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List of 128 low competition keywords with high CPC
List of 128 low competition keywords with high CPC

List of 128 low-competition keywords with high CPC

List of 128 low competition keywords with high CPC

Low competition keywords list 2023

How to Find Low Competition Keywords with High Traffic in 2023

Low-competition keywords that you want to compete for and can easily rank in search engine results pages. It lists the keywords with the highest CPC bid against 126 less. This means you get to rank with the bank for the keywords you target.

The following are the keywords I selected from these four categories. Technology
Social and dating
Entertainment and gossip
Sports and games

Gadgets (Recommended) Last Updated: 1 January 2023
I’ve updated this post with the latest and greatest keywords that will compete for the dough under this niche. These keywords can also be used for affiliate and adsense.


1 Why Low Competitive Keywords?
2 List of 126 low-competition keywords
3 Low Competitive Keywords: Health Niche
4 Fewer Than Keywords: White and Dating
Less than 5 Keywords: entertainment and rumours
Less than 6 Keywords: sports and games
7 Less Competitive Keywords: Gadgets
8 Added bonus: keywords
9 1. Low Competition Keywords: Sewing Machine
10 2. Keywords compared to less: virtual reception
Why less competitive keywords?
List of less competitive keywords
I see a lot of how bloggers fail and quit blogging. 90% of them fail just because of wrong keyword research. Most of them use the wrong tools during keyword research and they often refer to the data incorrectly.

Recently, I wrote a post about how people misrepresent Google AdWords Planner data and then when they fail, they start claiming tools or registration services as blogging too. do Hard work. I have been asked many times by bloggers to help them find keywords. So join the list of low competition keywords from different niches today which can help those who are doing hard enough to bank.

Low competition keywords help you.

Easily rank your blog
Ranking your individual post
No advanced SEO required.
Any investment
Very fast ranking results.

Level of competition

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Generally, the level of competition is divided into three,


But some tools display this data as a percentage (0-100). In this scaling, keywords below 30% difficulty level are considered good and easy to rank.

A common misconception in taking ideas from different tools:

  1. Some tools show keyword difficulty level and competition level. Here, you should go to the keyword difficulty level. Level of Competition The competition between advertisers for specific keywords.
  2. Google AdWords Keyword Planner competition level data also for advertisers.

Read more of this post,

The way we use AdWords Keyword Planner’s competition level data is wrong!

How does it work for you?

These tools record search data for keywords and gather SERP information. Then, they analyze the first 10 results according to their DA, PA, links and other metrics. If they find that the website that ranks first has DA, or low authority, you should know.

What tools do you want to use?

Well, I’m going to list the 126 minimum keywords right here first but I want you to know that you can’t cover them all. So here are some tools that we recommend you to use if you feel that you really need these tools.

  1. Long Telepro (highly recommended)
  2. SEMrush
  3. Letters
  4. Moose

Good news, now you can get the Long TelePro plan for only $295 for 1 year. To grab this deal, click and read this article on the Long TelePro Discount Guide.

How did I collect this data?

Using SEMrush and Google Adwords Planning I always use SEMrush for my keyword research to check Google AdWords for difficult keyword ideas and monthly search volume.

So, now I start listing low competition keywords.

List of 126 low-competition keywords

Keyword Difficulty: Less than 20

Format: (Sr. No., Keyword, Monthly Search Volume)


Less competitive keywords for the technical niche


  1. Why Technology is Good, 480
  2. Technology in Classroom Equipment, 100
  3. How the Internet Helps in Education, 200
  4. Image of Technology in Education, 80
  5. Educational Technology for a Teacher, 50


  1. Create a blog website for free, 50
  2. How do you start your own website for free, 30
  3. Examples of Blogger, 300
  4. Popular blogs on Blogspot, 50
  5. Best Niche Market, 100


  1. SEO Definition Marketing, 50
  2. Google Optimize Website, 70
  3. QuickSprout SEO, 50
  4. Google Docs SEO, 30
  5. How SEO Works with Google, 20

Phone Reviews (Android)

  1. In 2023 KhPhones to play, 10
  2. How to find the best mobile, 20
  3. htc phone specifications, 200
  4. Google Smartphone Price, 10
  5. Samsung Lead Phones, 100


  1. When will iphone 7 release, 2400
  2. Latest iPhone model 2023, 20
  3. How about the new iPhone, 50
  4. iPhone problems, 20
  5. iPhones announced, 20

Low Competition Keywords: Health Space
Less competitive keywords for the health niche

Weight loss

  1. Quick Weight Loss Tips for Women, 50
  2. How to Lose Weight Fast and Keep It Off, 50
  3. The best diet to lose weight fast and keep it off, 100
  4. Salmon good for weight loss, 100
  5. How to start my diet, 200


