1500 General Knowledge solved MCQs pdf set 3

1500 General Knowledge solved MCQs pdf set 3
1500 General Knowledge solved MCQs pdf set 3

1500 General Knowledge solved MCQs pdf set 3

150+ General Knowledge MCQs with Answers 2021 – Most Current

Today we will once again bring you very useful general knowledge MCQs with answers. Most of the general knowledge questions are a list of 2021 and will help you prepare for any type of job test in Pakistan by CSS PPSC in PPSC, NTS, ETC, and other testing services. General Knowledge Solved MCQs PDF Free Download.General Knowledge MCQs are now a part of all types of job tests in Pakistan. The percentage of questions in the job preparation test for General Knowledge MCQ in Pakistan will vary. It is set between 20 and 40%. General Knowledge MCQs are provided for the best answers from which the aspirants and candidates have to choose the best and correct option. General Knowledge MCQs with answers pdf 2022.We are trying our best to provide General Knowledge MCQs Answers along with Video Lectures Tests and Quizzes for Online Job Test Preparation. Download for free from our website. We have uploaded PPSC Top Test Preparation, FPSC Job Test Preparation 2021, and other Election Officer Job Preparation Couch General Knowledge MCQ with answers in PDF format. So that candidates can download them.Pakistan General Knowledge MCQs with Answers pdf 2022

150+ General Knowledge MCQs with Answers 2021 – Most Current

Today again we are with 150 Plus General Knowledge MCQ with Answers 2021.Caravan MCQs book pdf

