Facebook Instant Articles Setup

Facebook Instant Articles Setup

Facebook Instant Articles Setup

About instant articles
Instant Articles is an HTML document that loads very quickly into Facebook, giving publishers the ability to tell rich stories in a fast rendered branded and customizable article format on mobile.

Instant Articles provide a fast, Facebook-native way for publishers to deliver content they already produce for their websites. Every article published as an instant article must also be published on the News Publisher website.

When posting instant articles on Facebook, publishers and readers always link to articles. Each instant article is associated with a URL link, so when the link is shared in the feed, readers on Facebook will see if a version of the instant article is available.

Instant articles work for any type of article, from daily coverage to long-form, in-depth features. Instant articles are available for readers of iPhone and Android devices running the following software versions or higher:

iPhone Facebook for iPhone version 30.0 and iOS 7.0
Android Facebook for Android version 57 and Android Jelly Bean
Instant Articles is an HTML document optimized for fast mobile performance, rich storytelling capabilities, branded design and optimized visual performance. Instant Articles uses standard markup language (similar to XML) to execute styles and interactions.

Instant article policies

Eligibility for instant articles

Instant articles are available to publishers:

News pages for publishers with currently supported languages ​​are listed in the Index OR
In the last 28 days your Facebook page has been in the eligible country with over 50,000 special visitors.

If you use instant articles, you must adhere to our Rights and Responsibility Statement (SRR), Facebook page terms and conditions, if applicable.

This markup is applied automatically to enable automatic publication of the entire content feed on the scale. Alternatively, it can be applied manually to create bespoke articles that take full advantage of instant article capabilities and rich-media content.

Instant articles are not automatically posted. Publishers should share articles as usual on their page.

Articles in the feed are ranked based on the same criteria we use to rank standard articles on the mobile web. Feed articles rank based on a number of factors, such as the amount of time people spend interacting with them and the amount of time people spend reading them.

Check the monetization capability of the page
Page partners can make money from their content if they comply with monetization policies. To find out if your page qualifies:

Go to Creator Studio.
On the left, click the Monetization tab.
Select the page you want to check.
Click Apply.
You will be taken to a Monetization Qualification Check, where you can view and review your status.

Facebook Instant Articles Setup

Green: Congratulations! Your page is ready to make money.
Yellow: Your page has some issues that affect the ability to make money.
Red: Your page has serious issues. You can not use this page to make money at this time.

Instant Articles in Creator Studio: Quick-Start Guide
This guide explains the fastest way to set up instant articles in Creator Studio, where you can design, monetize, share and measure your instant article performance on Facebook. Please note that the basic setup process involves a one-time review by Facebook, which may take several weeks due to recent changes in the review process.

Set up instant articles
Open the Creator Studio and go to the Monetization tab. To qualify for instant articles, you must comply with our instant article policies and partner monetization policies, as well as have a web presence for your domain. If your page meets the eligibility criteria, you can click on setup. Click the Terms of Review to review the Terms of Service for instant articles. And then click Accept Terms.

Submit ten articles for review
We ask you to complete a series of four steps to prepare your articles for the Facebook review. In the process, you will have the opportunity to upload a bunch of test articles before setting up your article ready for publication for review. Click Start to get started.

Claim your domain: Click Claim to register your domain. To add your site, add the meta tag shown in the black bar below the head tag to the HTML code of your website. You can register a maximum of ten domains with Facebook for instant articles. You will need to register your site’s URL with Facebook, along with any development URLs you may use to test your articles. Make sure the prefix “www” is not included when you claim your root domain. For more information on which URLs to claim, please visit the Instant Articles Publishing Tool under “Types of URLs”.

Configure narrative styles: Click Configure to customize the look and feel of your articles with narrative styles. Article styles are visual templates that you can create and apply to your articles. For example, it may be helpful to apply a different style to branded content so that readers can tell that it is sponsored content. Learn more about how to create and add styles to your articles.
Before you set up instant articles, you need to decide which of these three configuration methods best suits your technical resources. You can also see our best practices for more information on choosing the right approach for you.
Easy: WordPress plugin is the easiest way to set up instant articles, because no coding required. This is a great choice for bloggers or freelance publishers who use the WordPress platform.
Intermediate: If you have some technical experience, you may want to use Instant Article Creator, which can help you setup and import your articles using visual aids.
Advanced: If you are using a custom Content Management System (CMS), consider using the Instant Articles API or setting up a dedicated RSS feed.
Add ten product articles:
Click Add to submit ten construction articles ready for publication on Facebook. These articles must be live on your website at the time of submission. After you add your articles, refresh the page to see them. Please note that new Instant Articles Publishers must be approved by Facebook before they can begin publishing. In the process, Facebook reviews the content you submit to make sure it aligns with its instant articles and partner monetization policies. Click Confirm after your product articles have been successfully imported.
Your articles will be published as instant articles on Facebook after your review is completed.
Add Development Articles (Optional): Before submitting your articles for review, you have the option of uploading a batch of development articles to check for any content, formatting or coding errors. Development articles are just articles used for testing and not for publication. Click Add to get started. After that, you need to choose the method by which you will import your articles for testing, review and publication.
Once you’ve set up the import process, learn how to test and debug your instant articles before submitting them for review or sharing with your followers.
Establishing monetization
Click Start to get started. And then click on the Review Terms to read the Terms and Conditions. And then click Accept Terms. Click Setup Account to begin monetization. If you are already earning money at Creator Studio, you can select an existing account. You can also create a new account by uploading your tax ID and related information and linking to your favorite bank account. After you have successfully set up your account, the button will say Done.

