English literature past paper solved MCQs SET 45

English literature past paper solved MCQs SET 45
English literature past paper solved MCQs SET 45

English literature past paper solved MCQs SET 45

4501. What author wrote the poem “Whoso list to hunt”

Ans: Thomas Wyatt

4502. According to John Milton’s “Paradise Lost,” what is Satan’s tragic flaw?

Ans: Pride

4503. Fill in the blank. John Wycliffe challenged a number of doctrines with arguments which centuries later would echo during the Protestant Reformation

Ans: Roman Catholic

4504. Which of the following plays by William Shakespeare is a comedy?

Ans: “Much Ado about Nothing”

4505. What author defines the function of poetry with reference to the Horatian dictum of “to teach and delight”?

Ans: Sir Philip Sidney

4506. A total of how many sonnets constitute the entirety of “Astrophil and Stella”?

Ans: 30

4507. Fill in the blank. King was notorious for his six marriages and for ruthlessly persecuting his political enemies, violently eliminating all opposition.

Ans: Henry VIII

4508. Which of the following figures was an important political theorist of the Renaissance?

Ans: Niccolo Machiavelli

4509. which of the following statements are true concerning Elizabethan theater?

Ans: When Elizabeth I came to the throne, there were no specially designed theatre buildings in England

4510. Who wrote “Orlando Furioso”?

Ans:  Ludovico Ariosto

4511. The character of Falstaff is important in which play(s) by William Shakespeare?

Ans: All of the above

4512. A—– was a movement that had profound implications not only for the modern world in general but also for literary history

Ans: D. Protestant Reformation

4513. Greek theatre took place where?

Ans: Large hillside amphitheaters

4514. Compared to Aquinas, the writers of Florentine humanism considered which of the following only unsystematically?

Ans: Emotions

4515. Fill in the blank. Renaissance thinkers strongly associated themselves with the values of—

Ans: Classical antiquity

4516. Many of William Shakespeare’s plays were performed at what theater in Elizabethan England?

Ans: “The Globe”

4517. Which of the following statements best describes the “Great Chain of Being”?

Ans: Its major premise was that every existing thing in the universe had its “place” in a divinely planned hierarchical order which was pictured as a chain, vertically extended

4518. Which of the following plays were written by Christopher Marlowe?

Ans: Both A and B

4519. What doctrine significantly influenced Sir Thomas More’s “Utopia”?

Ans: Christian Humanism

4520. Complete the following sentence. Tennyson’s In Memoriam and Browning’s dramatic monologues can best be seen as combining neoclassicism with romanticism through their:

Ans: romantic emphasis on personal feelings combined with a neoclassical focus on social context.

4521. Which of the following statements does NOT accurately characterize a lyric poem?

Ans: The lyric poem focuses on action.

4522. What was the “white man’s burden” that Kipling speaks of in his poem of the same title?

Ans: The Eurocentric idea that the colonizer has a social responsibility to civilize other nations

4523. Complete the following sentence. Robert Browning’s poem “Porphyria’s Lover” is:

Ans: a dramatic monologue spoken by a murderer

4524. Which of the following does NOT accurately describe Robinson Crusoe’s and Oroonoko’s relationship to central features of the early English novel?

Ans: Where Oroonoko foregrounds supernatural agents, Robinson Crusoe avoids religion completely.

4525. In which of the following ways did Hopkins revolutionize poetry?

Ans: All of these answers

4526.  Which poet did Arthur Henry Hallum associate with “the picturesque”?

Ans: Alfred Tennyson

4527. O my death mother! I am miserable, truly miserable! But yet, don’t be frightened, I am honest! God, of his goodness, keep me so!” These lines characterize Samuel Richardson’s Pamela in all of the following ways EXCEPT:

Ans: by emphasizing the character’s fright

4528. Which of the following works is considered to be the first Gothic novel?

Ans: Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto

4529.  Complete the following sentence. According to Edmund Burke, the French Revolution was:

Ans: a misguided attempt to overthrow human nature by rejecting tradition.

4530. Samuel Richardson’s Pamela and Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe similarly reflect the forces giving rise to the novel in which of the following ways?

Ans: Both focus on the struggles of lower or middle-class characters, mirroring the development of a large middle-class readership as consumers

4531. Which of the following best defines the heroic couplet?

Ans: Two lines of rhyming verse written in iambic pentameter

4532. John Locke is known for advocating all of the following ideas EXCEPT:

Ans: divine authority of kings.

4533. Which of the following best defines sentimentalism?

Ans:  An emphasis on the power of sympathy to allow individuals to feel others’ pain and joy

4534. In “Ode to the West Wind,” why does Shelley ask the wind to “make me thy lyre”?

Ans: To help drive his ideas across the universe

4535. Which of the following terms is NOT closely associated with the Gothic novel?

Ans: Picaresque

4536. How did ideas about the spread of the British Empire start to shift in the Victorian Period?

Ans: All of these answers

English literature past paper

4537. Which of the following statements about the poems in Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience is true?

