PPSC Lecturer Education Solved Paper 2022

PPSC Lecturer Education Solved Paper 2022
PPSC Lecturer Education Solved Paper 2022

PPSC Lecturer Education Solved Paper 2022

Ppsc education paper 18-06-2022

Today lecturer education paper(PPSC)

Date 18/6/2022

PPSC Lecturer Education
Dated 18-06-2022

Complete 100 questions of Lecturer Education paper

  1. USB stands for (universal serial bus)
  2. 1st Mosque of Islam (Masjid e Quba)
  3. Correct sequence of affective domain (Receiving, Responding, Valuing, Organizing, Characterizing)
  4. Cognitive domain (Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, Evaluation)
  5. Temporary memory (RAM)
  6. CAI stands for (Computer Assisted Instruction)
  7. Knowledge gain thorough seeing (75%)
  8. MAO college to university (1920)
  9. Surah al Nahl (Honey Bee)
  10. Surah about reading (Alaq)
  11. Fastest memory (cache)
  12. Connection within a building (LAN)
  13. Rabi crops (Harvest in march april but grown oct to nov)
  14. First education institute (dar e arqam)
  15. African national languages (11)
  16. Complete series 2,5,10,12,24,26, (52)
  17. A class has three times boys than girls, which number cannot be the total strength (42)
  18. In 14 peaks how many in Pakistan (5)
  19. Sampling in which each individual has equal chance of selection (Random)
  20. 1st education policy (Fazal ur Rehman)
  21. First south asian country to sign the hugue convention of civil aspects of international
  22. child abduction (Pakistan)
  23. Assessment of students for betterment of teaching (formative assessment)
  24. Fight against deniers of Zakat (Hazrat Abu Bakr R.A)
  25. Pedagogy (study of teaching methods)
  26. Technical education was emphasized in (1947).
  27. Method used to convert accessible sources into product or services (Economic Dimension)
  28. We teach things by excluding from curriculum and do not teach (Null curriculum)
  29. Replace the wrong word in sentence The school management ask each student shall bring their identity for enrolling (his/her)
  30. Teacher perform and explain (demonstration method)
  31. Students passive in (lecture method)
  32. Daughter of east book written by(Benazir)
  33. Noble prize added in 1969 (economics)
  34. Grignard reagent (acid-base)
  35. Pilot testing is done to ensure (adaptibility,….)
  36. Pakistan bought Gawadar (1958)
  37. The Abrah Asharm was the king of (yemen)
  38. Three forms of learning experience (Edger Dale)
  39. Variety of instructions for students (Individualized Instruction)
  40. To highlight the difference between the high achiever and low achiever score is ()
  41. Viewing text rapidly to get overview (skimming)
  42. 6 years old child, according to Jean Piaget’s can (symbolize)
  43. According to Piaget, child use logic,abstract (formal operational)
  44. Philosophy need entire change (reconstruction)
  45. Manageable employee by a manager (span of control)
  46. All employees report to one person (unity of command)
  47. (Sealing) of containers makes items fresh.
  48. Which is not at left side of pp presentation (All of them)
  49. Khewra is famous for (coal) besides salt.
  50. The blue print to develop test is (Table of specification)
  51. One test score tend to compare with future test score is (Predictive)
  52. Portfolio is kind of (assessment techniques)
  53. Measuring age, weight, height, distance is (Ratio Scale)
  54. Knowledge from experience (empiricism)
  55. Steps of scientific Method (problem, hypothesis, analyzing results, conclusion)
  56. What is ZPD (difference b/w child do something by own as compared to do with some ones help)
  57. Not related to lesson plan (made by students)
  58. Pioneer of moral development (Kohlberg)
  59. Meslow theory the need of esteem and self realization are (Esteem Needs)
  60. Adding new info to existing schema (Assimilation)
  61. A hypothesis that plant survive in the water is the quantity of salt is water, in this independent variable is (Quantity of salt in water)
  62. Babul Islam (Sindh)
  63. 960kb to byte (960×1024 bytes)
  64. Punjab university in (1882)
  65. Psychomotor domain (manipulative skills)
  66. Definition of (snowball) sampling
  67. Components of curriculum (4)
  68. To design the laboratory by a student is which cognition level (synthesis)
  69. Symposium (discussion method)
  70. Get, understand knowledge (comprehension)
  71. Same subject in different grades (vertical)
  72. To guide peson task is (leadership)
  73. Affective interaction to complete task refers to (leadership)
  74. In correlation research data expressed in (coefficient)
  75. Socrates method (question answer)
  76. Problem solving method (john dewy)
  77. Progressivism related to (pragmatism)
  78. Perennialism emphasis on subject (everlasting)
  79. Learning body skills, abilities (core curriculum)
  80. Integrated curriculum (to minimize books)
  81. Building functional skills which are necessary, (activity curriculum)
  82. Psychomotor domain in (1972)
  83. The way of drawing results from general theory to specific (deductive)
  84. Father of learning by experience (Dewey)
  85. Checking value and worth (evaluation)
  86. Baal dhoop me safaed ni kiye (کنایہ)
  87. Ziker-e-Iqbal Biogaphy written by (Abdul Majeed Salik)
  88. To check purity of milk (lactometer)
  89. A measuring scale in which true zero exist (ratio)
  90. A small group result aimed to generalize over the population is called (sample)
  91. Realism based on (empirical knowledge)
  92. Research carried out to get help in local setting (Action research)
  93. The researcher conducts a part of his research on (sample)
  94. The behaviorists are interested in study in (Action)
  95. Psychomotor and cognition Skills use in (discovery method)
  96. Everlasting reality is focused by (prennialism)
  97. In SOLO taxonomy to go to beyond the given in information is (extended abstract)
  98. The idealism ideology is base on (Traditions)
  99. Test blue print or table of specification is used to ensure (Content Validity of the test)
  100. The influence of variable is on other variables (Independent)
  101. Which of the following is used to critically analysed existence of objects (Ontology)

