Mcqs of English Grammar

Mcqs of English Grammar
Mcqs of English Grammar

Mcqs of English Grammar

English Grammar MCQs Quiz Test Questions with Answers

English Grammar MCQs Questions Answers for Test Preparation.English Grammar MCQs with answers PDF. The following English Grammar Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and answers are based on grammar usage and sentence structure.MCQs of English Grammar Tenses. English Grammar MCQs link is given at the end of this page.MCQs of English Grammar Class 10.

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English Grammar MCQs

Q. Near the historic monument, a bridge over the River Thames is __.
(A) Above
(b) Termination
(C) Closed
(D) side

Answer is: (B) more ☑

English Grammar MCQs with answers pdf Class 10.English MCQs with Answers pdf

Q. Catherine has finished her work, now she __ at home.
(A) is going.
(b) is going.
(c) Go to
(D) Go to

Answer is: (A) Going ☑

Q. This is the first time I have eaten __ seafood in my life.
(a) Eat
(Be beaten
(c) has eaten.
(D) had eaten.

Answer is: (C) has eaten ☑

Q. While the UK has achieved record income this year, exports _ far behind.
(A) It is still behind.
(B) It is still behind.
(C) It is still behind.
(D) It is still behind.

Answer is: (B)

Q. Anna and Tanya went shopping, but _ didn’t find anything _ liked.
(A) That, that
(B) That, that
(C) That, that
(D) That, that

Answer is: (D)

Q. Nuclear energy is _ dangerous to use on a large scale.
(A) So
(b) Such
(c) also
(D) That

Answer is: (C)

Q. If I have money, I will __ it tomorrow.
(A) will buy.
(B) will buy.
(C) is shopping.
(D) has bought.

Answer is: (A)

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English Grammar multiple choice questions with answers doc.English Grammar MCQs Online Test

Q. Cannon has _ unique features it was widely used in ancient times.English Grammar MCQs for PPSC Test
(a) So, that
(b) So and so
(C) that, since
(D) That, that

Mcqs of English Grammar
Mcqs of English Grammar

English Grammar MCQs with answers pdf Class 9.English grammar test quiz with answers

She succeeded __ with difficulty.
(A work
(b) Working
(c) Continuous work
(D) Working continuous

Q. Catherine made her children __ chores on Sunday.
(a) Make something
(b) Take something
(c) Do something.
(D) does something.

I enjoy __ tennis.
(a) Playing
(B) Dramas
(C) Playing
(D) Playing

Most of the guests arrived in __ buses.
With (A).
(B) By
From (C).
In (D).

A synonym for brutal is ——-?
A. Mixed together
B. making noise
C. Pertaining to teeth
D. cruel (answer)
Passive voice of “The child has lost his doll”?
A. Her doll was lost by the child.
B. Her doll was lost by the child.
C. Her doll has been lost by the child (Ans).
D. Her doll may have been lost by the child.
E. Her doll is lost by the child.
The antonym of “Taciturn” is —–?
A. Emollient
B. introverted
C. Meek
D. Lucas (answer)
Salman Khan —- Part of the upcoming Race 4?
A. will also (answer)
B will be too.
C will also be.
D. will also.

The opposite of “Serene” is —–?

Page 49

A. Calm
B. calm
C. Placid
D. anxious (answer)
“Ruse” is synonymous with —–?
A. Relationship
B. Ploy (Answer)
C. Bribery
D. Goosebumps
His father — yesterday?
A. Dead
B died (Ans.)
C has passed away.
D had passed away.
E. was dead

Passive voice of “She will build this house”?
A. This house will be built by him
B. This house must have been built by him.
C. This house will be built by (Ans.)
D. This house must have been with him.
Her father-in-law is a doctor. Father-in-law is —–?
A. Abstract nouns
B. Compound nouns
C. Material Noun
D. Compound Nouns (Answers)
E. Concrete Noun

Page 50

A synonym for “uproar” is —–?
A. Consent
B. calm
C. Turmoil (Answer)
D. Placid

He grabbed his brother’s – hand?
From A
With B
D. by (answer)
On E

Is this date worth —–?
A. To remember
B. Remembering
C remembered
D. Remembering (answer)
E. None.

