LND April SLOS and Questions

LND April SLOS and Questions

LND April SLOS and Questions

Traditional methods of large-scale student assessment (such as PEC exams) are expensive, complex and occasional. In 2015, the School Education Department and PITB implemented a low-cost, tablet PC-based student diagnostic app – used by school monitoring officers during monthly visits to each public school. The Assessment App is linked to a broad question bank and each question is tagged with the relevant student’s learning outcomes.

At present, the learning outcomes (SLOs) of key English, Maths and Urdu students for Grade 3 students are assessed. Key areas assessed include comprehension, sentence completion, two- and three-digit addition and subtraction, division, and multiplication.

The process of evaluation
Monitoring Officers (MEAs) are instructed to randomly select 7 students in Grade 3, and give them a spot test on their tablet. Based on the central question bank, the Android app on MEA’s tablet randomly selects diagnostic questions for specific grades, articles, and key SLOs. These multiple choice questions are presented to the student who is being reviewed. A total of seven questions are asked in each assessment test in more than 47,000 government schools across Punjab.

This process usually takes less than 5 minutes per student to complete. Approximately 329,000 students are reviewed monthly.

About 6.7 million reviews have been made by MEAs so far. Data is shared with educational administrators through online dashboards and SMS alerts.

Benefits and effects
This platform is an enabler for low cost, frequent student scale studies.
The presence of teachers and the education of students in the classroom is having a positive effect.
This approach has helped in the basic and benchmark level of learning between government schools and low cost private schools in Punjab.
Teachers and school administrators have become aware that consistently low scores on SLOs are highlighted in school reform stock tech meetings, so they are taking steps to provide better education.
This diagnostic platform can be extended to any grade level.

Through this website, the Punjab Government has now made available the results of monthly assessments of each district and tehsil online for free, based on the assessment results of the school level submitted each month.





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