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Cattle rustlers versus Panthers Scores, Important points: Trevor Lawrence has four TDs, Jacksonville leads with pick-6 in OT

The Dallas Cowpokes seem, by all accounts, to be nearly accomplishing something they haven’t done in 15 years – – make the end of the season games in consecutive seasons. Notwithstanding, the Jacksonville Pumas made them stand by essentially one more week, because of their 40-34 additional time win.

The Panthers followed 27-10 preceding completion the game on a 30-7 run. They fixed the success with their guard as wellbeing Rayshawn Jenkins took out a diverted Dak Prescott pass in the last part of his profession, and took it 52 yards for the game-finishing score. The play was inconceivably grip as the protection required a stop to get its offense a large number of goings three-and-out toward the beginning of the extra time frame. Panthers quarterback Trevor Lawrence, the primary generally pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, set up the mark round of his profession up until this point, tossing for 318 yards in addition to a vocation high four scores and finishing 27-of-42 passing. Be that as it may, made a mediation. After kicker Brett Maher’s 53-yard field objective that drawn out the Cattle rustlers’ lead to 27-10, Lawrence tossed scores on three back to back drives – – including a vocation long 59-yard scoring strike to wide beneficiary Zay Jones. A 10-yard score throw to wide recipient Marvin Jones and another three-yard score toss to Jones.

With Zay Jones driving the way with a score that made it 31-27, Lawrence turned into the main Panthers player since Blake Bortles in 2015 with a passing score on three straight drives. Two of his season sums he gathered in the initial 14 weeks of the time. Lawrence currently has 14 scores and only one capture attempt in his last six games tracing all the way back to Week 9, making him quite possibly of the most secured in quarterback in the whole NFL.

Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott nearly played all around ok to win notwithstanding two block attempts. He tossed for 256 yards and three scores, including a 13-yard strike to wide collector Noah Brown with a little more than three minutes left in the game that gave the Ranchers a 34-31 benefit. On the extremely next drive, Lawrence got away from pressure and ran down the field inside the Cowpokes 40, yet Dallas security Jaron Kearse rolled in from behind to thump the football free. Obviously, linebacker Micah Parsons jumped on the football, swinging the game for the Cowpokes.

Be that as it may, the Pumas’ safeguard thought of a colossal three-and-out, giving Lawrence the ball for one final possibility, 34-31 with 1:13 to go and a break at their own 29. A play drive that acquired 41 yards to set up kicker Riley Patterson for a game-tying 48-yard field objective that constrained extra time.


The Dallas safeguard emerged from Jacksonville solid, losing linebacker Leighton Vander Esch to a neck injury and cautious lineman Dorance Armstrong to a knee injury. Guarded organizer Dan Quinn should assemble one of the most amazing training exhibitions of his vocation to dial back NFL MVP up-and-comer and Philadelphia Birds quarterback Jalen Damages in Week 16.

For what reason did the Panthers win?

The Panthers might have lost 27-10 against the NFC’s top trump card group, the Ranchers. Nobody would fault them. They are a group that has had the main generally speaking draft pick in every one of the last two drafts, a lot of as yet pushing toward the group they desire to be. Notwithstanding, Lawrence turned it on, proceeding with his main five quarterback level of play that he has brought to the field in every one of his last six games.

Gazing in a three-score opening and answering by tossing three sequential scores is an All-Genius level play. After an unpleasant season, the Panthers can now be certain that they have their establishment quarterback. The opportune play of their protection can’t be neglected by the same token. Two captures by Jenkins were enormous as his previously sorted up three out score passes from Lawrence, and the second dominated the match. They constrained Dallas to go three-and-out as Lawrence approached the finish of guideline. The layup gave their offense sufficient opportunity to get into range for a 48-yard field objective that constrained extra time.

For what reason did the cowpokes lose?

The misfortune is more on Prescott’s arm and offense than it is on safeguard. Ahead 27-17, Prescott committed an exorbitant error tossing a capture inside his own 20.

Moreover, the safeguard’s powerlessness to get a first down in the wake of stripping Lawrence on a scramble is glaring. Two first downs could have fixed the success in guideline for Dallas, yet rather it turned out to be three more. The Pumas drove the ball over a drained Ranchers protection and kicked the game-binds field objective to send the game to extra time.

