How To Create Awesome Meta Descriptions

How To Create Awesome Meta Descriptions
How To Create Awesome Meta Descriptions

How To Create Awesome Meta Descriptions
If you’re confused about how to write your meta descriptions, you’re not alone. To help clear up this confusion, I’m going to dig into what makes a great meta description and share 16 killer meta description examples.
You’ll also learn why your site’s meta descriptions are so important, as well as the optimal meta description length (especially considering Google’s changing policies).Meta description generator .

What is a meta description?

A meta description is an HTML element that contains a brief summary of your page and creates the short snippet you see below the site title in Google’s organic search results. Here’s an example of what it usually looks like:
Why is the meta description of your content important?
Back in September 2009, Google announced[1] that text contained in meta descriptions and meta keywords does not factor into its ranking algorithm for search.
But meta descriptions are still important for two reasons:
• They help convince people to click on your result in organic listings.
• Since Google measures CTR rate, it can indirectly improve your ranking by increasing your site’s organic CTR.
What is the maximum meta description length?
When Google increased the meta description character limit to 320 in December 2017, SEOs got a little too excited and started rewriting the meta description for their sites. So it’s no wonder that when Google unexpectedly dropped the meta description length to 160 characters in May 2018, many people started freaking out.
The fact is, Google has never clearly stated what the meta description length should be, even when they made major changes to the search pages. In fact, Danny Sullivan, Google’s public relations for search, advised against rewriting the description.
May’s dropping of the meta description character limit to 160 has flooded Twitter with frustration from people who just want clear guidelines from Google on how long to write a meta description. But as Sullivan points out, the search company doesn’t want people to focus on character count — they want site owners to focus on what works for visitors.
In other words, Google wants authentic, quality content in search. You don’t have to read between the lines to understand that Google wants people to focus on improving the quality of their content rather than tweeting examples of SEO meta descriptions to attract visitors to their sites. . Meta description examples.

How To Create Awesome Meta Descriptions
How To Create Awesome Meta Descriptions
How To Create Awesome Meta Descriptions
How To Create Awesome Meta Descriptions


Google does not always use meta descriptions.
It is important to know that Google will not always disclose your details as intended. In fact, according to a Moz analysis[2], only 35.9% of original meta description tags show up “as is” in Google search.
The Moz study, which examined 70,059 original meta description examples, also discovered that:
• In 15.4% of cases, Google used the original meta description tag but added some text.
• In 51.3% of cases, the display fragment completely matches or contains the meta description tag.
• In 3.2% of cases, display snippets used a shortened version of the meta description tag with an ellipsis at the end.
Overall, Google used all or part of the original meta description tag in 55% of cases. Meta description length

So what’s going on here?

Basically, Google may choose to remove the HTML meta description of your web pages if they don’t adequately answer a user’s query, instead using a fragment of your page that matches the query. Provides better matching for
Or… Google can just use your existing meta description. It really depends on what the user entered in the search.
How to write a good meta description
To write 160 characters or not to write 160 characters? That is the question.
I suggest? Given that optimizing for SEO meta descriptions doesn’t help your site rank higher in the SERPs, feel free to use 160 characters for your meta description, but don’t obsess over it.
For example, if your description is 161 characters, don’t waste time trimming it. Instead, focus on these tips:
• Stick to your brand voice and tone, but also keep it conversational.
• Include your primary keyword if you can do so naturally, to mark the minimum requirements for an SEO meta description.
• Make sure you convey value to the reader.
• Add a call to action, ie “Learn more here.”
• Write in active voice.
• Make sure your description matches your content – don’t trick the user into clicking your link.
• Keep in mind that meta descriptions can be short when displayed in search, so use the first 120 characters to convey your most important message.
• Make sure each page on your site has a unique meta description – don’t use the same description on multiple pages. Meta description checker.

How To Create Awesome Meta Descriptions
How To Create Awesome Meta Descriptions

How To Create Awesome.

10 Great Meta Description

Examples to Inspire You
Since you only have 160 characters to work with, writing a great meta description takes more than just throwing together a few words. To help you get your creative juices flowing, here are some meta descriptive examples to inspire you.

  • Tesla
    This is Here’s how it works: In just 22 words, Tesla’s description explains what the company stands for, what it produces, its brand values, and ambitions. Now, that’s great copywriting.
  • Lonely Planet
    Why it works: Well, do you love to travel? Starting with a question draws the reader in, personalizing the description. It explains exactly how Lonely Planet helps travelers, all within a 160 character count.
  • Use names. For this headline trick to be successful, the names must be well known to your target audience.
  • Brand names can be as powerful as people.
    For example, when targeting SEO topics, using “Google” in your headline will bring in clicks, as will using “John Mueller.”
  • reddit
    Why it works: Reddit not only includes its company mantra – the best of the internet – in its description, but also provides a clear description of what it provides, with an extra personal touch. So the word “you” is also included at the end.
  • Wired
    Why it works: For this article’s meta description, Wired teases readers, describing reddit as a former “dystopian Craigslist” before it got bigger. Interesting? Try not to click, I dare you.
  • Travel to Yosemite
    Why it works: Short and straightforward, this meta description clearly explains the value of the Travel Yosemite site and what visitors can expect when they click the link.
  • GQ
    While the meta title is cut off, these meta description examples fit the recommended character count perfectly, teasing visitors with an interesting fact of the article.
  • LinkedIn
    This meta description is LinkedIn’s standard paragraph for all LinkedIn business pages, just changing the company name. The first sentence clearly describes the value of the page while the rest of the description provides a call to action for LinkedIn.
  • Edge
    Defining a complex new story can be difficult when you only have 160 characters to work with. But The Verge nails it with this short and descriptive tag.
  • Typenest
    Ok, disclaimer – I wrote this meta description for one of my clients. I’m going to toot my own horn and say that this description is friendly – perfectly matching Typenest’s brand values – but also forced. I mean, who wouldn’t want to click to learn more People also search for the following questions:- How do you write a meta description for 2022?
  • How to Create a Great Meta Description How many words are best for a meta description? The ideal length for a meta description is 160 characters. Google usually shortens them to ~155–160 characters. It’s good practice to keep meta descriptions long enough to be descriptive, so we recommend writing meta descriptions between 50-160 characters. How To Create Awesome
  • Does Meta Description Affect SEO?
    Do Meta Descriptions Affect SEO? The short answer is no, they technically don’t affect SEO. However, they are an important part of your SEO strategy because they are one of the first things searchers see when they encounter one of your pages.
    Are meta keywords still relevant in 2021?
    If you’re looking for more information about meta keywords tags, maybe you’re new to digital marketing, maybe you’re new to search engine optimization, or you want to clear up some of the misconceptions out there. Want to know what it is. Bottom line: You shouldn’t use this tag. Meta keywords are dead.
    What is an example of meta?
    The definition of meta is a person or thing that exceeds or goes above and beyond the norm. An example of meta used as an attribute is meta tags, which are HTML tags that are hidden on the screen of a website but give search engines the title and description of the web screen.

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