2022 Tesla Model Y Review

2022 Tesla Model Y Reviews
2022 Tesla model y

2022 Tesla Model Y Review

Tesla Model Y
2022 Tesla Model Y
MSRP: $ 58,990 – $ 63,990
4.2 out of 5 stars (9)
2022 Tesla Model Y Performance 4dr SUV Exterior See more photos
8.1 / 10 Expert Rating

5 Luxury electric SUV

Plenty of range
Excellent acceleration, especially from the performance model
Easy supercharger network for long-distance driving
Spacious seating and cargo space
The control interface focused on the touch screen can be a nuisance to the driver.
No Apple Car Play or Android Auto smartphone integration.
Less expensive base models are not offered.
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2022 – New
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Long Range – $ 60,190 MSRP
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Nick Yekikian has worked in the automotive industry since 2019. He has written nearly a thousand articles on cars and has experimented with and reviewed more than 200 vehicles during his career.
Director, Vehicle Testing
Jonathan Elphalin has been in the automotive industry since 2005. As director of vehicle testing at Edmunds, Jonathan tested and reviewed thousands of cars during his career and wrote thousands of car articles.
What’s new
So far only minor updates
More significant changes may occur at the end of the model year.
Part of the first Model Y Generation introduced for 2020

2020 tesla model y
model y interior

model y tesla

To his credit, Tesla has figured out how to create plenty of social media on cars, in the great scheme of things, very few people buy. For example, the insanely fast-paced version of the Model S ایک certainly a special car یا or a cyber truck, which is causing more delays than NASA’s telescope project. There are still some beautiful Tesla models under the noise, and one of them is the 2022 model Y.

Y debuted as the pioneer of the all-electric small SUV class for 2020. It is similar to Tesla’s Model 3 small sedan but provides interior room for both people and cargo. It even has the option of a third-row seat, albeit a smaller one. The Y is a standout when it comes to providing a pleasant combination of space, range, and performance for the EV.

For 2022, Tesla is making some minor changes to the Model Y. They range from a new, lightweight 12-volt lithium-ion battery (replacing traditional lead acid) to laminated rear windows to better protect the cabin from noise. But there are also rumors of more significant changes for Y. Specifically, Tesla is transforming the design of the Y’s main battery pack into a structurally integrated design called the 4680. How will this new battery pack affect Y’s capacity or performance? It remains to be seen, but we will update this section as we learn more.

Meanwhile, the Model Y faces new challenges. The Ford Mustang Mach-E, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Kia EV6 and Volkswagen ID.4 have all debuted recently, and each has attractive features that can win you over. To help you decide which EV is going to be best for you, check out our expert test rankings below.

What is it like to live with it?
Our test team stays with the Model Y and spends thousands of miles and months at its own pace using the real world. See our long-term Tesla Model Y test page for all the details on how it lasted during our test, how reliable it was, and what it feels like to be with the Model Y.

Edmunds Expert Rating
Our decision The Edmunds Vehicle Testing team reviews a new batch of vehicles each week, combining objective tests with real-world driving on city roads, freeways, and winding roads on our test track. The data we collect results in a ranking of our experts. They are based on over 30 scores that cover every aspect of the automotive experience.
/ 10
The best test team in the United States ranked you.
The Model Y is a stylish and spacious electric SUV with great appeal. Of the two versions, we prefer the long-range. It lacks the insane speed of performance but is still pleasantly fast. It’s also a smooth ride and has great value. Y is clearly behind the rest of the industry, though, in smartphone integration.

8.5 / 10
How does the Model Y operate? Acceleration is not a weak point here. During the Edmunds test, the Model Y took only 4.8 seconds to reach a speed of 60 miles per hour from stopping long range. And despite being equipped with all-season tires, which are generally designed for greater wear resistance than the grip on the road, our test vehicle still impresses at just 112 feet at 60 mph. Distance covered. Both numbers are better than we expected and impressive for the EV class.

Despite the heavy weight of the Model Y, the steering and handling are also commendable. The steering feels light and is quick to respond to inputs, giving you a sense of control and connection through a corner. There is also a minimal body roll, especially for SUVs. The driveability in the city is excellent. Experienced EV drivers will appreciate the adjustable regenerative bra.
A king who appoints you using only the right pedal
Eba exclusively allows driving.
8.0 / 10
How comfortable is the Model Y? The Model Y cabin offers good comfort in some areas and is a source of frustration in others. The seats are well-padded and provide a lot of support and the seat heaters heat up quickly. But synthetic leather upholstery does not breathe particularly well and can feel suffocated in hot weather. Climate control, like everything else, runs from the touch screen. It can cool and warm the cabin well, but if the sun is shining and shining through Y’s wide glass roof, it has to work harder. You can pre-order the cabin remotely before entering, which is easy.

