English literature past paper solved MCQs SET 44

English literature past paper solved MCQs SET 44
English literature past paper solved MCQs SET 44

English literature past paper solved MCQs SET 44

4401. What is New Historicism?

Ans: A theory that capitalizes on the interplay between literature and history

4402. What is the philosophical theory known as pragmatism?

Ans:  All of the above.

4403. Which of the following statements best explains Mikhail Bakhtin’s philosophy of language?

Ans: Language exhibits and is bound up in the social lives and historical context of the people who speak it

4404. How does Wolfgang Iser envision the reader?

Ans: The reader fills in the gaps imposed by an author’s intention.

4405. Which theorist is associated with the idea that art is a copy of a copy?

Ans: Plato

4406. Which theorist is associated with the idea that art is a copy of a copy?

Ans: William Wimsatt

4407. Reader-response theory is focused on considering which of the following?

Ans: How readers participate in creating the meaning of a text

4408. Which of the following human behaviors is important to a Freudian psychoanalytic study of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet?

Ans: Changes in emotional states, Obsessions , Slips of the tongue

4409. How are Julia Kristeva’s psychoanalytic theories distinct from traditional Freudian concepts?

Ans: Kristeva offers a more central place for women’s issues within psychological development.

4410. According to Jacques Lacan, the mirror stage is the point at which a child:

Ans: is able to separate the “I” from the “Other

4411. What does Elaine Showalter argue about gender in terms of representations of the character of Ophelia in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet?

Ans: All of the above

4412. What does Judith Butler mean when she suggests that gender is “performed”?

Ans: Gender does not reflect an essential truth, but rather is a role people play based on their internalization of socially constructed gender roles.

4413. Which is a common postcolonial critique of the West?

Ans: The West views matters through its own limited historical position.

4414. In what way does Julia Kristeva build on Jacques Lacan’s theory of psychosexual development?

Ans: Kristeva argues that the mirror stage does not occur until the individual embraces a distinct gender role.

4415. How does literary theory resemble the practice of philosophy as it was developed by Plato and Aristotle?

Ans: Literary theory asks fundamental questions about literary interpretation, and at the same time builds specific systems of literary interpretation.

4416. How does Virginia Woolf’s essay “A Room of One’s Own” contribute to feminist theory?

Ans: It suggests that gender roles are conditioned by the possession of money and power.

4417. . Which of the following statements best explains the main objective of New Historicism?

Ans: Texts are examined to determine how they reveal social realities.

4418. What do many contemporary theorists find problematic about the literary canon?

Ans: All of the above

4419. Which text argues that, as infants, human beings begin to define their identities against the identities of others?

Ans:  Jacques Lacan’s “The Mirror Stage “

4420. With which theorist is phenomenology associated?

Ans: . Wolfgang Iser ,Jean-Paul Sartre,  Emmanuel Lévinas

4421. What did Sigmund Freud believe about the unconscious?

Ans:  It contains secret instincts and desires that are repressed.

4422. According to the Geneva School, what is the function of the reader?

Ans:  All of the above

Cultural and Literary English Renaissance

4423.  In “The Book of Martyrs,” John Foxe provides a record of all known Christian martyrs throughout history, focusing on the persecution of people practicing which religion

Ans: Protestantism

4424. Fill in the blank. was a Christian theologian and Augustinian monk whose teachings inspired the Protestant Reformation

Ans: Martin Luther

4425. John Lyly became instantly famous with the publication of what text?

Ans: “Euphues, or the Anatomy of Wit”

4426. Fill in the blank. In 1585, sponsored the first English colony in America on Roanoke Island (now North Carolina).

Ans:  Sir Walter Raleigh

4427. Which of the following controversial ideas surround the life and work of William Shakespeare?

Ans: A and B only

4428. Fill in the blank. John Lyly’s exercised considerable influence upon its author’s contemporaries

Ans: “Euphues”

4429. Who introduced the Italian sonnet to the British Isles during the reign of King Henry VIII?

Ans: Both A and B

4430. Which type of poetry has been inspired by a philosophical conception of the universe?

Ans:  Metaphysical poetry

4431. There was greater emphasis placed on human potentiality for growth and excellence through Europe by which year?

Ans:  1500

4432. What genres of plays did William Shakespeare write?

Ans:  All of the above

4433.  John Milton’s “Lycidas” is what genre of poetry?

Ans:  All of the above

4434. What author speaks of the exemplary story as a fundamental narrative unit in which it is important to follow chronological order?