I doubt it – stealing a pen?
For A
(answer) of B.
C. End
By D
On E

The prisoner was bound—stake?
With A
of B
From C.?

Page 51

D. at
On E
It’s no use—–then?
A. Trying
B. try.
C. Trying (answer)
D. Tried
E. None.

The ring belonged to —- thieves?
A. Theft
B. Theft
C. Theft (Ans.)
D. Stealing
He got sick in two weeks?
A. End (answer)
On B
By D
There was no heir — to the throne?
A. to (answer)
With B
C. Him
D. finish

The rains have started—
A. I (answer).
of B
C. On

Page 52

D out

Osman had broken up with his old friends?
With A
of B
C. far (answer)
In D

His people built many monuments – his majesty?
For A
of B
C. to (answer).
With D

Truck Press Wheels – Road?
At A
B. against (answer).
On C
D. finish

A synonym for “harassment” is —–?
A. To annoy (answer)
B harness
C. involved
D. Injuring
Consider e.

A synonym for “mollify” is —–?
A. Sweetening
B. Pleasing (answer)
C. Applause

Page 53

D. Worry
E. Discouragement
“Violence” is synonymous with —–

A. Winding (Ans.)
B. Sad
C. cruel
D. Like a turtle
E. Careless

“Inculcate” is synonymous with —–

A. To confirm
B. Deficiency
C. Teach (Answer)
D. destroyed
E. Revenge
“Tawdry” is synonymous with —–

A. Better
B. Yellow
C. Ancient
D. Next
E polite (answer)
Synonym for “weak” is —–

A. Arguing
B. Engagement
C. Hair removal
D. Sedation
E. enfeeble (answer)

Page 54

“abettor” is synonymous with —–

A. Gambling
B. Slaughter
C. Motivator (Ans.)
D. element
E. The author

A synonym for “flawless” is —–

A. Poverty

  • Struck
    B. Flawless (Ans.)
    C. Dirty
    D. Criminal
    E. Invincible
    A synonym for “hindsight” is —–
    A. Special type of telescope
    B. microscope
    C. Prism
    D. Review of the Past (Answers)
    E. Prediction of future events

“Provence” is synonymous with —–

A. Tilt (Answer)
B. Intelligence
C. Probability
D. dishonesty.
E. Act

“Atonement” is synonymous with —–

A. Absurd
B. assumed

Page 55

C. Bent over
D. Atonement (Response)
E. erased.

“Penori” is synonymous with —–

A. Customized
B. Poverty (Answer)
C. Numerology
D. affluence
E. Criminality
“Chickenery” is synonymous with —–

A. Dirt
B. Smell
C. Chastity
D. Fraud (Ans.)
E. Poultry
Nepotism is synonymous with —–

A. Favoritism (Answer)
B Pool
C. Philosophy
D. Reign of Despotism
E. hedonism

“Scholars” is synonymous with —–

A. Rough
B. Unpolished
C. Cognitive (answer)
D. Excellent
E. Decorative

Page 56

Synonym for “sustainability” is —–
A. Persistence (answer)
B. A game played on grass
C. Big city
D. Numbness
E. Ecstasy

“Professional” is synonymous with —–

A. Softly
B. Cruel
C. Bravely
D. Pedentically
E. Apparently (answer)
“Patent” is synonymous with —–

A. Insincere
C. Patient
D. clear (answer)
“Impart” is synonymous with —–

A. Deliver
B. Showing favoritism
C. Conversation (Response)
D. Defending
We are lost. —- Do you know where we are?
A. Any of us
B. Neither of us (answer)
C. None of us.
D. None of the above.

Page 57

You don’t care about me?
A. will
B. Need (Response)
C. could.
D. will do
E can do

Translate this passage — English?
From A
In B
C. In (answer)
On D

He succeeded – killed the tiger?
By A
With B
On C
D. I (answer)
E of

Would you mind — a photo with you?
A. Taking
B. Taking
C. take (answer)
E. taken

My brother was shivering — cold?
From A
With B. (Ans.)
of C

Page 58

By D
Could you turn off the television, please?
A. a
B. One
C. the (answer)
D. None.

Thank you, that was — very nice dinner?
A. One
B. a (answer)
D. None.