  1. Diabetes Care 2020, 70
  2. Type 2 diabetes can be reversed with weight loss, 50
  3. Reverse Pre-Diabetes Naturally, 100
  4. Once you have type 2 diabetes, can it be reversed, 50
  5. Diabetes Honeymoon, 200


  1. Discharge of mucus from piles, 50
  2. Fastest way to get rid of hemorrhoids, 50
  3. Eruption of piles, 200
  4. Hemorrhoid Surgery Recovery Time Weight Loss, 100
  5. How to cure piles, 50
  6. Witch hazel anoints piles, 50


  1. Pictures of pink eye in children, 50
  2. Conjunctivitis gonorrhea, 30
  3. Wiping the eyes, 50
  4. What is the treatment for pink eye, 100
  5. Over-the-counter medicine for eye infections, 200

Pimples and skin care

  1. Home remedies for red spots on face, 50
  2. How to remove stains overnight, 50
  3. Remedy for nasal spots, 100
  4. Does Honey and Cinnamon Help Acne, 100
  5. Face mask for blackheads and acne, 100

Low Competition Keywords: Relationship and Dating
Less competitive keywords for relationship and dating

  1. Finding one’s beloved, 50
  2. Healthy Dating Relationships, 100
  3. Healthy Christian Relationship, 50
  4. Explain dating someone, 200
  5. When will I get the 1,500?
  6. Start a new relationship, 100
  7. Finding the Perfect Mate, 200
  8. Early relations, 100
  9. What is a boy, 200
  10. How Relationships Begin, 100
  11. Is this relationship, 50
  12. The best way to start a relationship, 50
  13. Women Dating Tips, 50
  14. How to find a good life partner, 100
  15. Dating Advice for College Students, 200
  16. Free Serious Relationship Dating Sites, 100
  17. Difference between dating and relationship, 600
  18. How to work it, 200
  19. How to work it, 50
  20. Good Relationship Questions to Ask a Guy, 100
  21. Young men dating, 200
  22. Grim dates, 300
  23. Dating in this species, 100
  24. How to meet a life partner, 50
  25. Christian dating help, 20

Low competition keywords: entertainment and rumours
Less competitive keywords for entertainment and gossip

  1. Mountain pictures, 50
  2. Funny Videos Funny Clips, 40
  3. Funny, 100
  4. Funny Pictures for Facebook, 50
  5. Funny Videos Free Online, 200
  6. To post funny fb pictures, 100
  7. Funny friend picture, 100
  8. College Comedy Videos, 50
  9. Penny memes, 1500
  10. Funny Jokes to Text, 100
  11. If your dog could text, 500
  12. Bad texts, 500
  13. Forward WhatsApp messages, 100
  14. Silly messages, 50
  15. Humorous writings of mother and daughter, 100

Low competition keywords: sports and games

Less competitive keywords for sports and sports venue

  1. Live Cricket Scorecard Complete, 100
  2. Online Cricket Scoring, 50
  3. Watch Cricket Live TV Online, 20
  4. Watch live cricket streaming online, 50
  5. Live soccer scores espn, 400
  6. Cricket World Cup Live Streaming Free, 100
  7. Football match Sunday, 30
  8. Postponed football fixtures, 50
  9. The Karate Kid Master, 300
  10. Martial Art Fighting Stances, 100

Less competitive keywords: gadgets

Digital cameras

List of less competitive keywords: digital camera
Keywords – Monthly search volume

  1. Digital Camera – 201,000
  2. Digital Camera Price List – 880
  3. Price of digital camera – 5400
  4. Best Digital Camera – 22,200
  5. Best Digital Camera 2020 – 1600
  6. Best Advanced Compact Camera – 260
  7. Best Digital Camera Under 10000 – 590
  8. Best Digital Camera Under 15000 – 320
  9. Best Digital Camera Under $500 – 390
  10. Best Digital Cameras Under $200 – 1900
  11. Best Digital Cameras Under 100 – 800
  12. Best Digital Cameras Under $1000 – 90
  13. Best DSLR Cameras Under $1000 – 480
  14. Best Cameras Under $1000 – 320
  15. Best Digital Camera Review – 140
  16. Digital Camera Online – 1600
  17. Sony Digital Camera Price – 2400
  18. Canon Digital Cameras Price List – 480
  19. Samsung Digital Camera Prices – 480
  20. Nikon Digital Camera Prices – 1300
  21. Best place to buy a digital camera – 70
  22. Best Buy Digital Cameras – 2400
  23. canon eos 80d price – 880
  24. canon eos 80d review – 1600
  25. fujifilm x100s review – 720
  26. sony dsc rx100 ii review – 90
  27. Home gadgets
  28. Health skin care

Additional bonus low competition keywords:
In this section, I’m going to add some additional keywords that are usually long-tail keywords. Long tail keywords are very specific to what you are selling and are three and four keyword phrases.