  1. Charge on neutrons? → ANS (Neutral)
  2. What is the meaning of current flow? → ANS (electron flow)
  3. Freezing point of water? → ANS (0C)
  4. When did the Muslim League come into existence? → ANS (1906)
  5. The first president of Pakistan Muslim League? → ANS Khaliq-ul-Zaman (1949)
  6. Which melts at room temperature? → ANS Mercury
  7. Who is the Chairman of Senate of Pakistan? → ANS Sadiq Sanjrani.NTS General Knowledge MCQs PDF
1500 General Knowledge solved MCQs pdf set 3
1500 General Knowledge solved MCQs pdf set 3
  1. Who is the Saudi king? → ANS Salman bin Abdulaziz
  2. Who imposed martial law in 1977? → ANS Zia-ul-Haq
  3. Who abrogated the constitution and imposed martial law in 1958? → ANS Sikandar Mirza
  4. Who is the Chancellor of Germany? → ANS Angela Markle
  5. Second Prime Minister of Pakistan? → ANS Nazimuddin
  6. Who killed Hazrat Ali (RA)? → ANS Abdul Rahman Ibn Muljum
  7. Zakat is obligatory? → ANS 2 Hijri
  8. Trench warfare? → ANS 5 AH
  9. Capital of Australia? → ANS Canberra.World General Knowledge PDF
  10. Who was with Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the migration? → ANS Hazrat Abu Bakr
  11. Meaning of evolution? → ANS continuous
  12. What does Zamzam mean? → ANS stop flowing
  13. Who became the Chief Minister of West Pakistan after One Unit in 1955? → ANS Khan Sahib (Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan)
  14. Simon commission report in which year? → ANS 1930
  15. Shift of capital from Calcutta to Delhi? → ANS 1911
  1. Indus Basin Agreement? → ANS 1960
  2. How many pebbles to Satan? → ANS Muzdalifah
  3. ILO? International Labor Organization
  4. Is it in Kashgar? → ANS China
  5. Pakistan and China are connected to whom? → ANS Khunjarab Pass
  6. Located between Hormuz? → ANS Gulf of Oman and Persian Gulf
  7. Who finished one unit? → ANS Yahya Khan
  8. Jaliawala Bagh Massacre? → ANS Amritsar 1919
  9. Which is a landlocked country? → ANS Nepal
  10. Burma’s new name? → ANS Myanmar.General Knowledge MCQs pdf in Urdu
  11. The thickest layer of the earth? → ANS mantle
  12. CNG? → ANS Compressed Natural Gas
  13. Completed in the Holy Quran? → ANS 23 years
  14. Jannat Ui remaining? → ANS Medina
  1. What is the shape of diamond? → ANS carbon
  2. Who dissolved the first Constituent Assembly? → ANS Governor General Malik Ghulam Muhammad
  3. Montague Chelmsford reforms? → ANS 1919
  4. Blood is purified? → ANS kidney
  5. What does Surah Baqarah mean? → ANS cow
  6. Animals that kill others for food are called? → ANS Predator
  7. SAARC → ANS has 8 members.
  8. Compilation of Quran in one book: → ANS Hazrat Abu Bakr RA
  9. Eighth Amendment to the Constitution: → ANS Zia-ul-Haq
  10. ​​First Commoner-in-Chief: → ANS General Mercy
  11. Governor General State Bank of Pakistan: → ANS Dr. Raza Baqir
  12. Second Governor General of Pakistan: → ANS Nazmin
  13. Daughters of Muhammad: → ANS 4.General Knowledge Mcqs with Answers for Entry Test
  14. Mycology is the study of: → ANS fungi
  15. Surah without Bismillah: → ANS Surah Towbah
  16. President of Iran: → ANS Hassan Rouhani
  17. Unit of Current: → ANS Ampere
  18. Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations: → ANS Munir Akram
  19. Iraqi President: → ANS Barham Saleh
  20. Light years are measured by: → ANS distance
  21. Shimla deputation presented memorial to Viceroy → ANS Lord Minto.
1500 General Knowledge solved MCQs pdf set 3
1500 General Knowledge solved MCQs pdf set 3
  1. Conquest of Mecca. → ANS 8 AH
  2. Area of ​​Pakistan: → ANS 796,095 km² (excluding Kashmir and GB)
  3. Egypt → ANS is located in Africa.
  4. Suez Channel: → ANS connects the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea.
  5. 1909 Reforms → ANS Minto Morelli
  6. Carrots are a source of → ANS vitamin A
  7. Vitamin A deficiency causes → ANS night blindness
  8. Unit of light year → length of ANS
  9. Sun is a → ANS star.
  10. Zanoorin: → ANS Usman R.A
  11. Event of the Ascension → ANS 10 Prophet
  12. Death of the Holy Prophet → ANS June 8, 632 AD
  13. The study of fungi → ANS mycology
  14. Material used in pencil → ANS graphite
  15. Ozone → ANS Blocks ultraviolet rays.
  16. 1973 Constitution → ANS came into force on 14 August.
  17. First Martial Law → ANS 7 October 1958
  18. A unit → ANS 22 November 1954
  19. All India Muslim League → ANS formed in Dhaka.
  20. → Repeal of partition of Bengal in ANS 1911.
  1. Cabinet Palm had → ANS 3 members.
  2. Second Government General of Pakistan → ANS Khawaja Nazimuddin
  3. Plants take in O2 and produce CO2 at night → ANS.
  4. Al-Aqsa Mosque → ANS Jerusalem
  5. American States → ANS 50
  6. In Egypt → ANS Africa
  7. NATO Position → ANS North Atlantic Treaty Org
  8. Without Bismillah → ANS Surah Towbah
  9. NWFP → ANS became a province under British rule in 1901.
  10. Hadhrat Khadija took Muhammad. → ANS Waraqa bin Nawfal
  11. The first compilation of the Qur’an; → ANS Hazrat Abu Bakr Radiyallahu Anhu
  12. Zanureen → ANS Hazrat Uthman RA
  13. Ascension event. → ANS 10th prophet
  14. Aqsa Mosque. → ANS Jerusalem
  15. Al-Aqsa Mosque is in Bait-ul-Maqdis Old City → ANS Jerusalem.
  16. The Holy Quran was converted into a book during the reign of → ANS Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique.
  17. The Eighth Amendment to the Constitution is the era of General → ANS. In 1985, Zia-ul-Haq and President Ghulam Ishaq Khan used it excessively.
  18. Pakistan’s first Commander IN Chief → ANS Frank Misseravi.
  19. A heptagon has → ANS seven sides.
  20. Scalene Triangle: → ANS No equal sides, no equal angles.
  21. First Martial Law → ANS 7thoct 1958.
  22. Partition of Bengal took place on → ANS 1911.
  23. The freezing point of water is → ANS 32f.
  24. Distillation → ANS The process by which salt is removed from water.
  25. Meteorology → ANS is the scientific study of the atmosphere.
  26. Red, green and blue are → ANS primary colors.
  27. Electrons move around. → ANS nucleus
  28. Battery; Converts chemical to → ANS electrical.
  29. Universal donor; → ANS O negative
  30. Use of plants at night/outtake; → ANS oxygen/carbon dioxide
  31. Laughing gas; → ANS nitrous oxide
  32. Freezing point of water; → ANS 32F
  33. Pencil; → ANS Graphite
  34. light years; → ANS length/distance
  35. Spider → ANS 8 legs.
  36. Bronze is an alloy; → ANS Cu-Tin
  37. Meteorology → ANS The study of the atmosphere
  38. Unit of Current. → ANS ampere
  39. President of the Franc → ANS Emmanuel Macron
  40. President of Turkey → ANS Tayyip Erdogan
  41. President of Iran → ANS Hassan Rouhani
  42. Unit of current → ANS ampere
  43. Sound → ANS cannot travel through a vacuum.
  44. Electricity from Chemicals – Battery
  45. Suez Canal → ANS connects Red Sea + Mediterranean Sea.
  46. The first revelation occurred in 610 AD.
  47. Lucknow pact was between → ANS Muslim + Congress.
  48. The freezing point of water is → ANS 0 deg.
  49. Electrons → ANS revolve around the nucleus.
  50. Ozone protects against- → ANS UV rays.
  51. A unit → ANS launched on 22 November and completed on 14 October 1955.
  52. KPK was created by the British to form a province in → ANS 1946.
  53. Location of genes in the body → ANS DNA
  54. Number of poles in a magnet → ANS 2
  55. Opposite charge attracts → ANS.
  56. Charge store is → ANS Capacitor
  57. ANS Reproduction is necessary for the survival of the species.
  58. The study of preparation of medicines is called → ANS Pharmacy.
  59. Saifullah is the nickname of which Companion → ANS Khalid Bin Waleed Radiyallahu Anhu
  60. Who translated the Qur’an from Arabic to Persian → ANS Shah Wali Allah
  61. Basic belief in Islam → ANS 5
  62. All India Muslim League → ANS formed in Dhaka.
  63. Quaid-e-Azam presented 14 points in → ANS 1929
  64. Last Viceroy of India → ANS Lord Mountbatten
1500 General Knowledge solved MCQs pdf set 3
1500 General Knowledge solved MCQs pdf set 3
  1. Capital of Nepal → ANS Kathmandu
  2. What is the moon? → ANS satellite
  3. Current flow means ANS flow of electrons
  4. Who abrogated the constitution and imposed martial law in 1958 → ANS Sikandar Mirza
  5. Who is the Chancellor of Germany? Angela Markle
  6. Who killed Hazrat Ali (RA) → ANS Abd al-Rahman Ibn Muljum
  7. Battle of the Trench → ANS 5 AH
  8. Australia Capital → ANS Canberra
  9. After one unit in 1955 who became the Chief Minister of West Pakistan → ANS Dr. Khan Sahib

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