Am I now quite and hearty?
A. Hail
B. Hale (Answer)
D. Hall

Who is known as the poet of nature?
A. William Blake
B. William Shakespeare
C. William Wordsworth (Response)
D. William Butler Yeats

A synonym for ridiculous is ——-?
O Fool (Answer)
B. Brilliant
C. frivolous
D. ANone of the

Page 59

A synonym for magnificent is ——-?
A. Magician
B. beautiful (answer)
C. Useless
D. None of these.

Prime Minister has reached London?
A. at
From B
C. In (answer)
From D
E. None.

He tried to park his car but—the space wasn’t big enough?
A. a
B. One
C. the (answer)
D. None.

A synonym for “hard work” is —-?
A. hard working (answer)
B. Witty
C. Intentional
D. slow
I didn’t go to university yesterday?
A is gone.
Go B (Answer)
C. went away.
D. going.

Page 60

Now he is ashamed of his behavior?
From A
With B
(Answer) of C.
By D
E. at

He always — comes home late?
From A
C. Both A and B
D. None of the above (Ans.)
I — lie from now on?
A. No
B didn’t.
C. is not.
D. will not (answer)
E. was not

I am shy — my teacher?
With A
From B
(Answer) of C.
From D
E. None.

  • Did you call your friend yesterday?
    A. is
    B. was

Page 61

C. Will
D. What (answer)
do it

She would turn heads wherever she went. What does the phrase/phrase “turn heads” mean?
A. Very happy
B. to be angry
C. attract too much attention (answer)
D. Not knowing what to say.
E. Become familiar
I saw – you were at the party, but I didn’t see you?
From A
(Ans) for C.
On D
E. None.

I saw you dancing — party?
A. at
B. at a
C. In (answer)
In D
In E

I asked the tailor to put on the red button—the dress he is making for me?
In A
C. on (answer)
D. finish
E. None.

Page 62

Either Sana or her friends — are there?
A. was
B. were (answer)
C is
D. None.

We often watch — television?
A. a
B. One
D. None (Ans.)

We congratulate you — your success?
For A
From B
C. on (answer)
D. at
By E
My friend is a couch potato. What does the idiom/phrase “couch potato” mean?
A. Active person
B. busy person
C. lazy person (answer)
D. An angry person
The passive voice of “They broke the table for the wood” is ———–?
A. The table was broken by them for wood.
B. The table is broken by them for the wood.
C. The table was broken by them for the wood.
D. The table was broken by them for wood?

Page 63

Sana! Please — a tea?
A. Taken.
B. drank.
C. is (answer)
D. put

He is worried — about his future?
For A
of B
C. About (Answer)
From D
With E

GUMPTION is the opposite of ——-

A. Indifference (Ans.)
B. Nerves
C. Initiative
D. Prudence
RECONDITE is the opposite of ——-

A. Hermetic
B. Manifesto (Answer)
C. Pedantic
D. confidential

ENORMOUS is synonymous with ——

A. Fragile
B. weak
C. Tinney (Answer)
D. Soft

Page 64

The opposite of ARTIFICIAL is ——-?
A. Red
B. solid
C. True
D. natural (answer)

The opposite of EXPAND is ——-?
A. Crowd
B. Draw conclusions.
C. Change.
D. Condensation (Ans.)
She is interested in — drawing and painting?
of A
C. In (answer)
With D
On E

Please don’t be angry – me?
A. with (answer)
On B
Toward D

  • Mysterious creatures roam the night?
    A. I (answer).
    On C
    D. with

Page 65

You should not make fun of his poverty?
At A
With B
C. at (answer)
of D

Sana don’t know — I?
A. to (answer)
On B
With D

I am proud — my brother?
With A
(answer) of B.
From C
D. at
On E

The head is covered – hair?
of A
With B. (Ans.)
By D
From E

The weather was —– an unusually poor harvest?
Accusation of A
B. Alleged for (Ans.)
Found an error with C
Condemned for d

Page 66

Did you say you exchanged that beautiful car — this one?
With A
On B
By C
D. For (answer).

