Ppsc solved paper 2017


English AP Paper 97 questions that i can recall
1; Salao Meaning: Worst form of Unlucky
2 Santiago’s Fav Player: De Maggio
3 Hamlet is: Tragedy
4 Hamlets Flaw : Delay in taking action
5 O brave New World: Words by Miranda
6 antony in julius caesar refers to ceaser’s Murders as : Honorable Men
7 Hardy Region : Wessex
8 Heart of Darkness begins : Thames River
9 Haiku : 3 line poem
10 Prospero Hates caliban : He tried to rape Miranda
11 Inflection Words formed : Morphemes (not sure)
12 Meter of Stopping by the woods in snowey evening: Iambic tetra meter
13 Willy loam sells : Not mentioned by Miller
14 Size of Cric Bat: 39 inches
15 Distance covered by car : 18 km
16 packets of 9 kg sugar at 450 gram per packet: 20
17 thumb scanner, ratinal scanner, voice recognition : Biometrics
18 Crown Prince: Muhammad bin suleman
19+20 Prepositions : in and at
21 affluence: Dearth
22 illness will : Abate”
23 Passage to India By: EM foster
24Aspects of Novel by : EM foster
25 WTO headoffice: Geneva
26 DOG-Animal : Hyponymy
27 Two language speakers: Bilinguals
28 Context is : Dynamic
29 Oedipus brought up at: Corinth
30 greek festival for which god: Dionysus
31 National Muhammdan Educational Conference: Amir Ali
32 Quality of language: Displacement
33 Dialect changes with: Region
34 Center Alignment short key: Crtl+E
35 Andrea Del sorto : Divinchi, Raphael, Michelangelo are mentioned (4rth one was correct option)
36 study of poetry and meter : prosody
37 1 main and 1 dependent clause: Complex
38: 2 main and a dependent clause: Compound complex
39: Artichet of faisal mosque : ???? no idea
40: NAM : 1979 (google)
41: Aab-e-Hayat: M Hussain Azad (google)
42: othello delayed by : storm
43: Pip’s Reaction : Embarrassment :
44: Hardy : Fatalism
45: Profession of Clym : Diamond Merchant (google)
46: Diggory earned money back: Dice game (google)
47: Who was walking with edgon heath: ?????? no idea
48: Collins proposed: Elizebeth
49: Dickens similie for Sydney carton: Jackle (fb source)
50: Satan First leap into Garden of eaden as: don’t know
51: Fastus sold soul for: 24 yeas
52: Cave of spleen
53: game of ombre : Balinda
54 game played at : hampton court palace
55: whole set of morphemes: lexicon
56: Hamlet as artistic failure: TS Eliot
57: King lead banished: Kent
58: Iagos comment about women: Lust and manipulative
59: Brutus after seeing casius body: suicide
60: Metallic metal : platinium
61: Mountain range separating Europe and asia: Ural
62: Limpid: Clear
63: Conceit : Donne
64: Sensuousness: keats
65: Keats comment Passionate epic: Milton
66:basil killed by : Stabbing
67: Henery’s philosophy: Hadonism
68: JS Mill Philosophy: utilitarianism
69: who was with adam bede in trial : dont know
70: Aristotle poetry should not have: Instinct
71: Aristotle Hero in tragedy”: Ideal
72: relation of ezra and brant mourning becomes electra: Dont know
73: Gullivers travels : Gullible
74: metatarsal bones: feet (google)
75: Canterbury tales begin in : Height of spring
76: Attire in characters: Wife of bath, squaire etc
77: Trojen War: Odessyus, Achilles, Aneas
78: witch hunt at village: Salem
79: poem in opium : kubla Khan
80: Pilgrim with forked bear: Merchant
81: romantic revival: French revolution:
82: Bannet estate will go to collins: Only close male heir.PPSC ENGLISH LECTURER solved
83: Urania Goddess of _ Astronomy (google)
84: fourteen lined poem : Sonnet
85: 5 line poem : Limirick
86: play of words: Pun
87: grow: Intransitive verb
88: type of medival drama : Morality plays
89: Memorium: Elegy
90: Animal farm criticism on: Stalin
91: stepeh’s nick name: dont know
92:Ashkabad capital of : Turkminastan (google)
93: Cruel Boy lord of flies: Jack
94: Trofimiv say: Russian intellectuals have ideas but they donot act upon them,
95: Painter in del sorto: Divinchi, Micheangelo and Raphael are mentioned. last option was correct.PPSC ENGLISH LECTURER solved
96: Correct sentence: I am sick of you.
97: Paradise lost. Satan crosses fence of Paradise: cant remember statement: don’t know answer.PPSC ENGLISH LECTURER solved

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