The Long Range model is a huge step up in ride quality compared to the performance model. Long-range rides are worth a lot, though we still wouldn’t call them great. Small pieces and cracks make their way into the cabin. That said, the Model Y does a great job of filtering air and ambient noise, giving the cabin a relaxed experience.
Continue reading the Edmunds Expert Rating below
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7.5 / 10
How is the admission? The Model Y cabin is spacious, with many headrooms and leg rooms for all occupants. Wide-open doors, high ceilings, and low steps make it easy to get in and out.

Unfortunately, the large touch screen, while cool and modern looking, is Y’s only gateway to control almost everything. There is a curve to learning to use the controls, and the system is usually used while driving. Another problem: if the touch screen flexes, you lose most of the access to the Model Y controls.

The front display is impressive thanks to the long and wide windshield and short hood. When turning, there is a slight obstruction from the large pillars of the front windshield. However, the rear view is what you get in a sports coupe. The thin rear window and high back belt line limit what you can see from behind.
7.5 / 10
How is the technology? When it comes to the technical features of the Model Y, it has significant advantages and disadvantages. The large center screen is easy to see and has crisp-looking graphics. The navigation system, based on Google, is also clear and easy to read. But it can be slow to update the system in tainted service areas, leaving you temporarily off the map. The sound quality from the 14-speaker audio system is profound.

The biggest downside is the lack of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto smartphone integration. The only way to connect your phone is Bluetooth, and it’s a flawed alternative to the more feature-rich capabilities of CarPlay and Android Auto.

As far as sound controls are concerned, you could theoretically use them for many tasks, such as setting the cabin temperature or opening the glue box. Yet we found them largely ineffective in real-world use. Making simple requests, such as “call mom”, failed on several occasions in our testing.

The Model Y’s advanced driver aids perform best in stopping and going traffic, but they are a bit annoying at highway speeds or parked cars. We’ve experienced several false alarms with a system running very close to another car on the highway, or misinterpreted a car parked on our shoulder for a car parked in our lane, causing the car behind us. A senseless awakening arises. Some competing vehicle systems share these issues.

Conversely, you’ll have access to an Internet browser that allows you to do things like watch Netflix or scroll through YouTube videos – while parked, of course, and provided you’re up to date on your Tesla data plan. ($ 9.99 per month) or Wi-Fi connection. One of Tesla’s biggest innovations is the constant over-the-air updates that can add features and system optimization.
8.0 / 10
How is the storage? The Model Y cargo space is very large. Tesla cites a maximum capacity of 68 cubic feet, although it is not clear if this number includes the front trunk. The rear seats are not completely flat, but a wide opening and height are easy loads. The removable cargo floor provides even more back storage than below. Tesla has updated the center console storage for the Model Y for 2021 with a new sliding bin core and Swedish smartphone charging space. It’s a much better-organized setup than the old Philip Lids, but the storage space remains largely the same.

Child safety seat accommodation is average for SUVs of this size. There is plenty of space for even the largest children’s seats. The lower anchors of the car seat, however, have small access points and are difficult to pass through. The top teacher points are at the bottom of the back seats and can be difficult to reach.

Limits and performance

8.0 / 10
What are the limits and performance? The EPA estimates that the 2021 Model Y Long Range has a maximum range of 326 miles and uses 27 kWh.
Electricity for every 100 miles of driving, call it Tesla ModL3 makes the next most efficient luxury EV. Both are very impressive for an electric SUV.

In real-world testing of Edmunds’ 2021 Model Y long-range, we observed a total range of 317 miles at a consumption rate of 26.2 kWh / 100 miles running in maximum-range battery mode, which completes the battery. Charges up to capacity. This mode is not recommended for daily use and should be reserved for long trips. Although the Model Y does not exactly match our range estimate in our tests, its more than 300-mile range is sufficient for most buyers as long as you are driving conservatively.
8.0 / 10
Is the Model Y a good value? The Model Y long-range model is less expensive than the performance but is still in the luxury SUV pricing area with a new starting price of around $ 60,000. Also, note that the ٹیکس 7,500 federal tax credit for Tesla’s vehicles has officially expired.