Ans: A pastoral elegy

4435. Which queen of England attended a number of William Shakespeare’s play?

Ans: “Faustus”

4436. . William Shakespeare’s “Henry V” is an example of what dramatic genre?

Ans: History

 Fill in the blank.

4437. Prior to the rise of the famed tragedians of the late 1580s, were the great headliners of the Elizabethan stage.

Ans: Clowns

4438. When writers like and his fellow humanists read pagan literature, they were influenced by the secular outlook of the Greeks and Romans.

Ans: William Shakespeare

English literature past paper

4439. John Lyly’s work significantly shaped the writing of which famous writer?

Ans: The English Church

4440. The greatest insurrection of the age in England was over religion.

Ans: Tudor

4441. Who was King Henry VIII’s first wife?

Ans: Catherine of Aragon

4442. The Petrarchan sonnet is typically composed in what form of meter?

Ans: Anapestic pentameter

4443. Who was considered to be England’s first literary celebrity?

Ans: John Foxe

4444. Romance, classical structure, and festive elements had already begun to come together in drama when what author began writing?

Ans: Shakespeare

4445. . Who became a favorite of Queen Elizabeth I and was knighted and appointed captain of the Queen’s Guard in 1587?

Ans: Sir Walter Raleigh

4446.  A was a spectacle performed at court or at the manor of a member of the nobility and was staged to glorify the court or the particular aristocrat

Ans: Masque

4447. Sir Thomas More held which of the following positions in the English court?

Ans: All of the above

English literature past paper

4448. Fill in the blank. Although Sir Philip Sidney is writing 200 years before the revolution, he presents a very inward and self-absorbed narrator in “Astrophil and Stella.”

Ans: Romantic

4449. William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” is an example of what dramatic genre?

Ans: Tragedy

4450. The foundation story of what poem is the Genesis account of the Creation of the world and of Adam and Eve, culminating in the drama of their temptation and fall?

Ans: “Paradise Lost”

4451. . How did the invention of the printing press affect European culture?

Ans:  All of the above

4452. King Henry VIII adopted what religion?

Ans: All of the above

4453. “The Vision of the Twelve Goddesses” is an example of what dramatic genre?

Ans: Masque

4454. Who is largely considered to be the father of epic poetry?

Ans: Homer

4455. Which of the following writers remained a firm believer in the Royal Supremacy?

Ans: John Foxe

4456. What author fell in love with Anne Boleyn while she was married to King Henry VIII?

Ans:  Thomas Wyatt

4457. Fill in the blank. is remembered as the “Morning Star of the Reformation.”

Ans: John Wycliffe

4458. Edmund Spenser wrote what famous text?

Ans: “The Faerie Queen”

4459. Martin Luther’s translation of what text helped to develop a standard version of the German language and added several principles to the art of translation?

Ans: “The Bible”

English literature past paper

4460. Fill in the blank. John Foxe was deeply disgusted by the , and could not believe that any honest Christian could accept its doctrinal basis.

Ans: Mass

4461. Christopher Marlowe’s “Faustus” is an example of what dramatic genre?

Ans:  Tragedy

4462. Fill in the blank. In the second edition of , John Foxe promised that he would edit a collection of the works of William Tyndale, John Frith, and Robert Barnes

Ans: “Acts and Monuments”

4463. Fill in the blank. The economic analysis of poverty was advanced by in the fourteenth century.

Ans: Langland

4464. The conceit of the Petrarchan sonnet in English during the Elizabethan period often involves what topic?

Ans: Sex

4465. Fill in the blanks. From being narrowly focused on the achievements of north Italians in th A. and early centuries, the Renaissance is now being seen in a far wider context.

Ans: 15th and 16th

4466. Fill in the blank. John Foxe was extremely sensitive to th

Ans: Catholic

4467.The work of John Foxe was no longer read or heeded in educated circles after which major historical event?

