English literature past paper solved MCQs SET 19

English literature past paper solved MCQs SET 19
English literature past paper solved MCQs SET 19

English literature past paper solved MCQs SET 19

  1. In “Samson Agonistes,” the character who tells others of Samson’s death is

Ans: a Messenger

  1. John Milton’s “Paradise Regained” is a story largely about what topic?
  2. Ans: A quest for knowledge of the self
  1.  John Milton deliberately distanced himself from the poets, a group of poets known for their light, elegant style and frivolous content.

Ans: Cavalier

  1. The pastoral elegy often begins with which of the following poetic conventions?

Ans: Invocation of a muse and A cry of lament

  1. Which of the following questions would a student of Book Nine of John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” likely ask?

Ans: “How, exactly, was Eve tempted to eat of the Tree of Knowledge?” and “How, exactly, was Adam convinced to eat of the Tree of Knowledge?”

  1. “Samson Agonistes” differs from its source material, the Biblical book of “Judges”, in what way(s)?

Ans: In “Samson,” Samson is married to Dalila, but he is not in “Judges.”

  1. In his introduction, Milton described the genre of “Samson Agonistes” as _____

Ans: tragedy

  1. A number of the British Romantic poets argue what character to be the protagonist (or “hero”) of John Milton’s “Paradise Lost”?
  2. Ans: Satan
  1. The first sonnet form invented was the ____

Ans: Petrarchan

  1. Which of the following events occur(s) at some point in John Milton’s “Paradise Lost”?

Ans: Eve contemplates her reflection in a pool of water.

  1. In “Samson Agonistes,” Samson predicts “This day will be remarkable in my life / By some great act, or of my days the last”. This is interesting because

Ans: both statements end up happening that day

  1. Choose the BEST answer to fill in the blank. John Milton is best described as a strong who emphasized the freedom of the individual.
  2. Ans: Protestant
  1. In the Biblical book of “Judges,”

Ans: Never records Dalila’s visit to Samson in prison.

  1. What angel often speaks to Adam in Paradise?

Ans: Raphael

  1. The elegy began as an incident ____ metrical form.

Ans: Greek

  1. Which of the following statements is TRUE concerning John Milton’s poetry?

Ans: He followed the Petrarchan rather than the Shakespearean sonnet form.

  1. How many times does Satan work to tempt Jesus in the Gospels?

Ans: Three

  1. In ___ , a good example of Milton’s sharp rhetorical prose, Milton denounces restrictive censorship, arguing for freedom of the press.

Ans: “Areopagitica”

  1. In Book Six of “Paradise Lost,” Satan invents something that he thinks will help win his war against God. What is it?

Ans: Gunpowder

  1. In Book Four of “Paradise Regained,” for his final temptation Satan takes Jesus to what location?

Ans: The Pinnacle of the Temple in Jerusalem

  1. Which of the following events occur(s) in the first book of John Milton’s “Paradise Lost”?

Ans: Satan lays dazed on the burning lake and Satan assembles his fallen legions.

  1. According to the “Book of Luke,” Herod was the king of_____

Ans: Judea

  1. After Milton went blind, he was able to compose poetry by using ____

Ans: dictation

  1. What character leads Adam and Eve from the Gates of Paradise in the final book of John Milton’s “Paradise Lost”?

Ans: Michael

  1. The term “Agonistes” is Greek and it means

Ans: one who struggles for or champions a cause

  1. Complete the following statement. John Milton explains in the first 26 lines of “Paradise Lost” that that goal of his epic poem will be

Ans: to justify the ways of God to humankind.

  1. The ode form derives from a long tradition of what type of poetry?

Ans: Lyric

  1. ____was the companion in publication to John Milton’s “Paradise Regained.”

Ans: “Samson Agonistes”

  1. What author wrote “Life of Milton”?

Ans: Samuel Johnson

  1. What Biblical story acts as a springboard for John Milton’s “Paradise Regained”?

Ans: The Baptism of Jesus

  1. Denied the right to apply for divorce and facing intense humiliation, John Milton wrote what work?

Ans: “The Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce”

  1. Even in John Milton’s lifetime, “Paradise Regained” was considered in literary quality as largely ____to “Paradise Lost.”

Ans: inferior

  1. In the first 75 lines of Book One of “Paradise Regained,” Satan refers to which person he has recently seen, who is identified by the following quote? “Before him [Jesus] a great Prophet, to proclaim / His coming, is sent Harbinger, who all / Invites, and in the Consecrated stream / Pretends to wash off sin”

Ans: John the Baptist

  1. What poet was famous for his “Eclogues”?

Ans: Virgil

  1. John Milton’s “Paradise Regained” deals mainly with what Biblical event?

Ans: The Temptation of Christ

  1. John Milton was inspired by the previous works of what authors?

Ans: Homer, Virgil, and Dante

  1. ____dominated English literature from the Restoration until the end of the 18th century with the emergence of Romanticism.

