Double Diamond Design Model | UX / UI design thinking process

Double Diamond Design Model | UX / UI design thinking process
Double diamond design

Double Diamond Design Model | UX / UI design thinking process

“Double Diamond Design Model” + UX / UI design thinking process

What is Double Diamond Design thinking?
What is the double diamond design model?
The double diamond design process is the name of a model, popularized by the British Design Council in 2005 and developed by Hungarian-American linguist Bella H. It is derived from Bunty’s 1996 divergence convergence model.
“The creative process of finding a solution to a problem is a maze. That’s why we have a double diamond model – a roadmap for people who want things to happen.”
Simply put, a double diamond design model is something that system designers can follow in their creative process. It was officially announced by the British Design Council after a lengthy study of corporate giants such as Microsoft, Starbucks, Sony, and Lego.

What is the Double Diamond strategy model?
The council wanted to know more about how individuals process information to solve problems – and for all companies, they were surprised to learn that people follow similar steps in pursuing their innovations. ۔ Each company has its name for the process, each company does it in a specific way – but all creative employees skip these steps when faced with a problem, a difficult task, or a good opportunity.

What is Double Diamond in UX?
We have now divided these steps in the creative process through the council into a double diamond design model.
Double diamond design model
The official double diamond design model consists of four stages. These steps will help the map designer to organize his ideas to enhance the creative process.

4 steps of the double diamond approach

  1. Innovation – Understanding the problem
  2. Definition – Explain a problem
  3. Development – Developing possible solutions
  4. Delivery – Selecting and developing solutions
    The first step in Double Diamond is to innovate, learn about the problem, and start basic research on the challenges and problems to be solved. Creating a culture of success can be achieved through consumer research and market research. Discovery offers many different results, sometimes you may not find it, other times you may find that it is full of a lot of data and research.
    At the end of the search, you should have a ton of insight. The stage of definition takes all these insights and spreads them over them. The purpose of the definition is to refine your initial imagination based on what you have learned from the invention.
    This stage of the double diamond has a few names, Atlantic Airways calls it “design”, Microsoft calls it “implementation” and the UK government calls it “Alpha”. In development, you are trying to come up with different answers to a problem that has been identified at a certain level.
    From the development stage, you will have some different ideas that you want to try. You want to test these ideas on a small scale and when you see a tendency for ideas that don’t work, you want to remove them and move on to working ideas.
    Different and comprehensive thinking
    What you see when using the double diamond approach is that you are using two types of views, namely:
  5. Different thinking – you will consider anything and be open to new ideas. It is in the process of innovation and development.
  6. Contradictory thinking – When you are trying to articulate and present your solution you may be thinking narrowly, focusing on specific ideas to try to solve your problem through the solution. Do
    Principles of design
    Inside the double diamond, the framework is how it works. There are 4 principles of its design:
  7. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat: Be sure to repeat your design to create robust design solutions to avoid mistakes and accidents.
  8. Put people first: Understanding the needs, strengths, and desires of your people (or customers) should be at the forefront of your design.
  9. Collaboration and Creativity: Learn to be influenced by what others are doing and working with others.
  10. Communicate: Involve people, help them understand the problem you are trying to solve, and use them to generate more ideas.
    We explored different frameworks for innovative design ideas in different articles and one of these models was the Double Diamond Design Thinking Process developed by the British Design Council. Like other design thinking processes, it uses complex thinking and reflection exercises to apply design features to reach creative solutions and innovative ideas.
    The basis of this exercise highlights the important fact that the value of the design process does not depend on the construction stages but the definition of design features when implementing the stages. Without a clear understanding of design strategies and features, and design thinking process is useless. The main purpose of Design Ideas is to guide the application of this strategy in real-life scenarios.
    These features include:
    Creativity: The design process appreciates ideas and discovers them in the best possible environment. The diversity of ideas provides the primary source of innovative results.
    User-oriented design: The purpose of design thinking is to solve people’s problems and solve them.
    Their needs, Therefore, customer needs are central to the design process, reflecting the nature of the starting point in any design thinking process that analyzes the problem and relies on quality data.
    Uncertainty: Every design work begins with uncertainty. ا
    In contrast, other processes, such as the stage-gate innovation process, directly explain the problem. The design process is comprehensive, so as the team moves from one stage to another, the thinking process is tailored to different filter ideas.
    Repetition: An important factor in the lean features of the design process is the repetition and testing that go beyond the detailed requirements. Testing and improving prototypes with user participation can help create user-centric solutions.
    Feedback: Consumer feedback represents an important factor in the real-life use of a product or service that designers will use to improve the product in the future.

What are the double diamond designs and frameworks for innovation?