When the meeting was over, they left—planned again?
One down
On B
C. Above
d over (answer)
Synonym of PRODIGAL is ——-?
A. Spent Thrift
B. Extravagance
C. Thriftiness (Ans.)
D. Wanton

The antonym of WEAN is ——-?
A. Attach (answer)
B. Separation
C. Discouragement
D. Halt

A synonym for FRIVOLOUS is ——-?
A. Minor
You idiot
C. Petty
D. Wise (Answer)

The antonym of DUCTILE is ——-?

Page 67

A. Polite
B. Flexible
C. hard (answer)
D. Soft
DEVIANT is the opposite of ——-

A. Bent over
B. Deviant
C. regular (answer)
D. Abnormal
The antonym of CURTAIL is ——-

A. Crump
B. Prolongation (answer)
C. Cutting
D clip
DEXTEROUS is the opposite of ——-

A. Inexperienced (Ans.)
B. Severe
C. Proactive
D. Competent

DOCILE is the opposite of ——-

A. Flexible
B. Planet
C. silent
D. Invariant (Ans.)
SARTORIAL is the opposite of ——-

A. Homespin (Ans.)

Page 68

B. Cheerful
C. Poor
D. sincere

A synonym for PIQUE is ——-?
A. Injury
B. Irk
C. Joy (Answer)
D. Huff

I don’t see any — getting to the theater early if the show doesn’t start until 9?
A. Purpose
B. Causation
C. Reason
D point (answer)

She is teaching two classes and is taking a literature test tomorrow. —-, she is doing the chair.
Meeting in Islamabad?
A. On top of that
B above it
C above it
D. Top (Ans.)
They are concerned — her health?
For A
C. About (Answer)
On D

There is still no cure—AIDS?
of A

Page 69

From B
For C. (Ans.)
With D

“Happiness” is synonymous with —–

A. maudlin
B. dour
C. beatific (answer)
D. Moot
E. Modish

A synonym for “celibate” is —–

A. Alone (answer)
B. Double
C is married
D. Baldness
O hypocrite
A synonym for “same” is —–

A. Heterogeneous
B. motley
C. scrambled
D. Different
E. Similar (answer)
A synonym for “mess” is —–?

A. laconic
B. Strangulation
C. excited
D. Frozen
E Word (Answer)

Page 70

A synonym for “vestige” is —–?
A. Clothing
B. Trace (Answer)
C. Underwear
D. Hallway
Oh hope
A synonym for “mores” is —–?
A. Ethics
B. Customs (Answer)
C. Taxes
D. Fiscal year
E. swamp NIGGARDLY is synonymous with ——-?
A. generous (answer)
B. Chintzy
C. Closed
D. Scampi

The antonym of PHILISTINE is ——-?
A. Smutty
B. Uncivilized
C. Uncivilized
D. decent (answer)

The antonym of QUIESCENT is ——-?
A. is sleeping.
B. active (answer)
C. Passive
D. Follow

Page 71

FOREMOST is synonymous with ——-
A. Unimportant (answer)
B. The last one
C. dealt with.
D. Adults

A synonym for FALLACIOUS is ——-

A. Credit
B. Clear
C. True (Ans.)
D. Dishonest

PARSIMONY is the opposite of ——-

A. Literalism
B. Generosity (Answer)
C. Tribe
D. Softness

Synonym of DOLEFUL is ——-

A. dynamic (answer)
B. Witty
C. Blank
D. complete

TACIT is synonymous with ——-

A. To punish
B. Dictated (Answer)
C. Grand
D. Small

Antonym of MITE is ——-

Page 72

A. Bit
B. Bug
C. Insects
D. complete (answer)
NEBULOUS is synonymous with ——-

A. Misty
B. Manifest (Answer)
C. Murki
D. Shadowy is synonymous with “pelt” —–
A. Throwing things (Ans

B. Touch gently.
C. Keep in layers
Remove from D.

A synonym for “brilliant” is —–

A. Swampy
B. Irritable
C. Minor
D. Fancy
E Shahana (Answer)

Synonym of “captious” is —–

A. Mumtaz
B Carping (Answer)
C. Critical
D. Caustic
E. epigrammatic
Synonymous with “helplessness” is —–

A. Birth

Page 73

B. Tolerance
C. Gossip
D. Poverty (Answer)
E. Food
Synonymous with “irreparable” is —–

A. Admirable
B. incomprehensible
C. Irreplaceable (Ans.)
D. Domineering
Synonym of “intractable” is —–
A. It is difficult to manage (Ans).
B. Savage
C. Immaculate
D. excited

