English literature past paper solved MCQs SET 49

English literature past paper solved MCQs SET 49
English literature past paper solved MCQs SET 49

English literature past paper solved MCQs SET 49

4901. Identify the speaker of these lines: “sweet Jesus, Jesus love”

Ans: Catherine of Siena

4902. Why did Catherine of Siena refuse to marry a husband?

Ans: she claimed she was already married to God

4903. Which best describes the work of a mystic?

Ans: the mystic is a visionary who experiences divine insight

4904. How did the printing press alter medieval culture?

Ans: All of the Above

4905. What is affective piety?

Ans: a dramatic demonstration of faith

4906. What do most critics believe the “rose” of The Romance of the Rose symbolizes?

Ans: sexuality

4907. In Medieval times, who were “femme soles”?

Ans: women who operated their own businesses without men

4908. What was a Lollard?

Ans: a member of a sect that was considered heretical

4909. What does the term “monasticism” mean?

Ans: it describes a life based on retreat from society

4910. The Book of the City of Ladies articulates which of the following themes:

Ans: All of the Above

4911. In the Middle Ages, how did divorce laws differ for the sexes?

Ans: only men could legally divorce

4912. With which genre is “The Passion of Saints Perpetua and Felicity” most closely associated?

Ans: hagiography

4913. Which of the following characterize(s) a lay?

Ans: All of the Above

English literature past paper

4914. Which is true of medieval property laws?

Ans: widows could hold property

4915. When did the Roman Empire formally legalize Christianity?

Ans: The 4th century

4916. In the context of Medieval literature, what does “outer rule” mean?

Ans: it refers to anchoress’ everyday behavior

4917. In the Middle Ages, how did society treat prostitution?

Ans: All of the Above

4918. Which of the following inventions is associated with the rise in literacy?

Ans: the letter press

4919. With which text is the theme of “Christ as mother” most closely associated?

Ans: “Revelations of Divine Love”

12. The Gothic Novel

4920. How is the abbey in “The Monk” NOT Gothic?

Ans: It is a sanctuary for women.

4921. All of the following are ways Dracula represents the “monstrous Other” EXCEPT:

Ans: Dracula as usurper of the British class system

4922. What is NOT Gothic about the room to which the female protagonist of “The Yellow Wallpaper” is confined?

Ans: It is sunny.

4923. What constitutes a “monstrous Other” in “The Yellow Wallpaper”?

Ans: John

4924. In what way is Dracula NOT an “Other” figure?

Ans: He is Christian.

4925. Which of the following best describes how the novel “Frankenstein” is understood by critics?

Ans: As an exploration on the effects of science on humanity

4926. Which of the following best explains the treatment of the heroine in “The Mysteries of Udolpho”?

Ans: The heroine’s fantasies about the castle are combined with her fear of violation.

4927. For what historical event did the Gothic serve as a metaphor?

Ans: The French Revolution

4928. The popularity of which Gothic novelist is parodied in Austen’s “Northanger Abbey”?

Ans: Ann Radcliffe

4929. What literary convention is used pervasively in “The Mysteries of Udolpho”?

Ans: The uncanny doubling of characters

4930. What does the character Dracula symbolize in the novel?

Ans: Ancient evil

English literature past paper

4931. Why is the concept of the sublime important in Gothic literature?

Ans: It causes an experience of elestasis, or transport

4932. What is a Satanic Hero?

Ans: A hero-villain who defies the laws of God’s universe

4933. How did the term “Gothic” become associated with the literary phenomenon known as the Gothic novel?

Ans: The use of the word in the subtitle of Walpole’s novel

4934. Why is it significant that Dracula is from Transylvania?       

Ans: Transylvania represents a vaguely known and, therefore, suspicious country.

4935. How do theorists suggest that the Gothic novel resembles queer and camp?

Ans: The body is represented in abnormal ways.

4936. In “Frankenstein” how does Shelley represent science?

Ans: As inherently monstrous

4937. In what way does Radcliffe depart from Walpole’s earlier tradition?

Ans: She resolves the appearance of supernatural phenomena.

4938. In which way does Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” include elements of the uncanny?

Ans: An everyday object causes her terror.

