PPSC English Lecturer past paper 2020

PPSC English Lecturer past paper 2020
Ppsc English lecturer past paper

PPSC English Lecturer past paper 2020

ppsc english lecturer past papers 2020

PPSC English Lecturer


  1. Arundhati Roy got a booker prize for (God of small things)
  2. Byron belongs to (Romanticism)
  3. George Orwell’s real name (Eric Blair)
  4. Our teacher teaches Math (Besides) English
  5. Synonym of circumventing (avoid)
  6. Antonym of grotesque (graceful)
  7. Deductive method (General to specific)
  8. English’s number according to native speakers (3rd)
  9. Pre-Shakespearean playwrights (University wits)
  10. Old wives tale by (Arnold Bennet)
  11. Bacon’s essays are a compendium of (Wordly wisdom)
  12. Lips involved in (Bilabials)
  13. the glass menagerie by (Tennesse Williams)
  14. Oedipus complex found in (sons and lovers)
  15. The romantic tic poet was influenced by spencer (keats)
  16. JJoyce’syce’s device (Stream of consciousness)
  17. Holy sonnets by (Donne)
  18. Books were destroyed (manuscript destruction movement)??
  19. Fielding novels were (comic epic in prose)
  20. Shakespeare wrote (37 plays)
  21. E.A Poe wrote reviews for (evening post)??
  22. Hue and cry against hardysJudee the obscure (due to obscenity)
  23. In the medieval ages, someone failsilsl for blood vengeance (everlasting shame)
  24. Old English speakers (AngelsSaxonss, jute)
  25. The golden breadth is a (book about 5 poets)
  26. writer of uncle toms cabin (Harriet Beecher Stowe)
  27. Auden group is also known as (new romantics)??
  28. A printing method in 1400 (moveable/calligraphy)??
  29. Keats died of (TB)
  30. Postcolonial literature focus on (cultures of the colonial system)??
  31. Study of sentence structures (Syntax)
  32. Literary work “The spy” which made the writer great American writer (Howthrone)??
  33. Found in keats and Tennyson (Miltonism)??
  34. Emily Bronte’s only novel (Wuthering heights)
  35. Who was victorian but modern in some sense as well (Hopkins)??
  36. Marlow makes master (shakespeare)
  37. After the reformation which group preaches Catholicism (Jesuits/protestants)??
  38. R.KNarayan’ss setting (malgudi)
  39. 13 properties presented byHockettt are also called (linguistic nodes)
  40. Laughs (At) beggars
  41. Mostly contributed to linguistics (chomsky)
  42. OldNorsee (Norwegian)
  43. Child of 3 months can.. (Cooing)
  44. Milton thou should be living at this hour (wordsworth)
  45. Children deviation while speaking (Phonotactics)??
  46. Correct sentence (When who..)
  47. who translate Bengali poems of Geetanjali (rabinerNathhTagoree)
  48. Sarojini Naidu poet (narrative)??
  49. f, s, sounds (fricatives)
  50. Newborns can differentiate (tone and pitch)
  51. People learn how to communicate while conversation. Cooperative)??
  52. nog sound (nasal)
  53. Etymology (history of words)
  54. Cyclone Pakistan (sunitiNam Joshi)
  55. Intellectual amusing utterances (??)
  56. Maya’s character is found in anitas novel (cry the peacock)
  57. CasanovasChinesee restaurant by (anthonyPowelll)
  58. Sherlock homes creation (Arthur Conan Doyle)
  59. A question related to (answer: pragmatism)
  60. 1350-1600 (Renaissance)
  61. G.Eliot’ss real name (marry anEvanss)
  62. Speech processes (phonology)
  63. Phonology (children should learn speech processes)
  64. Who called Dryden father of criticism (Dr johnson)
  65. SarojniNaidu’ss poem queens rivals based on (Greek)??
  66. The restoration period saw the rise of (Domestic tragedy)??
  67. AurobindoSavitrii epic about (??)
  68. A lean figure four of Christianann humanism (Luther)??
  69. In the preface to lyrical ballads words worth describing (poetic diction)
  70. Dollhouse question, heroine name (Nora)
  71. The grammar-translation method insists on (Accuracy)??
  72. A close shave (narrow escape)
  73. Novel derived from (novella)
  74. Related meanings (synonyms)
  75. Woroccurringging together (collocation)
  76. Faerie queen (allegory)

Current affairs:

  1. the pandemic century by (Mark honigsboum)
  2. National assembly took (15th) oath.
  3. Who invented transistor (Bardeen)
  4. Coldest place in Pak (Ziarat)
  5. Panama situated in (North America)
  6. Pompeleon (something like this) beach (??)
  7. Mufassir e Quran (Abdullah bin Abbas)
  8. Bought in 350 sold in 300, loss (50)
  9. 4*9/(144)1/2 (Answer 3)
  10. Dicoverer of DNA (Jenner)
  11. اشقلے اڑانا کا مطلب (فتنے والی بات کرنا)؟؟
  12. کافور ہونا (ٹھنڈ پڑ جانا)؟؟
  13. Misaaq e madina between (Muslims n jews)
  14. All carnivorus plants are (??)
  15. Brahma samaj modified by (??)
  16. Double fault associated with (tennis)
  17. Shortcut key of MS word to split tables (Ctrl+shift+enter)
  18. Equations found in MS word (insert)
  19. Qantas airline of (Australia)
  20. PPSC English Lecturer

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