Give examples.

 Where fibrous cartilage is found?
 What steps are involved in the formation of Urine in the kidneys?
 What is voice box?
 What is tubular secretion?
 What is Vegetative Propagation?
 What is the role of biotechnology in field of medicine and agriculture?
 What is the location of kidneys in the body?
 What is the function of sensory neuron and motor neuron?
 What is the function of temporal lobe?
 What is the function of occipital lobe and temporal lobe in human brain?
 What is the difference between compact and spongy bone?
 What is the effect of carbon monoxide present in tobacco smoke?
 What is spinal cord?
 What is seed dormancy?
 What is seed germination?
 What is salutatory Impulse?
 What is renal tubule? What are its parts?
 What is Rhizomes?
 What is Reflex action?
 What is Pharynx?
 What is pneumonia?
 What is peritoneal dialysis?
 What is Osmoregulation?
 What is passive smoking? What is its effect?
 What is nitrification?
 What is mRNA?
 What is nicotine?
 What is marijuana? What is its source?
 What is modern evolutionary theory?
 What is lung cancer?
 What is kidney transplant?
 What is lithotripsy?
 What is homeostasis? Give example.
 What is greenhouse effect?
 What is homeostasis?
 What is glottis?
 What is Expiration?
 What is Fragmentation?
 What is difference between breathing and respiration?
 What is diabetes mellitus?
 What is diaphragm?
 What is Corolla? What is its role?
 What is chromatin?
 What is cloning?
 What is cerebrum? What are their functions?
 What is Biosphere?
 What is bronchitis?
 What is biological nitrogen fixation?
 What is Alternation of Generation?
 What is arteriosclerosis?
 What is aerobic respiration?
 What do you mean by dominant and recessive alleles?

Long questions
10th biology
Digestion in human beings
Nutritions and it’s various types.
Respiration/and difference between arebic and anaerobic respiration
Excretion ,excretory system ,structure of nephron,plant blood ,composition of blood bouble circulation ,functional unit of various cital organs of our body,machanism of photosynthesis.
Reflex action ,functions of brain central nervous system functions of spin as l cord and medulla oblongata.
Phytoharmones,,nastic movements in plants ,ptototropism.
Sexual reproduction in plants, DNA, vegetative reproduction ,male female reproductive system in humans std, fertilization , hermaphrodite,structure of sperm, genetics ,variation ,Heredity ,10/%law monohybrid cross and dihybrid cross ,inherited and acquired characters, analogous and homologous organs, compensation point.biomagnification ,ecosystem ,transfer of energy in ecosystem ,3R concept.components of ecosystem ,food chain and food web.
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