Ans: The poems criticize religious institutions for not helping the oppressed.

4538. What was the “Woman Question” in the Victorian Period?

Ans: All of these answers

4539. Complete the following sentence. The Byronic hero is characterized as:

Ans: nearly superhuman in his powers but tortured by a psychological weight

4540. Complete the following sentence. Shelley’s “Ozymandias” can be linked to his “Defence of Poetry through its:

Ans: portrayal of the power of art to speak truth.

4541. Which of the following is a central theme of Christina Rossetti’s poem “Goblin Market”

Ans: All of these answers

4542. What was the importance of the Reform Bills of 1832 and 1867?

Ans: They allowed women to divorce their husbands

4543. Which of the following genres is NOT part of the hybrid form of Behn’s Oroonoko?

Ans: Detective story

4544. complete the following sentence. John Dryden’s “Mac Flecknoe” reflects a commitment to neoclassical aesthetics through

Ans: its commitment to an elevated taste, its use of classical imagery, and its evocation of classic forms.

4545. In The Rape of the Lock, Pope satirizes which of the following social institutions?

Ans: All of these answers

English literature past paper

4546. The Enlightenment in European history refers to which of the following?

Ans: A period in which reason was celebrated as enabling human knowledge and possibly human perfection

4547. Which of the following social issues does Dickens confront in Great Expectations?

Ans: Both A and B

4548. Which of the following best defines satire?

Ans: All of these answers

4549. Complete the following sentence. Wordsworth conceives of himself as a “chosen son” primarily because:

Ans: he feels especially connected to nature due to his experience as a youth.

4550. Which of the following statements about Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s sonnet 43 (“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”) is false?

Ans: Sonnet 43 is a romantic poem in the same way Wordsworth’s “Tintern Abbey” is a romantic poem

4551. In Matthew Arnold’s poem “Dover Beach,” the speaker refers to the “melancholy, long, withdrawing roar” of “The Sea of Faith.” This reference alludes to which of the following?

Ans: His lover’s betrayal

4552. How does the Encyclopédie best epitomize the mission of the Enlightenment?

Ans: By emphasizing the idea that gathering knowledge together can lead to human improvement

4553. Both the Gothic and sentimental fiction emphasize which of the following?

Ans: The power of feelings

English literature past paper

4554. Which of the following is a requirement of a dramatic monologue?

Ans: It has a speaker as well as an implied reader.

4555. Which of the following statements accurately describes the theme of Wordsworth’s “Tintern Abbey”?

Ans: Sensitivity to nature’s message comes with age.

4556. Which of the following best characterizes the ways that Radcliffe’s The Mysteries of Udolpho links the Gothic novel with the sentimental form?

Ans: Its focus on having readers vicariously experience the dangers that a heroine faces

4557. Which of the following statements best describes the behavior of the upper-class characters in Congreve’s The Way of the World?

Ans: They are almost universally self-absorbed and willing to do anything to get what they want

4558. John Dryden’s poem “Annus Mirabilis” emphasizes the solution to which of the following important Restoration problems or events?

Ans:  England’s power to overcome the recent plague and the great fire of London

4559. The main plot of Richardson’s Pamela reflects the main characteristics of the sentimental novel through its emphasis on which of the following?

Ans: Pamela’s attempts to protect her chastity from the advances of her employer

4560. In which of the following ways does Radcliffe’s The Mysteries of Udolpho combine the features of the Gothic and the sentimental?

Ans: All of these answers

English literature past paper

4561. Which of the following best characterizes Wordsworth’s attitude towards the French Revolution?

Ans: He favored its democratic impulses but was appalled by its destructive nature

4562. Which of the following events was NOT associated with the Victorian period?

Ans: French Revolution

4563. Which of the following directives was part of Queen Victoria’s moral crusade?

Ans: There should be more missionary work in less civilized parts of the world.

4564. Which of the following ideas does NOT come from Edmund Burke’s Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime?

Ans: The important role surprise plays in creating pleasure

4565. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein most reflects which central romantic themes or concerns?

Ans: The limits of scientific attempts to understand and control the world

4566. The Pre-Raphaelites are best known for which of the following?

Ans: Lavish attention to the sensuous elements of life

4567. Complete the following sentence. In Pope’s The Rape of the Lock, elevated language functions primarily to:

Ans: set up the parody of the pretensions of the characters and their concerns

4568. Which of the following statements best characterizes Romanticism’s relationship to the Enlightenment?

Ans: Romanticism challenged the Enlightenment’s emphasis on objectivity as the basis of truth.

4569. The opening lines of Charlotte Smith’s “Beachy Head” refer to the speaker “reclin[ing]” on the “stupendous summit” of a “rock sublime” as her “Fancy” went forth. This poem reflects which of the following features common to much Romantic poetry?

