English literature past paper solved MCQs SET 41

English literature past paper solved MCQs SET 41
English literature past paper solved MCQs SET 41

English literature past paper solved MCQs SET 41

4101. What does Edward Said argue about the concept of the Orient?

Ans: It was produced by Western scholarship.

4102. What is the main function of literary theory?

Ans: To understand the importance of the formal elements of literary structure, To formulate relationships among an author, a reader, and a literary work, To understand the role of sexuality, gender, race, and ethnicity in literary study

4103. How are Julia Kristeva’s psychoanalytic theories distinct from traditional Freudian concepts?

Ans: Kristeva offers a more central place for women’s issues within psychological development

4104. Which of the following human behaviors is important to a Freudian psychoanalytic study of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet?

Ans: Neurotic behavior, Changes in emotional states, Slips of the tongue

4105. What does Judith Butler mean when she suggests that gender is “performed”?

Ans: Gender does not reflect an essential truth, but rather is a role people play based on their internalization of socially constructed gender roles.

4106. What is the philosophical theory known as pragmatism?

Ans: A maxim of logic developed by Charles Sanders Peirce, A theory of practical actions developed by William James, An idea used to guide conduct towards clear objectives

4107. What is hermeneutics?

Ans: A term that describes the interpretation of meaning

4108. Plato’s Republic is written in the form of

Ans: Dialogue

4109. The phrase “willing suspension of disbelief” applies to which poet/critic?

Ans: Coleridge

4110. The concept of otherness is related to which of the following theories?

Ans: Psychoanalytic theory ,Feminist theory ,Ethnic criticism

4111. Who contributed the term “to see the object as in itself it really is”?

Ans: Arnold

4112. This literary critic coined the term “fancy.”

Ans: Samuel Taylor Coleridge

4113. How does Virginia Woolf’s essay “A Room of One’s Own” contribute to feminist theory?

Ans: It suggests that gender roles are conditioned by the possession of money and power

4114. Name the author of The New Criticism

Ans: John Crowe Ransom

4115. A critic examining John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” focuses on the physical description of the Garden of Eden, on the symbols of hands, seed, and flower, and on the characters of Adam, Eve, Satan, and God. He pays special attention to the epic similes and metaphors and the point of view from which the tale is being told. He looks for meaning in the text itself, and does not refer to any biography of Milton. He is most likely a____ critic.

Ans: Formalist

4116. What does Ben Jonson mean by a ‘Humorous Character’?

Ans: A character whose temper is determined by the predominance of one out of the four fluids in the human body

4117. Who called Aristotle “the very Alexander of criticism”?

Ans: Saintsbury

4118. Who is the author of Symposium?

Ans: Plato

4119. In her essay “The Laugh of the Medusa,” what does Hélène Cixous suggest for women?

Ans: Women should write for and about themselves in order to counter phallocentric texts.

4120. . How did the New Critics view literature?

Ans: As an aesthetic object that is independent of historical context

4121. Aristotle discusses the theory ofy of Tragedy in :

Ans: Poetics

4122. With which feminist theorist is gynocriticism most closely associated?

Ans: Elaine Showalter

4123. Which text argues that, as infants, human beings begin to define their identities against the identities of others?

Ans: Jacques Lacan’s “The Mirror Stage . . . “

4124. Who accused Aristotle of social snobbishness and arrogance?

Ans: Arthur Miller

4125. What approach is described by the paragraph? This approach takes as a fundamental tenet that “literature” exists not as an artifact upon a printed page but as a transaction between the physical text and the mind of a reader.

Ans: Reader Response Approach

4126. Who originated the term “objective correlative,” which is often used in formalist criticism?

Ans: T.S. Eliot

4127. Which of the following texts is the BEST example of the argument that a work’s meaning does not come entirely from the imagination of the author?

Ans: T.S. Eliot’s “Tradition and the Individual Talent”

4128. The term ‘collective unconscious’ is coined by

Ans: Carl Jung

4129. What is the original meaning of the term Hamartia?

Ans: To miss the mark

4130. Dryden wrote An Essay of Dramatic Poesy. Is this?

Ans: An Interlocution

4131. In which chapter of Biographia Literaria Coleridge criticize the theory of language of Wordsworth?

Ans: 14

4132. Reader-response theory is focused on considering which of the following?

Ans: How readers participate in creating the meaning of a text

4133. In Of Grammatology, Jacques Derrida argues what about literature?

Ans: No fixed, stable meaning is possible.

4134. Aristotle’s critical work is entitled:

Ans: Poetics

4135. This poet might be described as a moral or philosophical critic for arguing that works must have “high seriousness.”