So let’s start the list;

  1. Low Competition Keywords: Sewing Machines
    the required words:
    Best Sewing Machine Review
    Best Sewing Machines Under $500
    Best sewing machine for home use
    Sewing machine for hemming jeans
    Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Model Sewing Machine
    Sewing machine for jeans and leather
    Industrial denim sewing.
    The device
  2. Low Competition Keywords: Virtual Receptionist
    the required words:
    Virtual Receptionist Pricing
    Live Virtual Receptionist
    The best virtual receptionist
    Virtual Receptionist Software
    Free Virtual Receptionist

Keyword CPC:

The CPC for the above keywords varies from about $0.20 to $10. There is no guarantee of a fixed CPC.

Let’s say a keyword is “Example Key” and the tools are showing a CPC of $5 for that particular keyword. Now many advertisers are targeting the same keyword “Example Key” but with different CPC bid. Some of them will be bidding $0.50 and some of them will be bidding $7 for the same keyword.

What CPC would you expect as a publisher in this case?

So CPC rates are not guaranteed, sometimes you may get $5 and sometimes you may get $0.40 for the same keyword only.

All the figures given in the list are estimates as there is no tool that can give you the exact data and result.

It was a list of 126 low competition keywords that can easily rank in all major search engines like Google and Bing.

Some of you might be thinking that if searched monthly, all the keywords are very small and will not be of much use. But if you think so, you are totally wrong.

See, if you rank for a keyword with 50 average monthly searches it will give you around 500-1000 traffic.


Easy, every keyword is 10x related and long tail keywords and once you start ranking for targeted keywords then you start getting traffic and ranking for other related keywords too. becomes

Trust me or not, but it’s the secret of every successful blogger that they always target these types of low traffic keywords and later these keywords get high results in SERPs for single word and branded keywords as well. Help them cover

This post does not end here.

Now, we will learn how to use these keywords in our blogs/blog posts.
Just having a list of keywords is not enough to rank. It requires some powerful strategies to apply the keywords properly and in the right place in the blog post.

Let’s take a look.

I’m going to start this guide with the keyword “Social Media Strategies”.

Before reading the post further, wait a few minutes and think what should the post title be to target this keyword?

Well, I have some topics for this keyword. You can get ideas from these topics on how to write post titles to target your main keywords.

Title 1

Top 10 Social Media Strategy Mistakes to Avoid

Title 2

10 Best Social Media Strategies That Really Work

Must read the posts.

[Case Study] How to write a quality blog post to get high quality backlinks.
What is important in SEO?

There is no set rule for the number of keywords to use in a post. You can use it wherever you feel it is necessary to GCC me it.

According to me, you should include exact keywords 3-4 times in the post body (if the post length is around 1000 words), 1 in the title and 1 in the post description.

Don’t forget to target relevant keywords and LSI keywords as well.

For detailed information check out this post:

Keyword Density in SEO – How to Place Keywords in Content

Last words:

I have done my best in writing this post and creating a list of low competition keywords for you. Now it’s your turn to give some feedback and suggestions about this post. If you like this post don’t forget to share it with your friends using our social sharing widgets below this post.

Message: I hope you enjoyed the article ‘126 Low Competitive Keyword List with High CPC [Updated List 2023]’. However, if you want me to provide more items, please share my post. You can use the social sharing widget provided at the end of each post. After all, sharing is caring!

Reference link:

Faqs about List of 128 low competition keywords with high CPC.

Q: What is a low competition keyword with high CPC? A: A low competition keyword with high CPC is a keyword phrase that has relatively few advertisers bidding on it, but has a high cost-per-click (CPC) value. These keywords tend to be more niche or specific, and can be valuable for advertisers looking to target a particular audience.

Q: Why are low competition keywords with high CPC valuable? A: Low competition keywords with high CPC can be valuable for advertisers because they can help to reduce advertising costs while still generating significant traffic and conversions. By targeting less competitive keywords, advertisers can often bid lower amounts while still achieving a high ad position, resulting in a lower overall cost-per-acquisition (CPA) for their campaigns.

Q: How do I find low competition keywords with high CPC? A: One way to find low competition keywords with high CPC is to use a keyword research tool, such as Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, or SEMrush. These tools allow you to search for keywords and analyze their competition levels and CPC values. You can also use long-tail keyword phrases, which tend to have lower competition and higher CPC values.

Q: Can I use low competition keywords with high CPC for my SEO strategy? A: Yes, you can use low competition keywords with high CPC for your SEO strategy. These keywords can help you to target specific audiences and generate traffic to your website. However, it is important to remember that SEO is a long-term strategy, and it may take time to see results.

Q: Should I only focus on low competition keywords with high CPC? A: No, you should not only focus on low competition keywords with high CPC. While these keywords can be valuable, it is also important to target keywords that are relevant to your business and have high search volumes. Additionally, you should consider the intent behind the keywords and focus on creating content that meets the needs of your target audience.

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