Ans: Neoclassicism

  1. John Milton’s “Samson Agonistes” is best described by which of the following genres?

Ans: Blank verse tragedy

  1. Near the end of “Samson Agonistes,” Samson resists performing before attendants of what type of event?

Ans: Greek Olympic Games and a Roman Circus

English literature past paper

  1. D Her honor as a Jew

Ans: Her love for Samson

  1. To justify which purpose that Milton wrote Paradise Lost?

Ans: To justify the ways of God to men

  1. How many books were included in the second edition of the poem Paradise Lost?

Ans: 12

  1. When was the first edition of the poem Paradise Lost published?

Ans: 1667

  1. How many narrative arcs does Paradise Lost have?

Ans: 2

  1. In which style did John Milton write the poem Paradise Lost?

Ans: blank verse

  1. Which one is the longest book in Milton’s Paradise Lost?

Ans: Book IX

  1. On which Biblical theme that Paradise lost is based?

Ans: The fall of man

  1. At what point does the narration unfolds in the poem Paradise Lost?

Ans: After the defeat of rebel angels

  1. When was Paradise Lost published?

Ans: 1667

  1. “Paradise Lost” is considered a:

Ans: Epic Poem

  1. Satan’s name before he fell from heaven was:

Ans: Lucifer

  1. ’Book 1’ of ’Paradise Lost’ presents Satan with his angels fallen into Hell. When recovered, Satan awakens all his legions and speaks to them. The first he addresses is described as ’one next to himself in power, and next in crime, long after known in Palestine’. What’s the name of this fallen angel?

Ans: Beelzebub

  1. . In ’Paradise Lost’, which angel is ordered by God to drive Adam and Eve out of Paradise? Before he does so, he shows Adam a number of visions about the future of the human race, beginning with Cain murdering Abel and ending with the redemption of mankind through Christ. Who is this angel that has a large role in the finishing chapters of ‘Paradise Lost’?

Ans: Michael

  1. Milton’s “unholy trinity” of characters includes:

Ans: Satan, Sin, and Death

  1. The battle between God’s army and Satan’s rebels in heaven lasted:

Ans: Three days

English literature past paper

  1. . In the phrase, “thy seed shall bruise our foe,” the “seed” refers to:

Ans: Jesus Christ

  1. In the phrase, “thy seed shall bruise our foe,” “thy” refers to:

Ans: Eve

  1. The two archangels who serve as generals in God’s army are:

Ans: Michael and Gabriel

  1. For inspiration in writing the poem, Milton says he depends on:

Ans: The Holy Spirit

  1. Earth is described as being connected to heaven by a:

Ans: Golden chain

  1. Sin was born out of Satan’s:

Ans: Head

  1. Eve before the Fall might best be described as:

Ans: a docile, vain creature

  1. Throughout the poem, Satan transforms himself into many creatures. Which creature does Satan not turn into?

Ans: a mouse

  1. Who might be considered the friendliest and most sociable of all God’s angels?

Ans: Raphael

  1. Every day before the Fall Adam and Eve went out to work. What did their work consist of?

Ans: Tending to the Garden of Eden

English literature past paper

  1. The reason for Satan’s fall might best be described as:

Ans: pride

  1. The reason for Eve’s fall might best be described as:

Ans: vanity

  1. On the second day of battle in heaven, what does Satan use that surprises God’s forces?

Ans: Artillery

  1. Adam, Satan, and Eve herself are all dazzled by Eve’s:

Ans. Beauty

  1. The main reason for Adam’s fall might best be described as:

Ans: love for Eve

  1. When God sees that Adam and Eve have disobeyed him, who does he send to “judge” them and the snake?

Ans: The Son

  1. Inspired by Satan’s victory over man, Sin and Death construct:

Ans: a bridge from hell to earth

  1. After they have both eaten from the Tree of Knowledge, the first thing Adam and Eve do is:

Ans. Satisfy their sexual desire for each other

  1. The Archangel Michael might best be described as:

Ans: Firm and militant

  1. When Michael tells Adam what will become of mankind after the Fall, he is actually narrating stories taken directly from:

Ans: The Hebrew Bible

  1. What are the best words to describe the Garden of Eden, the weather, and nature in general, before the Fall of Adam and Eve?

Ans: Ordered and rational

  1. Which angel does Satan trick by disguising himself as a cherub?

Ans: Uriel

  1. In what book does the fall take place?

Ans: Book IX

  1. In which book of the Bible does the story of Adam and Eve occur?

Ans: Genesis

  1. Which devil advocates a renewal of all-out war against God?

Ans: Moloch

English literature past paper

  1. What is Milton’s stated purpose in Paradise Lost?

Ans: To justify the ways of God to men

  1. Which of the following is not a character in Paradise Lost?

Ans: Agony

  1. Which angel wields a large sword in the battle and wounds Satan?

Ans: Michael

  1. When Satan leaps over the fence into Paradise, what does Milton liken him to?

Ans: A wolf leaping into a sheep’s pen

  1. Which angel tells Adam about the future in Books XI and XII?

Ans: Michael

  1. Which of the following is not found in Hell?

Ans: Oil

  1. Which statement about the Earth is asserted as true in Paradise Lost?

Ans: Earth hangs from Heaven by a chain

  1. Which devil is the main architect of Pandemonium?

Ans: Mulciber

  1. How many times does Milton invoke a muse?

Ans: Three

  1. Which of the following poets does Milton emulate?

Ans: Both Virgil and Homer

  1. What is the stated subject of Paradise Lost?

Ans: Adam and Eve’s disobedience

  1. Which devil is Satan’s second-in command?

Ans: Beelzebub

  1. Who discusses cosmology and the battle of Heaven with Adam?

Ans: Raphael

  1. Which scene happens first chronologically?

Ans: The Son is chosen as God’s second in-command

  1. Which of the angels is considered a hero for arguing against Satan?

Ans: Abdiel

  1. In an attempt to defeat God and his angels, what do the rebel angels make?

Ans: A cannon

English literature past paper

  1. According to Paradise Lost, which of the following does God not create?

Ans: He creates everything

  1. Who does Milton name as his heavenly muse?

Ans: Urania

  • What does Eve do when she first becomes conscious?

Ans: Look at her reflection in a stream

  • Who is the main protagonist of Paradise Lost?

Ans: Satan

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