“patois” is synonymous with —–

A. Glib talk
B. colloquial speech
C. Computer language
D. Local Dialect (Answer)
Synonym of “bifurcate” is —–
A. fork or split (answer)
B. Belch
C. Think meditatively.
D. Explain at length.
Synonym of “syllogism” is —–

A. Coherence.

Page 74

B. Division of Vocabulary
C. Discerning observation
D. Reasoning Method (Answer)
“Continence” is synonymous with —–?
A. Opposition
B. Appropriate Conduct
C. Acceptable quality
D. Facial Expressions (Ans.)
Liquid: Hydraulics::
A. Motion: Kinetics (Ans.)
B. Water: Hydroponics
C. Data: Statistics
D. Music: Eurythmics
How To Solve Word

Analogies/Related Pairs Mcqs:

How to Solve Similes: To answer a simile question, start by creating a “test sentence.”
which expresses how the two words in the question are related. Then try entering the words.
Choose each choice in your test sentence to see which pair makes the most sense. to understand
The concept is better, consider the following example:

Read more about analogies
Ocean currents play a role in setting long-term climate?
A. Important… History
B. Important… variations
C. Major… Pattern (Answer)
D. Abnormal… changes
DENIGRATE is synonymous with ——-?

Page 75

A. Spurs
B. Besmirch
C. Boost (Answer)
D. Defamation
ELATED is synonymous with ——-

A. woke up.
B. happy
C. Sad (Answer)
D. Happy
INGEST is the opposite of ——-
A. Disgorge (Answer)
B. Disruption
C. absorption
D. Eating

LUCID is the opposite of ——-

A. Clear
B. Obviously.
C. Clear
D. ambiguous (answer)
Synonym of INORDINATE is ——-

A. Dizziness.
Be useless
C. Wanton
D. Moderate (Ans.)
SENILE is the opposite of ——-

A. Doting

Page 76

B. Anil
C. Alert (Response)
D. Ancient

GARBLED is synonymous with ——-

A. Oblique
B. Unscramble (answer)
C. Unclear
D. Distortion
Synonym of Enigma is ——-

A Question
B. Riddle (Answer)
C. Answer
D. Content

Synonym of Incredulous is ——-

A. Dishonest
B. Honest
C. Reliability
D. unreliable (answer)
Vituperate is synonymous with ——-

A. Abuse (Answer)
B. Appreciate.
C. Copy
D. Encourage.
Synonym of BRIEF is ——-

A little
B. Short (answer)
C. Small

Page 77


EMBEZZLE is synonymous with ——-?
A. Compensation
B. Clear
C. Balance
D. False (answer)
ALERT is synonymous with ——-?
A. Intelligent
B. energetic
C. Observant
D. alert (answer)
ARROGANT is synonymous with ——-?
A. arrogant (answer)
Be humble
C. progressive
D. Noble

Download pdf here👇

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انگریزی گرامر MCQs کوئز ٹیسٹ سوالات کے ساتھ جوابات

Mcqs of English Grammar
Mcqs of English Grammar

ٹیسٹ کی تیاری کے لیے انگریزی گرامر MCQs کے سوالات کے جوابات۔ درج ذیل انگریزی گرامر کے متعدد انتخابی سوالات (MCQ) اور جوابات گرامر کے استعمال اور جملے کی ساخت پر مبنی ہیں۔ انگریزی گرامر MCQs کا لنک اس صفحہ کے آخر میں دیا گیا ہے۔

انگریزی گرامر MCQs
Q. تاریخی یادگار کے قریب، دریائے ٹیمز پر ایک پل __ ہے۔
(ا) اوپر
(ب) برطرفی
(C) بند
(D) طرف