Is this a good deal? The appeal of the Model Y depends on how much you value it. If there’s room for speed and size, the Model Y is a relative bargain compared to other luxury SUVs and its most obvious EV competitor, the Ford Mustang Mach-E. But if interior design and comfortable features are a priority, then the Model Y is a bit disappointing.

The Model Y Long Range has the usual configuration of 11.5-kW onboard charger and charging cord options. It also works with Tesla’s proprietary Supercharger network, which offers reasonably priced recharging that is best suited when you need a fast range group (such as on a road trip). ).

In terms of warranty, the Y’s are slightly lower than average for luxury SUVs but comparable to luxury EV coverage. You get four years / 50,000 miles of bumper-to-bumper coverage and roadside assistance. Tesla covers batteries up to eight years / 120,000 miles and guarantees to maintain 70% of battery life during this period.
Wild card
9.0 / 10
The Model Y Long Range may lack the performance model theatrics, but it is still reasonably fast and provides similar fun behind the wheel. Combine that with better ride quality and we think the long-range is the preferred model for both. It still checks the “fun to drive” box with fewer compromises. The sleek position of the Y also makes it nice to look at, and you can still get big wheels to give it some performance model flair.
Which model Y does Edmunds suggest?
Go with the long-range. Its EPA estimate is more than enough for most travelers, and while Tesla recommends that you don’t squeeze too much from the battery between charging cycles, it’s still an impressive number. The Model Y Performance is fun to drive, but its high price and overly rigid and difficult ride quality don’t justify it.

Tesla Model Y models
The Tesla Model Y is a fully electric mini crossover SUV with a seating capacity of five passengers. An optional third-row increases the seating capacity to seven. It comes in two main categories: long-range and performance. Featured features for the Model Y include:

Consumer Reviews

Read what other owners think of the 2022 Tesla Model Y.
4.2 out of 5 stars
9 reviews
Write an analysis

View all 9 reviews

Trending topics in analysis
Most helpful user reviews
1 out of 5 stars Tesla TERRIBLE customer service
Brian Handel, 04/19/2022
Long Range 4dr SUV AWD (electric DD)
I bought the 2022 Model Y and it had a lot of flaws like declared the wrong alignment, left fender upper windshield post incorrectly aligned fender; rubbing on the body and making noise, rearranging the rear seat, brought it into service And since January 2022 the car has not been repaired, the customer service expects me to leave a brand new car for service and gives me UBEr credits and there is no borrowed car this is a brand new car to be repaired Needed and has not been repaired since April. Terrible service department.
3 out of 5 stars auto drive
، 05/25/2022
Long Range 4dr SUV AWD (electric DD)
Auto drive sometimes becomes a safety hazard, as it stops for no reason and goes into idle mode for the rest of the journey. You have to stop at the side of the highway to reset and restart. It’s insecure and annoying.
The best 5-star car I’ve ever owned.
Carolina, 03/22/2022
Long Range 4dr SUV AWD (electric DD)
My Model Y is perfect: it’s extremely fast, almost zero maintenance, very comfortable to drive, and great. We never have to go to the gas stations, as we charge at home, and rely on the Supercharger network, which is everywhere and extremely fast. We like it
5 out of 5 stars Tesla Performance Model Y.
Angela Gobi, 05/12/2022
Performance 4dr SUV AWD (electric DD)
We have had our Tesla Performance Model Y for 3 months. So far we love it !! I was just a little scared of computer control. If I need to know something I just do YouTube.

View all 9 reviews of the 2022 Tesla Model Y
Write an analysis
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2022 Tesla Model Y Videos
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Features and details
Long Range – $ 60,190 MSRP
Total MSRP

EPA battery and range

EPA KWh / 100 mi. This value tells you how much energy a car will use per kilowatt-hour to travel 100 miles. However, unlike mpg, where a larger number is better (for example, a 30 mpg car is better than a 20 mpg car), a smaller number is better at kWh / 100 miles because you have fewer miles per mile. Using battery energy. .: 28
Battery charging time (up to 240V) can be difficult to reduce, but for simplicity, we assume that a 240V power source will enable the onboard charger of the vehicle to operate at full capacity and that The battery is completely depleted and will be recharged. 100% Given these assumptions, the value provided is only divided by the battery capacity of the ship’s charger power rating. For example, a battery rated at 100 kWh would require 12.5 hours to fully recharge using an 8.0-kW charger: 11.5 hours.
EPA Power Limit This value is the approximate number of miles a vehicle can travel in the joint city and highway driving (using a combination of 55% highway and 45% city driving). Before charging: 330 mi
EPA Combined MPGeA Overall 45% City MPGe + 55% Highway MPGe: 122 MPGe
To sit
5 seats
Drive train
Type: All-Wheel Drive
Transmission: 1-speed direct drive
Basic warranty
4 years./50000 miles
Length and breadth
Length: 187.0 inches / Height: 64.0 inches
Overall width with mirror: 83.8 inches.
Overall width without a mirror: 75.6 inches.
Curb weight: 4416 lbs.
Cargo capacity, all seats in place: 34.3 cu. ft.
Check dealer price.
Bring back the dealer quote, and we’ll let you know if it’s a good price!
Based on close sales until June 6
You should take it!