4939. In what way does Thornfield Hall differ from the Castle of Otranto, Udolpho, and the Convent of St. Clare?

Ans: It is the scene of redemption for the Byronic hero

4940. In “The Gothic Sublime” how does Mishra characterize the Gothic novel?

Ans: As a set of literary devices developed in the 18th century but applicable to present day

4941. Which one of the following events inspired the trend of body transformation in Gothic novels?

Ans: The increase in scientific experimentation

4942. Based on your readings for this course, which of the following best summarizes how most critics interpret the crumbling castle in “The Castle of Otranto”?

Ans: The castle signifies the ruin of feudal medievalism.

4943. According to Radcliffe, what is the difference between terror and horror?

Ans: Horror fails to awaken and expand the soul.

4944. Which term is most closely affiliated with the female Gothic?

Ans: Terror

4945. What is the origin of the vampire myth?

Ans: Ancient civilizations worldwide

English literature past paper

4946. The vampire myth is NOT associated with which of the following?

Ans: Incest

4947. What is the significance of the “bloody bedchamber” in Gothic fiction?

Ans: It symbolizes the forced sequestration of women both before and after marriage.

4948. In “Frankenstein” how do dreams function?

Ans: They prophesy future destruction.

4949. All of the following define the Gothic EXCEPT:

Ans: Reason

4950. How does Emily show initiative in “The Mysteries of Udolpho”?

Ans: She takes control of her own money

4951. What is the significance of “the Other” in Gothic novels?

Ans: They are perceived as dangerous because they are unknown.

4952. Why does Horace Walpole make use of elaborate machines in “The Castle of Otranto”?

Ans: To assist with the flight and pursuit of villains and their prey

4953. In “Dracula” what does the death of Lucy suggest?

Ans: That female sexuality is dangerous and must be destroyed

4954. Why do scholars consider the first wave of the English Gothic novel an aspect of Romanticism?

Ans: The Gothic novel’s interest in the apocalyptic prophecies found in Hebrew and Christian Scriptures

4955. What do scholars Michael O’Rourke and David Collings argue about “Queer Romanticism”?

Ans: Romantic literary criticism has been stubbornly limited with regard to queer readings.

4956. Why does one scholar suggest that “The Monk” represents literary transvestism?

Ans: Lewis’s choiceof a feminine literary genre

4957. “It is very seldom that mere ordinary people like John and myself secure ancestral halls for the summer.” How does this opening sentence of Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” NOT immediately suggest the Gothic?

Ans: The first-person narrator

4958. How does Frankenstein’s monster learn about the Garden of Eden?

Ans: He reads Milton’s “Paradise Lost.”

4959. In what way do the houses in “The Yellow Wallpaper” and “Jane Eyre” differ from each other as Gothic literary structures?

Ans: The state of disrepair when the houses are first encountered by the protagonists

4960. What does the term “angel in the house” signify?

Ans: The idea that women are pure and morally superior to men

4961. How does the use of Gothic architecture assist the Gothic novelist?

Ans: It engenders confusion for both the novel’s protagonist and readers.

4962. What Gothic literary convention did NOT originate with Horace Walpole’s “The Castle of Otranto”?

Ans: Psychological terror

4963. Why has Bertha been characterized as the “madwoman in the attic” by literary scholars?

Ans: To make an ironic statement about the point of view and marginalization of the “Other” in Victorian England

4964. All of the following are ways in which “The Castle of Otranto” reflects the values of Enlightenment England EXCEPT:

Ans: The interest in the lessons and values of the Middle Ages for England in the 18th century

4965. Which of the following terms is most closely related to the phrase “the explained supernatural”?

Ans: The uncanny

4966. All of the following refer to “the uncanny” EXCEPT:

Ans: The supernatural

4967. How is the concept of “the new woman” Gothic?

Ans: It represents the “transformation” of the traditional Victorian woman from the private sphere to the public sphere.