Double Diamond Design Model | UX / UI design thinking process

Is design thinking and Double Diamond the same?

What are 4 D’s of design?

In this article, we are going to introduce a popular design term: double diamond design. Once you understand the term, it will be helpful in your next design work or other projects. You may be wondering what a diamond means. And what about design? Keep reading this article. The answer will be presented in stages.

What is Double Diamond Design?
In general, the so-called double diamond design is a process or method used by designers and non-designers to solve complex problems. First, the British Design Council was to study how international companies, such as Microsoft, manage design work. The study found that they all have features similar to those of large companies. Double diamond design is summarized in four ways: discovery, definition, development, and delivery. When authorities describe the characteristics of these four processes – different thinking and conflicting thinking – they draw a picture that looks like two diamonds and thus is called a double diamond design. Of these, the process of discovery and development requires different thinking, while the process of definition and delivery requires focused thinking.

How do you use the Double Diamond framework?

Original double diamond design model for the British Design Council

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The process of double diamond design has been applied to all walks of life. To present the meaning of each step of the double diamond design and what needs to be done, I will work with the design industry to explain it.

Step 1: Discovery
The main purpose of this phase is to gather information, which usually includes user usage information, competitive product research information, and market research information. At this stage, it is usually necessary to do the following:

Gather as much information as possible

As a designer, the most important thing for you in the first step is to learn as much information as possible, you can find out about it through the company, or you can collect the information yourself. Remember, don’t lose any data related to your design. Because with enough information you can ask questions, make assumptions and point out problems.

Double Diamond UX design

Make a place

Data management is very important. We recommend that you collect as much data as possible and keep all the data in one place. The advantage of this is that all the information is easy for you and your team to understand.

Analyze and organize data

Unstructured data is often confusing, so its analysis and sequencing are especially important. For example, if you are collecting user feedback on a product issue, you can categorize similar issues, and when all the information is sorted, you clearly understand Can get the most feedback from users on what kind of issue.

Design Council Double Diamond PDF

Simultaneous brainstorm

The management of the company should allow all the project stakeholders to be involved in the project and give them ample time to think and record all the initial ideas. First of all, a seemingly unrealistic idea has the potential to make a brand famous.

Mind building with co-workers

Stand in the shoes of your customers

Double Diamond case study

Be your customer and try to use your company’s products from a consumer point of view, your experience may be different when you work on the product in general. The British Design Council found something interesting, with 11 international corporations focusing on the consumer in their design, indicating that you need to focus on customer needs and practices.

Step 2: Definition
This stage uses conflicting thinking as a filter, primarily to revise, refinance, or reject certain ideas from the first stage. At this stage, the following things usually need to be done.

Double Diamond design example

Focus on the key issues.

At the definition stage, the combination of ideas or directions identified during the discovery phase is analyzed and summarized in a nutshell with practical work related to the development of a new and existing product or service. After analyzing the data in the first stage, your team can already see all the information visually, and you will be able to easily determine where the real problem is.

Double Diamond vs Design thinking

After that, you need to categorize all the issues by importance. Of course, the most important issues should not only be prioritized but also ensure the user experience. If you are a project manager, it is good for everyone involved in the project to understand what the real problem is. If you are a designer then you need to know more.

Estimate the resources you have.

Sometimes, unexpected ideas are great, as long as they can be created. Therefore, you need to know the financial situation of the company, the level of investment in the project, the roadmap of the project, the features of some recently released competitive products in the market, and even some other social
Factors such as environmental issues. Again, the designer must keep in mind what is possible in the company’s technical or production capabilities.

Double Diamond design process pros and cons

Corporate sign off

If only the people involved in the project are the design team, then when everything is ready, the project application needs to be submitted.

Feasibility of company management project
After a thorough consideration of the expected effects, they will decide whether to start the project. Research has shown that the ability to submit a convincing design project application is very important. Yahoo, for example, says its project members, including designers, should be able to explain how their proposals will “move the needle” and dramatically improve revenue.

Double diamond interchange

Step 3: Development
After an in-depth study of the design process at eleven international companies, the British Design Council found that Microsoft interprets the process as an implementation, while Virgin Atlantic Airways calls it a design. Simply put, just do it!

Find possible solutions

For a design team, completing the first two steps means the design can begin now. But to design a satisfying product, this is not the first time that everyone is satisfied, which means that UX designers need to create many wireframes to present the initial shape of the product. Only after the product prototype has been determined, the UI design of the product can be initiated, and finally delivered to the development team.

It’s easy to pull the wireframe with the Mook Plus.