Good price:
$ 58,384
Our experts’ favorite model Y safety features:

Automatic emergency braking
Warns that if the front effect is close and if the driver does not respond in time, he will apply the brakes.
Active cruise control
Maintains a fixed distance between you and the car you are following. It stops completely and then starts again.
Lane Capping Assist
Warns if you are going out of your lane and will push the steering wheel to get you back in line.
NHTSA overall rating

5 out of 5 stars
The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration offers independent analysis.
Frontal Barrier Crash Rating
Side crash rating
Side barrier rating
Shared side barrier and pool ratings
Next seat
Rear seat
Dynamic test result
No tips.
Risk of rollover
IIHS classification
The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety uses crash tests to determine car safety.
Side impact test
Roof strength test
Rear Crash Protection / Head Restraint
IIHS Small Overlap Front Test
Not tested.
Moderate overlap front test
Tesla Model Y vs. Competition
2022 Tesla Model Y
2022 Tesla Model Y

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E
2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E

Tesla Model Y vs. Ford Mustang Mach-E
While the Model Y offers more range and more punch than line, the Mustang Mach-E is an overall better electric SUV. It is fun to drive and the interior is built very tightly. There are also more available versions and configurations of Mach-E than the Model Y.

Compare the features of Tesla Model Y and Ford Mustang Mach-E.

Tesla Model Y vs Volkswagen ID.4
The Volkswagen ID.4 came out late last year as the first of VW’s ID-Bagged EVs hit the United States. The Model Y offers a better range and performance, but the ID.4’s 260-mile EV range should be enough to cover your daily commute. ID.4 also costs less.

Compare Tesla Model Y and Volkswagen ID.4 features.

Tesla Model Y vs Audi Tron
The E-Tron is one of the most comfortable and luxurious electric vehicles you can buy. It has a premium interior that is spacious and comfortable. However, the E-Tron costs thousands of dollars more than Tesla. Maximum range, speed, and accessibility
o Tesla’s S
There are other advantages to buying supercharger network model Y.

Compare the features of the Tesla Model Y and Audi e-Tron.

Viewers also saw
2022 Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3
4.25 out of 5 stars (4) starting at $ 44,990
2022 Tesla Model X
Tesla Model X
Starting at $ 104,990.
2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E
Ford Mustang Mach-E
4 out of 5 stars (11) starting at $ 43,895
The first impressions of the 2022 Tesla Model Y.
By Edmunds Experts
What is Model Y?
The 2022 Tesla Model Y is the smallest of the two SUVs in Tesla’s current lineup. This model looks like a 3 sedan – the cheapest Tesla model – both inside and out. But the available (albeit narrow) third row and hatchback design means that the Model Y offers more space for people and cargo than its brother. Currently, the Model Y is available in two trim levels, although Tesla’s rolling updates mean that the two-tire lineup can change at any time.

The Model Y may not be the most powerful or long-range vehicle in Tesla’s lineup, but it is superior in performance and range to almost all other EVs sold today. The Edmunds Model Y did not match EPA estimates, but the data we have seen is still impressive. More and more competitors are entering the market, but the utility of the Model Y, the range, and the access to Tesla’s Supercharger network make it quite compelling.

Says Edmunds.
While we don’t expect any major changes to the 2022 Model Y, Tesla’s small SUV still has a lot in the crowded EV market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Tesla Model Y a good car?

What’s new in the 2022 Tesla Model Y?

Is the Tesla Model Y reliable?

Is the 2022 Tesla Model Y a good car?

How much should I pay for a 2022 Tesla Model Y?