Prescott’s ball security almost cNFL’s most obviously terrible group, the Houston Texans seven days prior in the Ranchers’ success. In week 15, it did. He has tossed 11 captures in his nine beginnings this year, an upsetting pattern that will clearly hurt him against the Birds and not too far off in the end of the season games in the event that not remedied. Pumas wellbeing Rayshawn Jenkins’ most memorable capture attempt gave Jacksonville the existence it required. Soon after Lawrence tossed the longest score pass of his profession, 59 yards to Jay Jones, the JaguarsDallas had the option to begin hostile belonging nearby. Four plays after Jenkins’ capture attempt, Lawrence tossed one more score to Marvin Jones to get inside three focuses, 27-24. Begin the game. The round of the game might have been just Jenkins’ down winning, 52-yard pick-six. At the point when the Pumas’ offense couldn’t get moving and had to dropkick, their guard was in a hazardous spot: give up a field objective and the game was finished. Once more in any case, Jenkins was perfectly positioned with flawless timing, showing extraordinary focus to take a diverted pass and turn on the Planes to seal the dig out from a deficit win.


what’s straightaway

The next week, the Ranchers get back to confront the NFL-driving 13-1 Philadelphia Hawks on Christmas Eve in a fight for NFC East matchless quality. The Panthers hit the road and make a beeline for The Meadowlands to confront the New York Planes, the group that drafted previous BYU quarterback Zach Wilson after Lawrence was chosen first in general in the 2021 NFL Draft. Picked a spot.

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Panthers wellbeing Rayshawn Jenkins’ second interference of Dak Prescott falls off a redirection, and he returns it for a 52-yard, game-dominating pick-six. Jacksonville matched the second-biggest rebound in group history subsequent to falling behind 27-10 to win 40-34 in OT.

Cattle rustlers Panthers was a 2-section story.

At halftime, the Cattle rustlers thoroughly searched in great situation to win. The type of their play mirrors a group fit for postseason achievement.

Dallas drove 21-7 in the primary half because of course book finish football. Security Donovan Wilson tossed a score pass to running back Ezekiel Elliott to end a six-play drive in the end zone. The Dallas guard constrained a three-and-out after a Jacksonville down-and-distance challenge promptly following Micah Parsons’ sack. What’s more, Prescott then tracked down new kid on the block Peyton Hendershot for a 20-yard score. With only 17 minutes gone, the Cattle rustlers looked predominant while the Pumas looked squandered.

It won’t stand the test of time.

The Panthers scored 21 unanswered focuses with the assistance of the large arm of quarterback Trevor Lawrence, the definite hands of collectors named Jones (hi, Zay Jones and Marvin Jones Jr.), and a Jacksonville guard that battled with Prescott’s new captures. Exploiting The transmission streaked a dismal pennant with 3:04 to go in the second from last quarter: Prescott’s eight picks, Fox’s realistic said, were the vast majority of any NFL quarterback over the past about a month and a half. That was before Prescott tossed his 10th in six games and tenth this season. His 3.9% capture attempt rate presently drives the NFL consistently.

All good, Prescott’s most memorable half was close to consummate. He finished 15 of 16 endeavors (93.7%) for 137 yards and two scores. On the day, he finished 76.6% (23 of 30) of his passes for 256 yards, three scores and two interferences. Prescott likewise mixed multiple times on his final quarter, go on drive, two times utilizing his legs to change over on third-and-1 plays. Beyond two exorbitant mistakes, he was useful.

Yet, the Pumas and Lawrence had a simple acknowledgment: Ranchers cornerback Calvin Joseph, beginning two of Dallas’ three corners with a physical issue, was a responsibility. Dallas’ safeguard, with base linebacker Leighton Vander Esch out with a neck injury in the initial game, was too. Lawrence ran 38 yards for a second from last quarter score to begin the rebound, Zay Jones took a twofold action and rushed 21 yards to the end zone for a 59-yard catch-and-run complete. .

Just a single time in the primary half did the Pumas acquire than 15 yards on a play. Multiple times in the final part the Cattle rustlers protection permitted that numerous expensive plays, with Jacksonville’s 193 surging yards the most the Ranchers have permitted since Nov. 13.


It seemed the Cattle rustlers’ run guard was coming to fruition last month, with an exchange for then-Las Vegas Pillagers protective tackle Johnathan Hankins and an expanded cadence in aiding Vander Esch. Hankins experienced a pectoral strain last week that will sideline him until the postseason. Vander Esch’s neck injury — he had neck a medical procedure in 2019 and collarbone medical procedure in 2020 — undermines that the Ranchers should get more imaginative in run help.

Dallas’ guard gathered three focal points on the day: a capture, a Travis Etienne bumble recuperation and a Lawrence mishandle constrained and recuperated in the final quarter. However, they likewise permitted 503 yards (just 32 came in extra time), their most in a game this season.

Lawrence frequently showed situational mindfulness, precision, arm strength and portability that ought to give Panthers fans expect his 27-for-42, 318-yard, four-score day. Be that as it may, it likewise helped NFL fans to remember where there’s opportunity to get better and the blips, which came when they drove Jacksonville inside striking distance of a game-dominating field objective endeavor in guideline. Seen He additionally seemed to toss into void region of the field a few times because of miscommunication with his recipients.

What’s next for the Cattle rustlers?

Dallas has one of the greatest games.


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