Do a lot of multi-disciplinary work

The four processes of product requirements – research, design, development, and testing – are known as independent stages. Each step may require the participation of people from other departments. For example, when product managers specify product requirements, developers are usually required to be present to clarify the feasibility of the demand. Throughout this process, a multidisciplinary team including product and brand managers from the marketing department, designers from the design department, and developers or programmers from the R&D department will work together to ensure the desired results for all departments. Be attainable.

Design thinking Diamond

Design Project Management

Design project management allows internal leaders to track progress on the design project and view different phases and repetitions of sketches, prototypes, and other design work on the concept of a product or service. Companies like Starbucks typically choose some project management tools to manage their design resources, project progress, and so on.

Manage your design resources with Math the ockplus project management tool.

Test products or services.

The final stage of development is usually testing, the main purpose of which is to test the performance of the product. Before using test performance, each company usually has its testing principles or standards. For example, Xerox tests its products with Six Sigma principles in mind. In general, the design testing principles are based on the specific use of pproproductc to ensure that the product does not cause unexpected problems. Double diamond interchange is very important.

Step 4: Delivery
During an in-depth study of the design process at eleven well-known companies, the council found that Virgin Atlantic Airways had dubbed the implementation phase, Microsoft called it Menten, and Starbucks described it as a production district. ۔

Final test and release

The final process of a double diamond design is to verify that the original purpose of the project has been achieved, and in general, some other tests on the product, such as compatibility testing, are required. If all goes well, you can release it. Last but not least, remember to discuss further with the marketing and brand departments so that your customers can find your brand and product.

Double Diamond Design Model | UX / UI design thinking process

Create a feedback system

Bringing a product to market does not mean that it is over, to some extent, it is just the beginning. After the release, you need to enable your customers to give their feedback so that you can constantly repeat your product or service. This will help your brand to improve gradually as more and more people support it.

New Double Diamond Model: A Framework for Innovation
New Double Diamond Design: A Framework for Innovation

The concept of double diamond design was introduced almost 18 years ago in 2004. Although this popular concept has become more and more popular in the design industry and non-design industry, it has gradually exposed some shortcomings and problems.

No model is perfect, not even a double diamond design model. This model seems to be telling the designer what to do with each step, and once this step is completed the next step may begin. The ethereal design process is quite complex. Just because a model tells a designer not to forget these steps does not mean that they are correct. Conversely, if an experienced designer follows these processes, it will limit the designer.
Repeat his creativity. But use them as your framework to help advance your creative roadmap.

Based on the above truth, the Design Council updated this model in 2019, calling it a framework for innovation, and its focus is still on the double diamond design model. However, this model adds the following components to make the whole process more complex and more realistic.

Four principles of design

  1. Focus on the people

This means you need to understand the people who use your product/service, their needs, and their desires.

  1. Communicate (visually and comprehensively)

Don’t refuse to communicate, including with your customers and colleagues, what is your source of inspiration.

  1. Collaborate and create together.

By working together, you can work much faster than you can work together and create a better product.

  1. Repeat, repeat and repeat

It is impossible to meet the growing needs of consumers without product repetition.

Banking methods
The council has developed a series of approaches in three areas to help designers and non-designers use the design process to discover, shape, or build:

Discover: Challenges, needs, and opportunities

Shape: Prototypes, Insights, and Visions

Build: Ideas, plans, and skills

A culture of success
Collaborating with other organizations has often become part of how people come up with solutions. Therefore, the Design Council proposed a concept called the culture of success and believes that this kind of organizational collaboration between people is very important. There are two very important points in this concept, leadership, and engagement. Leadership requires that people allow experiments to encourage innovation, improve skills and abilities, and find the best results. Engage with people who are presenting and receiving ideas, but also with other partners who may have other ideas.

If you read this article carefully, I am sure you will have a very clear understanding of the double diamond design model. As a framework for developing solutions, the double diamond design model can be used not only in the design industry but also in various other industries. However, please do not rely too much on the double diamond design model to solve the problems. Sometimes, it can complicate your design process understanding of when to use it, and only in these more complex solutions does a double framework of diamond design comes into its own.

The Four D’s of Design or the Double Diamond Design Process Model

Four D of Design or Double Diamond Design Process Model

Four d of design
The above model was developed by IDEO and spread by Tim Brown. The model provides a graphic representation of the design process. The model provides a lightweight framework for thinking about focal points and changes in an organization that is effectively practicing continuous improvement. To discover which ideas are the best, these ideas are developed many times, tested and refined, in the process, weak ideas are left out. This bike is an integral part of good design.

The best way to explore a problem is to talk to people in their natural environment, see the world in a new way, see new things and gather insights. It serves as a model for understanding how a large population will react to you.

Once the problem is discovered, answer the following questions to develop a clear brief that addresses the basic design challenge:
Which is the most important?

