How to create an HTML sitemap page on Blogger

How to create HTML sitemap page on Blogger

How to create HTML sitemap page on Blogger.
It is important to understand the difference between an HTML sitemap and an XML sitemap before proceeding to add a sitemap page.

What is XML Sitemap?
Search engines use their respective web crawlers (bots) to search pages within the site and links to other sites. An XML Sitemap is an .xml file attached to your website that provides this data to the crawler. Sitemap file contains all post URLs with additional information about each URL. Search engines use this data to index your posts in the best possible way. The use of XML Sitemap files guarantees that your web pages will be indexed in search engines.

How to include and submit XML sitemap in Google and other search engines.

What is HTML Sitemap?
HTML Sitemap is a regular HTML page that can be read by search engine bots as well as visitors. The web crawler treats it like a regular HTML page (with many links). The main purpose of using HTML based sitemap is to present all your posts in an organized way so that your users can navigate all your posts through one page.


  • Postlist will be updated automatically with the addition of new posts.
  • Automatic addition of ‘new’ suffix to newly added posts.
  • Sorted alphabetically (ascending)
    How to add a sitemap page to Blogger.
    Note: This is a labeled Sitemap page and you can only add labeled themes to it.

Step 1 Log in to your Blogger account, then go to Pages> New Page.

Create HTML based sitemap page on Blogger
Step 2 Enter “Sitemap” in the page title box.

Step 3 Switch to HTML mode.

How to add a sitemap to Blogger.
Step 4 Enter the following inside the blank box.

Note: Clear any default code within the HTML field before pasting the provided code.

Read: How to Remove Default Code from Blogger Writing Panel Automatically.

Note: Reject any HTTPS errors.

Step 5 Order

  • Replace with the URL of your blog.

Step 6 Under Page Settings, add a page description within the Search Details box.

Step 7 Under Reader Comments, click Options> Disallow> Done.

Automatically update the table list of posts for Blogspot
Step 8 Click Publish.

Note: This tutorial is just about adding a simple HTML sitemap. You can put different color themes on this site map.

Read: HTML Sitemap Page Themes – Label Based (SEQL)

Congratulations blogging!

How to create HTML sitemap page on Blogger

You’ve successfully added an HTML sitemap to your blog. Have a link to your sitemap page, wherever you want to show your sitemap page. You can also apply different themes on this sitemap provided by Howbloggerz. For any issues related to the above tutorial, please comment below. Stay updated, browse Howbloggerz! 🙂

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Label based sitemap themes
Sitemap themes

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