What are the different models of Tesla Model Y?
More about the 2022 Tesla Model Y
Overview of the 2022 Tesla Model Y.
The 2022 Tesla Model Y is offered in the following sub-models: Model Y SUV. Available styles include long-range 4dr SUV AWD (Electric DD) and Performance 4dr SUV AWD (electric DD). The 2022 Tesla Model Y comes with an all-wheel drive. Available transmissions include 1-speed direct drive.

What do people think of the 2022 Tesla Model Y?
User ratings and reviews are also available for the 2022 Tesla Model Y and all its customized variants. Overall, Edmunds customers rate the 2022 Model Y 4.2 on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Edmunds Consumer Reviews allows users to understand what other drivers are saying about any vehicle in our database through aggregated consumer reviews. Detailed rating errors (including performance, comfort, value, interior, exterior design, construction quality, and reliability) are also available to provide buyers with a comprehensive understanding of why consumers prefer the 2022 Model Y.

Plenty of range
Excellent acceleration, especially from the performance model
Easy supercharger network for long-distance driving
Spacious seating and cargo space
The control interface focused on the touch screen can be a nuisance to the driver.
No Apple CarPlay or Android Auto smartphone integration.
Less expensive base models are not offered.
Edmunds expert reviews
Edmunds experts have compiled a strong series of ratings and reviews for the 2022 Tesla Model Y and all model years in our database. Our rich content includes expert reviews and recommendations for the 2022 Model Y, including trim levels and deep dives into features, performance, mpg, safety, interior, and driving. Edmunds offers expert ratings, road tests and performance data, long-term road tests, first-drive reviews, video reviews, and much more.

Our review process
This review was written by a member of Edmunds’ editorial team of expert reviewers. Our team drives every car you can buy. We test vehicles, evaluate how they operate and compare them to competitors in detail.

We are regular people like you, so we pay attention to all the different ways that people use their cars daily. We want to know if there is enough space for our families and our weekend gear and if our favorite drink fits in the cup holder. Our editors want to help you make the best decision about the car that suits your life.

What is the good price of the new 2022 Tesla Model Y?
2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range 4dr SUV AWD (electric DD)
2022 Tesla Model Y Performance 4dr SUV AWD (electric DD)
Which 2022 Tesla Model YS is available in my area?
Buy a list of over 6 million Edmunds car, SUV, and truck vehicles to find a cheap new, used, or certified pre-owned (CPO) for sale near the 2022 Tesla Model Y. Just research the type of car you are interested in and then select a car from our large database to find the cheapest cars for sale near you. Once you’ve identified a used car that interests you, look at auto check vehicle history reports, read dealer reviews, and find out what other owners paid for the 2022 Tesla Model Y.

Are you in your area?
Can’t find the 2022 Tesla Model Ys? Consider a broader search.
Search for sale.

Why trust Edmunds?
Edmunds has a deep D.
over 6 million new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles, including full, trim-level features and details information such as MSRP, the average price paid, warranty information (basic, drive train, and see) Maintenance), Features (Apology, Bluetooth), Navigation, Hot Seating, Cool Seating, Cruise Control, Parking Assistance, No Ignition, Satellite Radio, Folding Rear Seats, Run Flat Tire, Wheel Type, Tire Type Size, wheel tires, sunroof, etc.), vehicle details (engine cylinder count), drive train, engine power, engine torque, engine displacement, transmission), fuel economy (city, highway, joint, Fuel capacity, range), vehicle dimensions (length, width, seating capacity, cargo space), car safety, real value. Allows vehicles to be compared to similar models of their choice in terms of specifications, fuel economy, vehicle dimensions, consumer ratings, Edmunds ratings, and color.

What is the MPG of the 2022 Tesla Model Y?
2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range 4dr SUV AWD (electric DD), 1-Speed ​​Direct Drive, Electric

2022 Tesla Model Y Performance 4dr SUV AWD (electric DD), 1-Speed ​​Direct Drive, Electric

EPA Estimated MPG N / A
Transmission 1-speed direct drive
Drive train all-wheel drive
Migration N / A
Passenger Volume N / A
Wheel base 113.8 inches
Length 187.0 inches
Width N / A
Height 64.0 inches
Curb weight 4416 lbs.
Should I lease or buy a 2022 Tesla Model Y?
Is it better to lease or buy a car? Ask most people and they will probably tell you that buying a car is the way to go. And from a financial standpoint, this is true, provided you are willing to make more monthly payments, repay the loan in full, and keep the car for a few years. On the other hand, leasing can be a less expensive option every month. It is also good if you are a person who likes to drive a new car every three years.

2022 Tesla Model Y Review

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Tesla model y Review

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