Instant article sharing
Once your instant articles are approved, you’re ready to start sharing them on Facebook:

Create a new post on Facebook.
Add a link to your instant articles.
Click on Post‌.
If you’ve seen the Lightning Bolt picture next to the title, you know you have successfully shared the instant article.

To set up instant articles,
Continue to qualify
To help publishers and creators qualify, we regularly review some of the most common violations that can lead to publisher and creator monetization at the page level. Other relevant policies include: Violation of community standards, copyright and intellectual property claims, and immediate enforcement of articles.

You may lose access to instant articles due to low traffic restrictions or not publishing instant articles regularly at regular intervals. To reapply for access, submit your domain for review when you have at least 10 articles in your production library.

Facebook Instant Articles Setup

Here are some tips to continue earning on our platform
Review our Community Standards to make sure your content (links, videos, text or photos) on the Platform complies with our policies.
Make sure you have the right to post your own content — the content may not infringe on anyone else’s intellectual property.
Keep your domain “clean” by ensuring that your followers do not experience low quality content on your website.
Check out our content monetization policies; If you are making money through ad-blocks or instant articles, following these guidelines will help keep your content eligible.
Meta for Business
Search Facebook for Business
Open the Side Navigation menu
Business Support Center
How can we help you?
Support selected for you

Facebook Instant Articles Setup

Instant article policies

Users of instant articles must adhere to our Rights and Responsibility Declaration (SRR), Facebook page terms and instant article policies.

Facebook Instant Articles Setup

A. Content policies
Make sure you own, control and operate the website for your use of instant articles.
Make sure your website is consistent, complete, easy to navigate and suggests a positive experience (e.g. websites with multiple broken links, websites that use fake or minimal content or placeholder content that does not qualify for instant articles) huh).
Establish a presence on your site before using Instant Articles (i.e. newer sites may not be eligible to use Instant Articles).
Unless all content on your website is only available to paid subscribers, individuals do not need to log in to your website before accessing the articles.Facebook Instant Articles Setup
The content of instant articles, with the exception of ads, should look the same as the content in the web version of the article, except where permitted below: This is not possible from the point of view of technical content where instant article creative tools initiate additional content.
Content in instant articles should not contain or link to promoting personal health articles that are illegal, misleading or deceptive or controlled, causing unintended or unintended consequences, * **, adult products or services, *** *** Tips or fetishes, casual dating, violence, hacking or cracking, weapons sales, online real money games, opportunity or skill, working at home, spy cameras, fake news or any other category prohibited by any Facebook community standards Except for apps or sites that display news editorials that contain the above content or if you have our prior written permission.Facebook Instant Articles Setup

Facebook Instant Articles Setup
Advertising content in instant articles must conform to our advertising policies.
Direct marketing ads must be provided to a general audience of 13 years and older.
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Partner monetization policies

Facebook’s Monetization Eligibility Criteria (MES) are now known as Partner Monetization Policies (PMPs). This is still the best place to learn about the rules for making money from your content.
For publishers, creators and third-party providers to use monetization tools on Facebook, they must adhere to a set of rules called Partner Monetization Policies.
These rules apply in professional mode to all pages, profiles, events and groups on Facebook.

Partner policies
To make money on Facebook you need to:

Create content on a qualified surface
Living in a eligible country
Follow our community standards
Follow our content monetization policies
Share authentic content
Share original content
Make money with authentic engagement
Follow our payment terms
Follow the terms of our pages, groups and events
Develop an established presence
Follow our rules for politicians and governments
Only connect with companies that follow our policies
Instant article countries

Instant articles are currently available to publishers registered in the News Page Index or in specific countries that have had over 50,000 special visitors to their Facebook page in the last 28 days. Learn more about the merits of instant articles.

Current country availability
Aland Islands
Bosnia and Herzegovina
British Islands
Cayman Islands
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Federated States of Micronesia
French Guiana
Hong Kong
Isle of Man
Marshall Islands
New Caledonia
New Zealand
Puerto Rico
South Africa
South Korea
Trinidad and Tobago
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
United States Minor Outlying Islands
WordPress plugin setup
If you have a WordPress-powered site or blog, you can easily start creating instant articles using the Instant Articles plugin for WordPress. This is an easy way to create instant articles and requires no experience with HTML.

What do you want
Quick launch of the WordPress plugin
How to get your app ID and app secret
Next steps
What do you want
Website powered by WordPress
A Facebook page
Your publication logo
10 articles have been published
Instant Articles for WP Plugin
Early start

  1. Download
    Download and install Instant Articles for WP Plugin.
  2. Enter your Facebook Page ID
    After installing the plugin, click on the Instant Articles menu option and provide the ID of the Facebook page you used to sign up for Instant Articles.
  3. Start sharing
    Once your instant articles feed is approved, you’re ready.

Deliver your instant articles with any link: just compose new post, add article link and share! Instant articles are not automatically posted to your page.

Next steps
Customize your instant article style.
Follow our blog. Sign up for notifications to find out about instant article news and updates.
Make money with your instant articles. Use your live sales advertising or audience network (or both).
Add interactive design features. Delight your readers with the unique features of instant articles.
Use analytics in instant articles. Learn how to embed your own or third-party trackers.

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