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Elizabeth Holmes - The former Theranos CEO is on trial for fraud

Elizabeth Holmes – The former Theranos CEO is on trial for fraud


Elizabeth Holmes is the former CEO of Theranos, a now-defunct blood-testing startup. She is on trial for fraud, accused of misleading investors and patients about the company’s technology.


Theranos was founded in 2003 by Holmes, who was then just 19 years old. The company’s mission was to revolutionize blood testing by developing a way to run a wide range of tests using just a few drops of blood from a finger prick.

Holmes’s claims about Theranos’s technology were met with great excitement. She was hailed as a wunderkind and compared to Steve Jobs. Theranos’s valuation soared, reaching $9 billion at its peak.

The downfall

However, in 2015, Theranos’s claims about its technology began to unravel. Reports emerged that the company’s blood tests were inaccurate and that it was not using its own technology in its labs.

In 2018, Holmes was charged with two counts of wire fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. She was accused of misleading investors about Theranos’s technology and financial performance.

The trial

Holmes’s trial began in September 2021. The prosecution argued that Holmes knowingly lied to investors and patients about Theranos’s technology. The defense argued that Holmes was simply a young entrepreneur who made mistakes.

After a 15-week trial, the jury found Holmes guilty on four counts of fraud. She was acquitted on four other counts.


Holmes is scheduled to be sentenced in January 2023. She faces up to 20 years in prison on each count of fraud.


The trial of Elizabeth Holmes is a cautionary tale about the dangers of Silicon Valley hype. It is also a reminder that even the most successful entrepreneurs are not immune from making mistakes.

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