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Ministry of Defence NASTP New vacancies 2023

Ministry of Defence NASTP New vacancies 2023

Ministry of Defence NASTP New vacancies 2023

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is currently hiring Pakistani National candidates for their upcoming project titled “Development of ICT and Artificial Intelligence Based Precision Agriculture System Utilizing Dual Use of Aerospace Technology Green AI”.

The department needs fresh and experienced candidates who are competent and active in their field.

The following are the available vacancies:

  • HPC cluster Manager (BPS-09)
  • Senior Software Engineer (BPS-08)
  • Scientific Officer (BPS-08)
  • HPC Engineer (BPS-07)
  • Traffic Control Operator (BPS-06)
  • HPC Cluster Admin (BPS-06)
  • UAS Operator (BPS-06)

The following are the requirements for each position:

  • HPC cluster Manager: Industry Veteran with relevant experience in HPC
  • Senior Software Engineer: MS/BE (software, HPac, Cloud)
  • Scientific Officer: MS/BE Electrical /Mechanics
  • HPC Engineer: MS/BE/CS/CE (Software HPC)
  • Traffic Control Operator: Trained and skilled Traffic control Operator
  • HPC Cluster Admin: BS/BE/Diploma in Networks and Information. Technology
  • UAS Operator: Trained UAS pilot

To apply for any of these positions, please visit the MoD website at and click on the “Jobs” tab.

The last date to apply is May 03, 2023.

For more information, please contact the MoD Human Resources Department at

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