English literature past paper solved MCQs SET 48

English literature past paper solved MCQs SET 48
English literature past paper solved MCQs SET 48

English literature past paper solved MCQs SET 48

4801. The adventure of another lay/Just as it happened, I’ll relay

Ans: The line has obvious rhyme and meter, and the opening words suggest a story of adventure and excitement.

4802. The Battle of Maldon describes which historical event?

Ans: The defeat of the English at the hands of the Vikings in 991

4803. Which of the following best describes the significance of the following line from Julian of Norwich’s “Revelations of Divine Love”: “all manner of things shall be well”?

Ans: The love and grace of God can change lives for the better.

4804. In The Wanderer, what is the speaker’s primary conflict?

Ans: The folly of earthly things with the wisdom of heaven

4805. What was the function of the AngloSaxon Chronicle?

Ans: The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle records the history of the continuity and persistence of Anglo-Saxon culture in Old English.

4806. . Which of the following is not a theme in Chretien de Troyes Yvain, le Chevalier au Lion?

Ans: The knight’s lack of loyalty to his lord

4807. Despite the fact that the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle continued well into the Norman rule of the 12th century, which king originally commissioned this work?

Ans: Alfred the Great 

4808. What is the verse form of Marie de France’s Lanval?

Ans: Octosyllabic couplets

4809. How was mystical literature significant?

Ans: Mystical literature provided a place for women to write romantic and religious literature.

4810. In Lanval, how does Marie de France represent King Arthur?

Ans: As a modest ruler who defended his own borders

4811. In Chaucer’s “The Miller’s Tale,” why would the miller’s determination to speak following the knight appear unsettling to the 14th century audience?

Ans: The miller was far beneath the knight in social order, so the miller should have deferred to the person who ranked above him.

4812. Which of the following would most likely be the theme of a medieval romance?

Ans: The adventure of a knight who rescues a maiden

4813. What literary term is suggested by the quote steadfast companions will stand by him from Beowulf?

Ans: Comitatus ethic

4814. .. Which of the following statements regarding the success and importance of the oral tradition of literature is true?

Ans: Scops recited poems to noble audiences, preserving the stories and poetic tradition

4815.. In “The Wife of Bath’s Tale,” what is the significance of “barley bread”?

Ans: Barley bread represents the wife’s answer to the belief that virginity is superior to marriage.

4816. Which of the following themes appears in “The Miller’s Tale”?

Ans: All of these answers

4817. King Alfred was associated with which of the following events?

Ans: The translation of Latin texts into the vernacular language

4818. How did French become the dominant language of England?

Ans: After the successful invasion of England, the language of William of Normandy became the language of the elite

Medieval Women Writers

4819. How did the development of nationstates in the late Middle Ages affect women?

Ans: they lost much of their political and economic power

4820. What is a “lay” in medieval literature?

Ans:  a short lyrical poem

4821. Which of the following best characterize noble women in the Middle Ages?

Ans: All of the Above

4822. How do historians explain the increase in the number of troubadours in the Middle Ages?

Ans: the decreased public interest in religious stories

4823. . Which literary device is most important structurally in The Book of the City of Ladies?

Ans: allegory

4824. How did the fall of Roman imperialism affect Britain?

Ans: All of the Above

4825. Who were the troubadours?

Ans: poets from France and Italy

4826. Which writer(s) is/are associated with mysticism

Ans: All of the Above

4827. What is the function of Ancrene Wisse?

Ans: pathos

4828. How did the Christian laws about marriage differ from those of Germanic tribes’ customs?

Ans: All of the Above

4829. In the context of Medieval literature, what does “inner rule” mean?

Ans: All of the Above

4830. Which of the following women is most closely associated with monastic life?

Ans: Hildegard of Bingen

4831. In the context of Medieval literature, what does the term “mystical marriage” mean?

Ans: it is a spiritual union with God

4832. Who wrote The Rules of Courtly Love?

Ans: Chretien de Troye

4833. What is “scholasticism” as it relates to the medieval era?

Ans: All of the Above

4834. With which literary form is Ancrene Wisse most closely related?

Ans: conduct books

4835. Which provides the best example of a medieval allegory?

Ans: The Romance of the Rose

4836. How was Christine de Pizan a unique female writer for her time?

Ans: she wrote in order to support herself

4837. Which of the following women is widely considered the first feminist?

Ans: Christine de Pizan

4838. Which is/are typical of the supernatural in medieval romance?

Ans: All of the Above

4839. What is the authorship controversy as it relates to Heloise and Abelard?

Ans: All of the Above

4840.. Which event(s) characterized the Middle Ages?

Ans: All of the Above

4841. Which is/are a theme(s) of “The Acts of Thecla?”

Ans: praise of chastity

4842. Why do most critics also refer to the Middle Ages as the Dark Ages?

Ans: there are few primary sources that reconstruct the history of the time

4843. How did courtly literature characterize its heroines?

Ans: they were sources of inspiration for heroic action

4844. What is oral transmission?

Ans: the spreading of material by word of mouth

4845. What were “conduct books”?

Ans: books that established standards of behavior for women

4846What is hagiography?