1:Sir syed book about delhi buildings and architecture: asarul sanadeed
2:IP adress:internet
3:Lucknow pact:1916
4:Khuta alhabad:1930
5:Khuda ganjy ko nakhun: kmzarf/ kminay ko khuda taqat na day
6:Ram-Ramdom access memory
7:General to specific- deductive
8:labourers Strick-off
9:Literacy rate:63
10:Individual test among atudenta-Norm refrence test
11:Lazy worker – X
12:Intelligence test competetion with other students- norm refeence test
13:Nobel prize 1907:kippling
15:Iq of average teacher : 120
16:www: World web www
17:1st transgender school:odharan
18:ICT- Information and Communications Technology
19: curriculum reflects: culture of society
20:educational Psychology- of science : process of leaening

21:urdu compulsory class 1 to 3:
22.teachers day : 5 oct
23.URL: web adress
24.RRR- none of these
25.class Lesson started with : previous knowledge/ topic
26.pay focus on arts,science and study of civilizatuons:essinalist
27.Socrats method: answer question
28.golden gate: Fransisco
29.stimulus theory – classical conditioning
3o.email: verbal communucation
31.child reproduce action:mmitation
32.nuclear countries: 8
33.goal of teaching- chage behavior
34.deoband ignore- science
35.1st education conference- karachi
36.education latin word: educere
37.militry courts: 2 years
38.select all-control A
39.rays of sun-ultra vilot
40.memory used process:cpu
41.curriculum:set of all activities
42.philosophy of mind:idealistic
44.general to specifuc assessment: eductive
45.supervision-creative and constructive
46.Outline: syllabus
47.essay test limited: restricted
48.each of us: has a pen
49.keyboar input

Ppsc education solved paper

50.frst step in experiment: hypothesis
51.knowledge: epistemology
52.to make new whole-: synthesis
53.summative- assessment of learning
54.response/ teaction is due to: stimulus
55.breakdown facts to observe: analyses
56.humanistic theory: maslow

General Knowledge questions
1-دہلی کی عمارتوں کے بارے میں سر سید کی کتاب کا نام؟
2-خداگنجے کو ناخن نہ دے کا مطلب؟
3-Lucknow pact date?
4-Whesr is kartarpur Gurdhwara in Pakistan?
5-Who got nobel prize in English literature 1907?
6-He called_____strike?
7-Each of us has/have a pen?
8-I directly went to my family?
9-nuclear counties in the world?
10-Milletary courts for how many years?
11-Where is Golden Gate bridge?
12-First transgender school in which city of Pakistan?
13-Ozone layer protects from which rays of sun?
14-one question was about use of comma?
15 current literacy rate of pakistan 2022?

16 One year interest rate
60000 nd 4.5%
None of these
for more https://www.facebook.com/khawaja.hassan4/
17 How many nuclear states declared in the world?
None of these
18 smart stand for
19 3R’s stand for
20 question answered method

Ppsc education solved paper

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Lecturer education paper 2022

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