Ans: Matthew Arnold

4136. One of the potential disadvantages of this approach to literature is that it can reduce meaning to a certain time frame, rather than making it universal throughout the ages.

Ans: Historical

4137. Which of the following theorists is associated with formalism?

Ans: Viktor Shklovsky

4138. According to Plato, what is the moral purpose of art?

Ans: To connect human beings with a higher ideal

4139. Arnold’s views on poetry and criticism are discussed in ____?

Ans: Culture and Anarchy

4140. Who was the originator of the Theory of Imitation in Literature?

Ans: Plato

4141. In general, what is Judith Butler’s concept of gender?

Ans: Gender is largely a cultural construct.

4142. The probable date of composition of Ars Poetica is

Ans: 12 to 8 BC

4143. What is New Historicism?

Ans: A theory that sees history as a form of writing and discourse, A theory that abandons the idea of history as an imitation of events, A theory that regards history as a series of narratives

4144. What is double consciousness?

Ans: An early aspect of ethnic criticism, An understanding of how double experiences create identity, A concept developed by W.E.B Du Bois

4145. Who said “theatre is not a hospital”?

Ans: F.L. Lucas

4146. Wordsworth’s Preface to the Lyrical Ballads is believed to be the Preamble to Romantic Criticism. In which year was it published?

Ans: 1800

4147. What is phenomenology?

Ans: The examination of structures informing our conscious experience

4148. Which of the following statements best explains the main objective of New Historicism?

Ans: Texts are examined to determine how they reveal social realities.

4149. What does Sidney say about the observance of the three Dramatic Unities in drama?

Ans: They must be observed

English literature past paper

4150. Who for the first time discriminated between imagination and fancy?

Ans: William Wordsworth

4151. With which theorist is phenomenology associated?

Ans: Edmund Husserl ,Wolfgang Iser ,Jean-Paul Sartre

4152. Which of the following texts provides the best example of defamiliarization?

Ans: Leo Tolstoy’s The Kreutzer Sonata

4153. Poetic Diction was taken to be the standard language for poetry in:

Ans: The Neo-Classical Age

4154. Who coined the expression “objective corelative”?

Ans: T. S. Eliot

4155. Which of the following writers might be considered one of the early founders of first-wave feminism?

Ans: Mary Wollstonecraft

4156. On the Sublime is considered

Ans: Romantic approach

4157. This feminist critic proposed that all female characters in literature are in at least one of the following stages of development: the feminine, feminist, or female stage.

Ans: Elaine Showalter

English literature past paper

4158. What is the purpose of feminist theory?

Ans: To advocate for women’s rights ,To create literary subjects with which female readers can identify ,To critique phallocentric assumptions about literature

4159. Which literary theorist argues that “there is nothing outside the text”?

Ans: Jacques Derrida

4160. What has Dryden to say about the observance of the three Classical Dramatic Unities?

Ans: He does not advocate their strict observance

4161. In a Freudian approach to literature, concave images are usually seen as:

Ans: Female symbols

4162. Which school of theorists is most closely associated with phenomenology?

Ans: The Geneva School

4163. Among the following which is not a work by Aristotle?

Ans: Ars Poetica

4164. How does Wolfgang Iser envision the reader?

Ans: The reader fills in the gaps imposed by an author’s intention.

4165. Ecotheorists tend to show an interest in which of the following?

Ans: How writers conceptualize natural environments and the representation of environmental issues in literature and culture

English literature past paper

4166. In his essay “What Is an Author?” what position(s) on authorship does Michel Foucault take?

Ans: The idea of the author came into being at a certain point in history. ,The names of authors serve a classificatory function, The author may not always exist.

4167. How many times do the word Katharsis appear in the Poetics

Ans: 2

4168. Which of the following texts is considered the first example of postcolonial criticism?

Ans: Edward Said’s Orientalism

4169. What approach to literary criticism requires the critic to know about the author’s life and times?

Ans: Historical

4170. In her essay “The Poem as Event,” Louise M. Rosenblatt sees the reader as performing what function?

Ans: The reader participates in a transaction with the text. ,The reader is acted upon by the text. ,The reader acts upon the text.

4171. How do Marxist theorists react to ideology?

Ans: They subject all ideologies to critique in order to expose biased interests.