جواب ہے: (B) مزید ☑

Q. کیتھرین نے اپنا کام ختم کر لیا ہے، اب وہ __ گھر پر ہے۔
(A) جا رہا ہے۔
(b) جا رہا ہے۔
(c) پر جائیں۔
(D) پر جائیں۔

جواب ہے: (A) جانا ☑

Q. میں نے اپنی زندگی میں پہلی بار __ سمندری غذا کھائی ہے۔
(a) کھاؤ
(مارا جائے۔
(c) کھایا ہے۔
(D) کھایا تھا۔

جواب ہے: (C) کھایا ہے ☑

Q. جبکہ برطانیہ نے اس سال ریکارڈ آمدنی حاصل کی ہے، برآمدات _ بہت پیچھے ہیں۔
(ا) یہ اب بھی پیچھے ہے۔
(ب) یہ اب بھی پیچھے ہے۔
(ج) یہ اب بھی پیچھے ہے۔
(D) یہ اب بھی پیچھے ہے۔

جواب ہے: (B) یہ اب بھی پیچھے ہے ☑

Q. انا اور تانیا شاپنگ کرنے گئے، لیکن _ کو _ پسند کی کوئی چیز نہیں ملی۔
(ا) وہ، وہ
(ب) وہ، وہ
(ج) وہ، وہ
(D) وہ، وہ

جواب ہے: (D) وہ، وہ ☑

Q. جوہری توانائی بڑے پیمانے پر استعمال کرنے کے لیے _ خطرناک ہے۔
(ا) تو
(ب) اس طرح
(c) بھی
(D) وہ

جواب ہے: (C) بھی ☑

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Q. اگر میرے پاس پیسہ ہے، تو میں اسے کل __ کر دوں گا۔
(A) خریدیں گے۔
(ب) خریدیں گے۔
(سی) خریداری کر رہا ہے۔
(D) نے خریدا ہے۔

جواب ہے: (A) خریدیں گے ☑

Q. توپ میں _ منفرد خصوصیات ہیں یہ قدیم زمانے میں بڑے پیمانے پر استعمال ہوتی تھی۔
(a) تو، وہ
(ب) تو اور اسی طرح
(C) کہ، جب سے
(D) وہ، وہ

جواب ہے: (A) فلاں، وہ ☑
وہ مشکل سے __ کامیاب ہوئی۔
(ایک کام
(ب) کام کرنا
(c) مسلسل کام
(D) مسلسل کام کرنا

  1. کیتھرین نے اتوار کو اپنے بچوں کو __ کام کاج بنایا۔
    (a) کچھ بنائیں
    (ب) کچھ لے لو
    (c) کچھ کریں۔
    (D) کچھ کرتا ہے۔
  2. میں __ ٹینس سے لطف اندوز ہوتا ہوں۔
    (a) کھیلنا
    (ب) ڈرامے۔
    (ج) کھیلنا
    (D) کھیلنا
Mcqs of English Grammar
Mcqs of English Grammar
  1. زیادہ تر مہمان __ بسوں میں پہنچے۔
    کے ساتھ).
    (ب) بذریعہ
    (C) سے۔
    (D) میں۔
  2. ڈپارٹمنٹ اسٹور __ آٹھ سے سات بجے تک کھلا رہتا ہے۔
    (ا) بذریعہ
    (B) سے۔
    (c) کے درمیان
    (D) دوران
    جوابات: گرامر MCQS ٹیسٹ
  3. (B) کام کرنا
  4. (C) کچھ کرو۔
  5. (C) کھیلنا
  6. (D) میں۔
  7. (B) سے۔

این ٹی ایس، پی پی ایس سی، سی ایس ایس، ایف پی ایس سی، پی ایم ایس، او ٹی ایس، پی ٹی ایس جاب ٹیسٹ کی تیاری کے لیے انگریزی گرامر کے ایم سی کیو

این ٹی ایس، پی پی ایس سی، سی ایس ایس، ایف پی ایس سی، پی ایم ایس، او ٹی ایس، پی ٹی ایس آن لائن جاب ٹیسٹ اور انٹرویو کی تیاری کے لیے انگریزی گرامر کے ایم سی کیو پر ایک اور پوسٹ یہاں ہے۔ انگریزی گرامر کوئز سیریز کی یہ تیسری پوسٹ ہے۔ انگلش گرامر کے متعدد انتخابی سوالات بمعہ جوابات منصور کامیابی کی سیریز سے لیے گئے ہیں اور مشق کے لیے یہاں پوسٹ کیے گئے ہیں۔ انگریزی گرامر MCQs کے لیے

کل بارش ہو رہی تھی، تو ہم _ باہر نکلے۔

(A) نہیں گیا۔
(b) نہیں گیا تھا۔
(ج) نہیں جائے گا۔
(D) نہیں جائے گا۔
جواب دو.