4968. “A MANUSCRIPT was communicated to me during my travels in Italy, which was copied from the archives of the Cenci Palace at Rome, and contains a detailed account of the horrors which ended in the extinction of one of the noblest families of that city during the Pontificate of Clement VIII, in the year 1599.” All of the following state why this quotation from Perce Shelley’s “The Cenci” represents the Gothic EXCEPT:

Ans: The use of real historical resources by Shelley for the foundation of his play

4969. In what way does Gothic-style architecture complement the themes of the Gothic novel?

Ans: The immense scale typical of Gothic structures

English literature past paper

4970. In “Jane Eyre” how does Bertha NOT trouble the patriarchy?

Ans: She is understood to be mad.

4971. In “The Castle of Otranto” which attitude does Walpole express towards primogeniture?

Ans: It is monstrous.

4972. Why do critics see Frankenstein’s monster as equivalent to the Biblical Adam?

Ans: He is the first of his kind.

4973. How is Thornfield in “Jane Eyre” different from the structures found in the first wave of Gothic novels?

Ans: It is located in England.

4974. How does Stoker’s “Dracula” challenge contemporary sexual taboos?

Ans: Lucy becomes a sexual predator.

4975. What have literary critics read into the vampirism in Stoker’s “Dracula”?

Ans: The novel presents the vampire count as a father-figure of great power.

4976. All of the following are labyrinthine in “The Mysteries of Udolpho” EXCEPT:

Ans: Valancourt’s character

4977. Whichcultural theme is NOT referenced in Stoker’s “Dracula”?

Ans: Labor unions

4978. Although at least one critic has likened Thornfield to Bridewell, in what way are the two structures different?

Ans: Both are former palaces

4979. Why is “The Castle of Otranto” often considered a reaction against the Enlightenment?

Ans: It marks a return to more primitive ways of pre-Enlightenment thought and expression.

4980. What is the significance of the “wandering Jew” motif?

Ans: The curse of immorality

4981. Who does NOT represent the “new woman”?

Ans: Antonia

4982. What role does Rosario play in the Gothic atmosphere of “The Monk”?

Ans: Queer provocateur

4983. What quality does the Gothic novel of the 18th and early 19th centuries share with the majority of English novels of the same time period?

Ans: A focus on the individual

4984. In “The Gothic Sublime” how does Mishra characterize the labyrinth motif?

Ans: As the reader’s inward turn to examine his or her own tangled consciousness

4985. What literary purpose does Emily’s stay with the nuns at the convent NOT serve?

Ans: Emily comes to understand the benefits of a cloistered life.

4986. In “The Monk” what event does NOT represent the theme of entrapment of women?

Ans: Matilda’s dressing as Rosario

4987. Which psychological issue is NOT typical of the Gothic novel?

Ans: Daydreams

English literature past paper

4988. According to Ellen Moers, how does Radcliffe’s heroine differ from the typical Gothic woman?

Ans: Emily is a sensible rather than defenseless woman.

4989. Which statement best summarizes the parallel between Frankenstein and Prometheus?

Ans: Both suffered for their attempt to do divine work.

4990. How does the motif of the wandering Jew figure in “The Monk”?

Ans: It introduces one of several supernatural elements into the plot.

4991. For many scholars, what distinguishes terror from horror in the Gothic novel?

Ans: The anticipation of the violation of one’s person versus an act of physical violence

4992. In what way is “The Monk” a reaction to the French Revolution?

Ans: It condemns the misuse of power.

4993. To whom is the concept of the uncanny attributed?

Ans: Sigmund Freud

4994. What is distinctive about Emily’s bedchamber at Udolpho?

Ans: It does not lock from the inside.

English literature past paper

4995. What is Gothic about the narrative structure of “Frankenstein”?

Ans: The erratic movement of time and place

4996. In “Frankenstein” what is the Gothic significance of the word “abortion”?

Ans: It invokes the laws of man

4997. In “The Castle of Otranto” what “monstrous Other” does Manfred embody?

Ans: The cursed

4998. When Mary Shelley writes about ghosts, what is her concern?

Ans: A belief in ghosts is a belief in imagination.

4999. Who should NOT be viewed as Prometheus in Shelley’s “Frankenstein”?

Ans: Frankenstein’s monster

5000. What is Strawberry Hill?

Ans: The inspiration for “The Castle of Otranto”

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