4172. One purpose of LITERARY CRITICISM is described below: A formalist approach might enable us to choose between a reading which sees the dissolution of society in Lord of the Flies as being caused by too strict a suppression of the “bestial” side of man and one which sees it as resulting from too little suppression. We can look to the text and ask: What textual evidence is there for the suppression or indulgence of the “bestial” side of man? Does Ralph suppress Jack when he tries to indulge his bestial side in hunting? Does it appear from the text that an imposition of stricter law and order would have prevented the breakdown? Did it work in the “grownup” world of the novel? What purpose does this prescribe to?

Ans: To help decide which is the better of two conflicting readings.

4173. Which of the following offers the best definition of écriture féminine?

Ans: The inscription of womanhood and femininity in texts

4174. . What approach is described by the paragraph? Those who apply this approach believe it is necessary to know about the author and the political, economical, and sociological context of his times in order to truly understand his works.

Ans: Historical/Biographical Approach

4175. From where has the term Oedipus Complex originated?

Ans: Oedipus the Rex

English literature past paper

4176. Who said that Arnold was a propagandist for literature rather than a critic?

Ans: T. S. Eliot

4177. “Be Homer’s works your study and delight. Read them by day and meditate by night.” Who gives this advice to the poets?

Ans: Pope

4178. Plato has a positive view of art, in so far as _____

Ans: It contributes to the spiritual growth of people

4179. What are some common criticisms of literary theory?

Ans: Theory has replaced literary appreciation with formulas for understanding. ,The reasoning of theory is often too circular. ,Many theories have been pushed too far into abstraction.

4180. Plato said that art is an imperfect reflection of the real world because

Ans: Art describes only what appears and not what is real

4181. Go over the following questions: What is the relationship between the characters and their society? Does the story address societal issues, such as race, gender, and class? How do social forces shape the power relationships between groups or classes of people in the story? Who has the power, and who doesn’t? Why? How does the story reflect urban, rural, or suburban values? Does the story address issues of economic exploitation? What role does money play? How do economic conditions determine the direction of the characters’ lives? Do any of the characters correspond to types of government, such as a dictatorship, democracy, communism, socialism, fascism, etc.? What attitudes toward these political structures/systems are expressed in the work? What approach can be noted from the questions?

Ans: Sociological

4182. What did Sigmund Freud believe about the unconscious?

Ans: It contains secret instincts and desires that are repressed.

4183. Which of the following literary theorists is most closely associated with the concept that became known as liberal humanism?

Ans: Aristotle

English literature past paper

4184. How does literary theory resemble the practice of philosophy as it was developed by Plato and Aristotle?

Ans: Literary theory asks fundamental questions about literary interpretation, and at the same time builds specific systems of literary interpretation.

4185. Who was the most illustrious disciple of Socrates?

Ans: Plato

4186. What do many contemporary theorists find problematic about the literary canon?

Ans: It includes too few works by non European writers. ,It includes too few works by nonwhite writers, It includes too few works by women.

4187. According to Jacques Lacan, the mirror stage is the point at which a child:

Ans: Is able to separate the “I” from the “Other.”

4188. In Dryden’s Essay of Dramatic Poesy there are four interlocuters representing four different ideologies. Which of them expresses Dryden’s own views?

Ans: Neander

4189. What is denouement?

Ans: The ending of a comedy

4190. New trends in literary theory tend to do which of the following?

Ans: Make use of different literary theories in order to develop new theories

4191. According to Aristotle pity and fear are evoked by

Ans: Tragedy

4192. This literary critic warned: “We must remember that the greater part of our current reading matter is written for us by people who have no real belief in a supernatural order . . . And the greater part . . . is coming to be written by people who not only have no such belief, but are even ignorant of the fact that there are still people in the world so ’backward’ or so ’eccentric’ as to continue to believe.”

Ans: T.S. Eliot

4193. Which of the following descriptions best defines the literary theory known as formalism?

Ans: An approach that emphasizes literary devices in a text

4194. The statements below are steps on “How to Read and Understand an Expository Essay”. Which comes in as an initial thing to do before writing an expository essay?

Ans: Analysis of the Author

4195. The New Critics were:

Ans: Formalist critics

4196. A critic examining Pope’s “An Essay on Man” asks herself: How well does this poem accord with the real world? Is it accurate? Is it moral? She is most likely a_____ critic

Ans: Mimetic

4197. Plato equated poetry with painting, and Aristotle equated it with

Ans: Music

4198. Horace was a

Ans: Roman Writer

English literature past paper

4199. How many poets were included in Jhonson’s ‘The Lives of Most Eminent English Poets’?

Ans: 52

4200. According to the Geneva School, what is the function of the reader?

Ans: Understanding the author’s ideas in the context of the real world ,Entering the author’s mind through his or her literary works ,Reproducing the author’s thoughts in a critical context

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