Ans: An emphasis on the relationship between a natural setting and the imagination as in Wordsworth’s poems

English literature past paper

4570. “Do we now live in an enlightened age?The answer is, ‘no,’ but we do live in an age of enlightenment.”

Ans: Immanuel Kant

4571. Which writer is most closely associated with the serialized novel?

Ans: Charles Dickens

4572. Complete the following sentence. The scientific revolution paralleled Enlightenment political thought and political revolutions through its similar:

Ans: emphasis on the world being governed by laws that could be discerned through rational exploration

4573. Complete the following sentence. Wordsworth’s advocacy of poets drawing on the “language really used by men” in his preface to Lyrical Ballads represents:

Ans: a radical break with 18th-century rules on elevated diction

4574. Complete the following sentence. The politics of Radcliffe’s medieval settings:

Ans: implies that contemporary British society has overcome the institutions leading to the horrors its characters experience.

4575. The development of the novel is associated with all of the following EXCEPT:

Ans: the continuing importance of mythological stories

4576. Complete the following sentence. Keats’s idea of “negative capability” refers to the idea that:

Ans: the true poet must be comfortable with balancing conflicting ideas

4577. With which of these writers is the “spontaneous overflow of emotion” associated?

Ans: William Wordsworth

4578.. Complete the following sentence. In Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations, Pip gains his fortune from:

Ans: through the wealth of a convict he once helped

4579. Tennyson’s “Ulysses” can be characterized in all of the following ways, EXCEPT:

Ans: it emphasizes the internal life of the mind over social action

4580.. Complete the following sentence. Keats’s “Ode to a Nightingale” is characteristically Romantic because of:

Ans: its elaboration of the intersecting importance of nature and the imagination.

4581. Victor Frankenstein’s project to create life in Mary Shelley’s novel can be linked to romanticism through which of the following?

Ans: Both A and B

4582. Robinson Crusoe’s isolation on a deserted island allows Defoe to explore his development in which of the following ways?

Ans: Both A and B

4583. Jonathan Swift’s suggestion in “A Modest Proposal” that the Irish eat their children exemplifies the characteristics of a satire in all of the following ways EXCEPT

Ans: its sentimental plea to its audience.

4584. How does this quotation from Behn’s Oroonoko most suggest its status as an early novel: “I do not pretend, in giving you the history of this Royal Slave, to entertain my reader with adventures of a feigned hero, whose life and fortunes fancy may manage at the poet’s pleasure

Ans: It denies being imagined in favor of claims of realism

4585. With which literary form or movement is the Restoration most closely associated?

Ans: Comedies of manners

English literature past paper

4586. Complete the following sentence. In the opening lines of Gerard Manley Hopkins’s “The Wind hover,” the words “daylight’s dauphin, dapple dawn-drawn Falcon”:

Ans: use alliterative language to draw attention to the falcon’s importance as a symbol of Christ

4587. Why were coffee-houses important in the Restoration?

Ans: Both A and B

4588. in Pamela, how does the epistolary style enhance the sentimental aspects of the novel?

Ans: All of these answers

4589. Which of the following is among the features that distinguish Robinson Crusoe as a novel as opposed to a romance?

Ans: Its focus on the individual and his psychological and moral development

4590. Which event did Percy Shelley call “the master theme of the epoch in which we live”?

Ans: French Revolution

4591. Complete the following sentence. The Romantic movement is least closely related to

Ans: parody

4592. Samuel Johnson’s Rasselas most fundamentally emphasizes which theme from Johnson’s other works or other 18th-century works?

Ans: The ultimate impossibility of achieving happiness, as espoused in his poem “The Vanity of Human Wishes”

4593. how does the following representative quotation from Brontë’s Jane Eyre reflect on Victorian social conventions? “You have nothing to do with the master of Thornfield, further than to receive the salary he gives you for teaching his protégée, and to be grateful for such respectful and kind treatment as, if you do your duty, you have a right to expect at his hands”

Ans: It reiterates the class divisions that kept both men and women from social mobility

4594. Radcliffe’s version of the Gothic differs most from Walpole’s in its use of which of the following?

Ans: The explained supernatural

English literature past paper

4595. Complete the following sentence. Neoclassicism most paralleled Enlightenment thought in its:

Ans: emphasis on order, logic, and universal truths

4596. Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary of the English Language most reflects an 18thcentury interest in which of the following?

Ans: Classification, order, and judgment

4597. What do Wordsworth’s “Tintern Abbey” and Coleridge’s “Dejection Ode” have in common?

Ans: A shared theme that nature exposes the pain in human life

4598. Which of the following novelists was NOT associated with the rise of the novel as a literary form?

Ans: Charles Dickens

4599. Which of the following is NOT a central theme of Wordsworth’s poetry?

Ans: The promises of technology

4600. How was the philosophical and popular emphasis on sensibility in the 18th century related to the development of the novel?

Ans: Like the novel, it emphasized the importance of sympathy and individual feelings

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