Ans: Glorious Revolution

4468. . Fill in the blank. Christopher Marlowe’s influence on William Shakespeare was in all probability

Ans: Very great

4469. Which of the following critics is a famous Shakespearean scholar?

Ans:Stephen Greenblatt

4470. . Fill in the blank. John Lyly’s style is best described as

Ans: Euphuistic

4471. “The Discovery of Guiana” is what author’s account of discovering an area of the New World?

Ans:  Sir Philip Sidney

4472. Choose the best answer to fill in the blanks. Throughout the Middle Ages, English drama, like that of other Europ

Ans:  Religious, Didactic

4473. What Renaissance text uses martyrology as a device to historicize the conflict between the true Church and the false Church in England?

Ans: “Acts and Monuments”

English literature past paper

4474.  Which of the following statements is TRUE concerning the Globe Theater in Elizabethan England?

Ans: It burned down and was reconstructed hundreds of years later. It was situated on the Thames River. It was lit from natural sunlight as well as by candle light.

4475. Book I of John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” centers on what event?

Ans: The fall of the rebel angels

4476. . Fill in the blank. Martin Luther nailed his to a church door in Wittenberg, accusing the Roman Catholic Church of heresy upon heresy.

Ans: “95 Theses”

4477. Who was the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn who also reigned as Queen of England from 1558 to1603?

Ans: Elizabeth I

4478. Which of the following theaters could be found in England after Queen Elizabeth I came to the throne?

Ans:  The Curtain, The Rose ,The Globe

4479. Choose the best answer. Which of the following statements is true concerning epic poetry?

Ans: Both A and B are true.

4480.On which of the following topics did Sir Thomas More focus in his “Utopia”?

Ans: All of the above

4481. Fill in the blank. John Foxe’s ambiguous attitude towards the Elizabethan church was

Ans: Not untypical

English literature past paper

4482. Fill in the blank. Although there is dispute about the actual “invention” of the printing press with movable metal type, is usually the man credited with the invention

Ans: Johan Gutenberg

4483. The Petrarchan sonnet is composed of how many lines?

Ans: 14

4484.  Sir Thomas More wrote what famous text?

Ans: “Utopia”

4485. In 1583, which playwright became in control of the first Black friars Theatre along with director William Hunnis?

Ans:  John Lyly

4486.  Who was in charge of organizing court festivities and entertainment of the English court?

Ans:  Master of Revel

4487. The distinction between comedy and tragedy which characterized classical drama was first forgotten during what period in England?

Ans:  Medieval

4488.  What text greatly popularized the sonnet form in England during the Elizabethan period?

Ans: “Astrophil and Stella”

4489. Edmund Spenser was directly influenced by which writer’s epic poetry?

Ans: Aristo

4490. Fill in the blank. The term “Renaissance” literally translates as “ ”

Ans: Rebirth

4491. Greek theater was often of what genre?

Ans: A and B only

4492. John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” focuses attention on the relationship between which opposing entities?

Ans: All of the above

4493.  According to many British Romantic poets, who is the protagonist of John Milton’s “Paradise Lost”?

Ans: Satan

4494.Which of the following characters is NOT found in the dramatis personae of William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”?

Ans: Falstaf

English literature past paper

4495. Which writer spent more than twelve years imprisoned in the Tower of London

Ans: Sir Walter Raleigh

4496. Fill in the blank. Sir Philip Sidney’s strong convictions made him publicly oppose a projected marriage for Queen Elizabeth.

Ans: Protestant

4497. Stephen Greenblatt’s work on the Renaissance is best described by what theoretical paradigm?

Ans: New Historicism

4498. Fill in the blank. The intellectual and social movement which historians call “ ” is what lies at the base of the period we call the Renaissance.

Ans:  Humanism

4499. Which of the following is an important component of John Foxe’s martyrology?

Ans: Epigrams

4500. Choose the best answer to complete the following sentence. All of the following are Shakespearean plays EXCEPT: A. “Romeo and Juliet”

Ans:  “The Spanish Tragedy”

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