PPSC lecturer Computer Science solved past papers pdf

PPSC lecturer Computer Science solved past papers pdf
PPSC lecturer Computer Science solved past papers pdf

PPSC lecturer Computer Science solved past papers pdf

These PPSC Computer Science Solved Past Papers and MCQs will help you prepare for Computer Science Lecturer. Past Papers and Books for PPSC MCQs and Lecturer Computer Science Post are available here in pdf. You can download or read online.

You will find PPSC Computer Science Lecturer Past Papers Answers with PDF files. These files square measure offered for on-line reading otherwise you will transfer these files for offline reading.

Computer Book for PPSC Lecturer Computer Science

This is a complete book of PPSC Computer Science Lecturer Past Papers with Answers pdf containing more than 500 MCQs for your better preparation.

Computer Book for PPSC Lecturer Computer Science Past Papers

                                                This is a complete book of PPSC Computing Lecturer Past Papers with PDF Answers which has enough 500 MCQs for your better preparation.

PPSC Lecturers (Computer Science) Previous Papers and Test Preparation Data

PPSC Computer Science Test Preparation Data is available here. (BS-17) Past Papers are uploaded here.

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Data of Computer Science Lecturer is available at this link. Please click here.

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On PPSC Library, you can check Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC Past Paper for Lecturer Computing BPS-17, which was held in 2017.

We have collected this information to help people in conducting Lecturer Computer Science Test. This paper is also helpful in other PPSC, FPSC, NTS Exams of Computer Science.


1. The term ‘Computer’ springs from……….

a. Latin             b. German 

c. French            d. Arabic

2. WHO is that the artificer of “Difference Engine”?

a. Allen Alan Turing                     b. Charles Babbage                               c. Simur Cray                               d. Augusta Adaming

3. WHO is that the father of Computer?

a. Allen Alan Turing                 b. Charles Babbage                              c. Simur Cray                             d. Augusta Adaming

4. WHO is that the father of pc science?

a. Allen Alan Turing                        b. Charles Babbage                       c. Simur Cray                                  d. Augusta Adaming

5. WHO is that the father of private computer?

a. Edward Henry M. Robert               b. Allen Alan Turing                 c. Charles Babbage                           d. None of those

6. A electronic equipment contains

a. a card reader and a printing device                                              b. associate degree analytical engine and an impression unit

c. an impression unit associate degreed an arithmetic logic unit       d. associate degree arithmetic logic unit and a card reader

7. that of the subsequent controls the method of interaction between the user and therefore the operative


a. computer program        b. Language translator

c. Platform                        d. figure

8. the primary computers were programmed victimization

a. programming language       b. machine language

c. ASCII text file                     d. computer code

9. ……….is a combination of hardware and code that facilitates the sharing of data

between computing devices.

a. Network         b. Peripheral      c. growth board      d. digital device

10. Coded entries that square measure accustomed gain access to 

a ADP system square measure referred to as

a. Entry codes        b. Passwords       c. Security commands            d. Code words

11. that of the subsequent statements is true ?

a. digital computer works quicker than personal computer

b. personal computer works quicker than digital computer

c. Speed of each the computers is that the same

d. The speeds of each these computers can’t be compared with the speed of advanced

12. What variety of resource is presumably to be a shared common resource in a very pc


a. Printers       b. Speakers       c. disc drives      d. Keyboards

13. that device is needed for the net connection?

a. Joystick       b. Modem        c. CD Drive     d. NIC Card

14. what’s a light-weight pen?

a. A Mechanical data input device       b. Optical data input device

c. Electronic data input device              d. Optical output device

15. UNIVAC is

a. Universal Automatic pc           b. Universal Array pc

c. distinctive Automatic pc           d. unappreciated Automatic pc

16. read-only memory stands for

a. Compactable browse solely Memory b. Compact information browse solely Memory

c. Compactable Disk browse solely Memory d. CD browse solely Memory

17. ALU is

a. Arithmetic Logic Unit           b. Array Logic Unit

c. Application Logic Unit         d. None of higher than

18. VGA is

a. Video Graphics Array             b. Visual Graphics Array

c. Volatile Graphics Array            d. Video Graphics Adapter

19. IBM 1401 is

a. initial Generation pc            b. Second Generation pc

c. Third Generation pc             d . Fourth Generation pc

20. MSI stands for

a. Medium Scale Integrated Circuits       b. Medium System Integrated Circuits

c. Medium Scale Intelligent Circuit         d. Medium System Intelligent Circuit

21.The capability of three.5 in. disc is

a. 1.40 MB     b. 1.44 GB     c. 1.40 GB      d. 1.44 MB

22.WAN stands for

a. Wap space Network           b. Wide space Network

c. big range web                     d. Wireless space Network

23. MICR stands for

a. ink Character Reader           b. ink Code Reader

c. ink Cases Reader                d. None

24. EBCDIC stands for

a. Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code

b. Extended Bit Code Decimal Interchange Code

c. Extended Bit Case Decimal Interchange Code

d. Extended Binary Case Decimal Interchange Code

25. that of the subsequent may be a a part of the Central process Unit?

a. Printer                    b. Keyboard

c. Mouse                   d. Arithmetic & Logic unit

26. CAD stands for

a. pc motor-assisted style      b. pc rule for style

c. pc application in style         d. pc analogue style

27. Junk e-mail is additionally referred to as

a. Spam         b. spoof

c. human script          d. spool

28. Hackers

a. all have identical motive

b. forced an entry different people’s computers

c. could lawfully forced an entry computers as long as they are doing not do any harm

d. square measure people that square measure allergic to computers

29. What variety of computers square measure shopper computers (most of the time) in a very client-server system?

a. Mainframe             b. Mini-computer

c. personal computer           d. PDA

30. A laptop cannot ‘boot’ if it doesn’t have the

a. Compiler          b. Loader

c. package           d. Assembler

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