Ans: the writing and studying of saints’ lives

4847. In the Middle Ages, which class of people was most likely to be literate?

Ans: monks

English literature past paper

4848. In The Book of the City of Ladies, how does Pizan treat the issue of women’s sexuality?

Ans: she attacks double standards for the sexes

4849. Which of the following themes do both Julian of Norwich and Catherine of Siena explore?

Ans: the concept of a sensual God

4850. Which of the following couples exemplify/exemplifies courtly love?

Ans: All of the Above

4851. In what way(s) did the legalization of Christianity impact medieval culture?

Ans: All of the Above

4852. What is an anchoress?

Ans:  a medieval female hermit

4853. To whom were The Lais of Marie de France dedicated?

Ans: King Henry

4854. How did increased lay participation in religious life impact monasteries?

Ans: it made them seem irrelevant since they separated religious life from worldly life

4855. . To whom were The Lais of Marie de France dedicated?

Ans: King Henry

English literature past paper

4856. What is an anchoress?

Ans: a medieval female hermit

4857. what is the most important element in a woman’s quest for equality?

Ans: education

4858. Which is the best example of the “double standard” that exists in tales of courtly love?

Ans: men are allowed to boast about their affairs, while women must keep them secret


4859. . In the Middle Ages, what was the status of a married woman in relation to her husband

Ans: she was considered her husband’s property

4860. Which of the following characterized court life in the Middle Ages?

Ans: All of the Above

4861. In the Medieval era, women most commonly worked as

Ans: All of the Above

4862. In the Middle Ages, nuns also performed which of the following roles?bgh

Ans: All of the Above

4863. Which is true of medieval women?

Ans: All of the Above

4864. Which of the following was the most copied book of the Middle Ages?

Ans: The Bible

4865. . In “The Wife of Bath’s Tale,” what does Alisoun say women want most?

Ans: The Bible

4866.. When did the Norman Invasion take place?

Ans: 11th century

4867. In the Middle Ages, how did religious and secular concepts of virginity differ

Ans: religious doctrines said that virginity was an ethereal treasure, while secular authorities said it was spendable

4868. How did courtly romances break down the virgin/whore dichotomy?

Ans:. they redefined women as attainable vs unattainable, rather than virgin vs whore

4869. Why do most historians think monasticism appealed to medieval women?

Ans: All of the Above

4870. In The Book of the City of Ladies, what is the function of the character Reason?

Ans: All of the Above

English literature past paper

4871. From which lay is the quote “she had no equal in the kingdom” taken?

Ans: “Equitant”

4872. How did travel at the time of the Crusades impact Western Europe?

Ans: All of the Above

4873. What are “books of hours?”

Ans: private books of prayers to be recited throughout the day

4874. Which of the following typify the oralformulaic?

Ans: All of the Above

4875. Which of the following was a result of Charlemange’s decree on the production of books?

Ans: it declared that books should be produced by men

4876. How did the increase in universities affect most middle-class women?

Ans: most of them were unable to read, so they were not admitted

4877. Which are examples of devotional acts?

Ans: All of the Above

4878. Which topic(s) is/are explored in The Lais of Marie de France?

Ans: All of the Above

English literature past paper

4879. Who were lay mystics?

Ans: people who attempted to contact God without the intervention of an established religious order

4880. Kempe’s acts of devotion included

Ans: All of the Above

4881. With which of the following genres is The Romance of the Rose most closely associated?

Ans: dream vision

4882. Which of the following is an alternative name for the Middle Ages?

Ans: Dark Ages

4883. What is “the gender fallacy”

Ans: the problem of a “man writing as a woman”

4884. In what centuries did mystical women writers primarily work?

Ans: 14th and 15th centuries

4885. Which best summarizes Christine de Pizan’s reaction to The Romance of the Rose?

Ans: she attacked it as misogynistic

4886. Which is true of childbirth in the Middle Ages?

Ans: All of the Above

4887. Which speaker said that “God is more nearer to us than our own soul?”

Ans: Julian of Norwich

4888. In the medieval Church, devotional acts

Ans: cancelled out punishment due to sin

4889. . Which of these female writers was least likely to have been literate?

Ans: Julian of Norwich

4890. In The Romance of the Rose, which text does Guillaume de Lorris cite as his inspiration?

Ans: The Art of Courtly Love

4891. What was a virago?

Ans: an asexual female saint

4892. How would you describe the phrase “oral-formulaic,” as you learned it in this course?

Ans: As a method of composing stories in the oral tradition

4893. Which of the following themes/motifs was/were often found in literature of “courtly love”?

Ans: All of the Above

English literature past paper

4894. Which text(s) is/are associated with mysticism?

Ans: Revelations of Divine Love

4895. What do most critics find notable about the virtues that Pizan highlights in her work?

Ans: All of the Above

4896. How did lay literacy affect traditional devotional practices?

Ans: people could be religious without the help of a clergy

4897. According to most historians, why was it so important for a man to marry a virgin wife?

Ans: it assured him that his children were his own

4898. Which of the following is an example of female hagiography?

Ans: Acts of Thecla”

4899. What was “courtly love”?

Ans: a literary convention based on the code of behavior associated with chivalrous romance

4900. Identify the speaker of these lines: “sweet Jesus, Jesus love”

Ans: Catherine of Siena

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