(A) نہیں گیا۔
. میں __ کیا ہو رہا تھا.

(A) سمجھ نہیں آئی
(b) سمجھ نہیں آئی
(c) سمجھنے کے قابل نہیں تھا۔
(D) سمجھنے کے قابل نہیں تھا۔
جواب چھپائیں۔

(b) سمجھ نہیں آئی

  1. اگر آپ سخت محنت کرتے ہیں، تو آپ کو اچھے نمبر ملتے ہیں۔

(A) مل جائے گا۔
(B) ملے گا۔
(C) ملے گا۔
(D) ملے گا۔
جواب چھپائیں۔

(C) ملے گا۔

  1. اگر آپ __ سخت ہوتے تو آپ امتحان میں ناکام نہ ہوتے۔

(A) کام ہے۔
(ب) کام کیا ہے؟
(C) کام تھا۔
(D) نے کام کیا تھا۔
جواب چھپائیں۔

(D) نے کام کیا تھا۔

  1. اگر کیمرہ کام کر رہا تھا، تو ہم ایک فلم _.

(A) بنایا جا سکتا ہے۔
(ب) بنا سکتے ہیں۔
(C) بنایا جائے گا۔
(D) بنائے گا۔
جواب چھپائیں۔

(ب) بنا سکتے ہیں۔

  1. ایما کو _ کار مل رہی ہے۔

(A) کا
(ب) بند کرنا
(c) کا
(D) باہر نکلیں۔
جواب چھپائیں۔

(c) کا

  1. لندن آئی کے قریب دریائے ٹیمز پر _ ایک پل ہے۔

(A) اوپر
(b) برطرفی
(C) بند
(D) طرف
جواب چھپائیں۔

(b) برطرفی

  1. عصمت _ گھوڑا گر رہا ہے۔

کی طرف سے).
(B) کا
(C) بند
(D) اوپر
جواب چھپائیں۔

(C) بند

  1. وہ __ الیکٹرانک یا پرنٹ میڈیا میں نوکری کی تلاش میں ہے۔

(a) دونوں
(ب) کے درمیان
(C) نہ ہی
(D) یا تو
جواب چھپائیں۔

(D) یا تو

  1. اگر وہ _ فرنیچر خریدتے ہیں تو وہ پیسے بچا سکتے ہیں۔

(a) اقتصادی
(b) اقتصادی
(c) معاشیات
(D) معاشیات
جواب چھپائیں۔

(a) اقتصادی

  1. مجھے _ سے پہلے بازار جانا چاہیے۔

(a) شق
(b) دعویٰ
(C) بند
(D) بند ہے۔
جواب چھپائیں۔

(b) دعویٰ

  1. ایک دن لوگ __ چاند پر۔

(a) سفر
(b) سفر کیا۔
(C) سفر کریں گے۔
(D) سفر کریں گے۔
جواب چھپائیں۔

(C) سفر کریں گے۔

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  1. نجیب _ آج شام جم۔

(A) جائیں گے۔
(B) will gm
(سی) جا رہا ہے۔
(D) جا رہا ہے۔
جواب چھپائیں۔

(D) جا رہا ہے۔

  1. ایما برائٹن میں رہتی ہے، _؟

(A) وہ نہیں کرتی
(ب) وہ نہیں کرتے۔
(C) اس نے نہیں کیا۔
(D) وہ نہیں کرے گی۔
جواب چھپائیں۔

(A) وہ نہیں کرتی

  1. وہ یہاں نہیں آئیں گے، _؟

(A) وہ نہیں کریں گے۔
(ب) وہ نہیں کریں گے۔
(ج) وہ کریں گے۔
(D) وہ کریں گے۔
جواب چھپائیں۔

(ج) وہ کریں گے۔

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