  • Whom should we follow first?
    What is feasible?
    When designing a problem, as a designer you need to make sure that you are designing a product around a user and not trying to program a user around a product (concept: Design of everyday objects by Don Norman).

Click here to download this book.
Design thinking is about creativity in increasing your empathy for and solving consumer problems.
To develop

To develop
At this stage, concepts are created, prototyped, tested and repeated trial and error designers improve their ideas by minimizing risk. In this step, different departments (engineers, developers, designers) are brought together to help speed up the solution of problems.
Microsoft calls it “implementation,” while Virgin Atlantic Airways calls it “design.” Microsoft’s philosophy is that designers should “eat their dog food”, which means designers have to use their creations in their work so that they can stay in the user’s shoes.
Here are some of the ones used in the development of ideas:

  • Brainstorm
    ڈ Mind mapping
    🔦 Imagination
    🔦 Stair climbing technique
    تشکیل Creating different scenarios
    To deliver

To deliver
It is equally important to pay attention to this stage. Many excellent products are lost due to poor delivery. At this stage, the resultant project (a product, service, or environment) is finalized, developed, and launched.
Double diamond design process model
The model for the double diamond design process was developed by the British Design Council in 2005. Its development was based on case studies compiled from the design departments of 11 global firms. The council wanted to know more about how people act on information to create solutions. They were surprised to learn that they had something in common with the search for innovation. These steps were better divided by the Council into the creative process, now known as the Double Diamond Design Model. In this model, each of the above stages is characterized by contradictory or contradictory thinking as shown below.

Double diamond design process model
The above two sketches are not linear but circular.
We as designers need to take the responsibility of creating feedback loops very seriously because working on feedback enables us to come up with an ideal design. Even after delivery, there may be serious product issues that are relatively easy for consumers to identify. This problem = discovery. We can now follow these steps: DEFINE – DEVELOP – DELIVER.
There are many other design process models that I will discuss in future posts. Every designer has their way of working but 🛣 Roadmap allows you to focus on the current situation and saves you time in the long run.
Case Study: UI for camp registration

Digital Arrival
Digital Arrival

UX designers are creating apps that help ensure external security among users.

Double Diamond Design Model | UX / UI design thinking process
Four phases Diamond approach

4 phases of double diamond approach
1.1 Discovery
1.2 Definition
1.3 Development
1.4 Delivery

2 Different and contradictory thinking
3 design principles
4 Read more

4 steps of double diamond model

Double diamond outline

In 2004, the British Design Council came up with the idea of ​​a double diamond design model. The model aims to help creators follow a process that guides them through the process of moving from concept to product. The British Design Council was formed through a lengthy study involving large companies such as Lego, Sony, Starbucks and Microsoft.

4 steps of double diamond approach
There are 4 steps:

Discovery – Understanding the problem
Definition – Explain the problem
Development – Developing possible solutions
Delivery – solution selection and development
The first step in discovering a double diamond is to learn about the problem and begin preliminary research on the challenges and issues that need to be addressed. This can be done through user research and market research. Discovery can produce a lot of different results, sometimes you may have a discovery that you do not know that the second time you may know that you are full of tons of data and research.

If you are overwhelmed with all this information, make sure you know how to organize and manage all the data. You can store this information via sympathy maps or customer travel maps.

At the end of the discovery, you should have a ton of insight. The definition phase takes all these insights and explains them. The purpose of the definition is to refine your initial hypothesis based on the information obtained from the discovery. The purpose of this research is to challenge your initial assumption, so if you find out in the discovery that the problem is different from your expectation, you can change the following steps.

This phase of the double diamond has a few names, Virgin Atlantic Airways calls it “design”, Microsoft calls it “implementation”, the UK government calls it “Alpha”. In development, you are trying to come up with different answers to the identified problem in the explanatory phase.

From the development stage, you will have some different ideas that you want to try. You may want to try these ideas on a small scale and then when you see a trend of ideas that are not working you will want to remove them and move on to ideas that work.

Contradictory and contradictory thinking
What you will see when using the double diamond approach is that you are using 2 types of thinking, which are:

Different thinking – where you think about anything and you are open to new ideas. It will be in the stages of discovery and development.
Contradictory thinking – When you are trying to explain and present your solution then you are thinking briefly, focus on a few ideas to try to solve your problem through solution. Will
Principles of design
Inside the double diamond, the framework is the way it should work. It contains 4 design principles:

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat: To avoid mistakes and risks, make sure to keep repeating your design to develop robust design solutions.
Put people first: Let your people (or customers) be at the forefront of your design, and understand their needs, strengths, and desires.
Collaborate and build together: Learn and work with others, be inspired by what others are doing.
Communicate: Involve people, help them understand the problems you are trying to solve and use them to generate more ideas.
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