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Check Out 5 New WhatsApp Features in 2023Check Out 5 New WhatsApp Features in 2023
Check Out 5 New WhatsApp Features in 2023
Check Out 5 New WhatsApp Features in 2023

5 New WhatsApp Features in 2023

Meta-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp updates with new features and tools to enhance user experience in next upcoming days. By the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023, WhatsApp user can expect many new upcomingnfeatures from WhatsApp for both business and personal accounts.
Recently, WhatsApp increased the file sharing limit to 2GB and launched a new feature, Communities. In addition, responses to new messages are also available to normal users.
This article looks at WhatsApp features expected by late 2022 or early 2023. Our list also includes various under-development features that have been noticed by the community.

1. View once audio

According to the report, WhatsApp is introducing a new feature known as ‘View One Audio’, which will allow users to send audio messages that can only be played once. Like the View after Photos feature, audio messages cannot be saved, forwarded or recorded once, ensuring maximum privacy. To use this feature, users have to select the ‘View Once’ option whenever they want to send a photo or video.

With the Lock

2. Lock chat

Chat feature, users now can enjoy and added security to protect their private conversations from unauthorized access. Once a chat is locked, it can only be accessed via the user’s fingerprint or passcode, ensuring that no one else can unlock it. This new ‘LockChat’ feature is designed to enhance the privacy and security of user data

3. WhatsApp Premium for Businesses

According to reports, WhatsApp is developing a subscription service for businesses. Like premium services like Telegram and WhatsApp Premium for Business will offer some additional perks, such as custom business links and linking more than four devices to a single account.

4. New text editor

Wabetainfo has reported that WhatsApp is in the process of introducing a new dedicated edit button for text. The messaging app is currently testing this feature in the beta version of the whatsapp. Currently, there is no dedicated editing option, meaning that once text is sent it cannot be edited, only deleted. However, with the new edit button, users will be able to edit their posts even after sending them.

5. Screenshot blocking

Currently this feature is in beta testing. The screenshot blocking feature will prevent users from taking screenshots of ‘one-time view’ videos and photos. Users can use this feature to enable screen recording and capturing restrictions for shared media. All users can access this feature soon by late 2022 or early 2023.

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