PPSC Lecturer Physics Solved Past Paper MCQs PDF Book

PPSC Lecturer Physics Solved Past Papers MCQs || PDF Book
PPSC Lecturer Physics Solved Past Papers MCQs || PDF Book

PPSC Solved Physics Past Paper for Lecturer

PPSC Solved Physics Past Paper for Lecturer Jobs 2021

PPSC has announced latest PPSC Lecturer Jobs for PPSC Solved Papers Physics for Lecturer Jobs 2020 we are providing here PPSC Physics Solved Papers for PPSC Lecturer Jobs 2020 test preparation. By visiting this page you will be able to find ppsc past papers. Physics lecturer k,, ppsc solved physics past papers, ppsc physics past papers for subject expert pdf, physics lecturer mcqs ppsc physics book pdf.PPSC Lecturer Physics Solved Past Papers

PPSC Physics Lecturer Jobs 2021 Syllabus/Pattern

Topic based questions 80%
General Questions 20%
General based topics
General information
Pakistan Studies
current affairs
Basic math
Daily science and basic computer studies.Physics Solved MCQs pdf

About PPSC Lecturer Physics Solved Papers

PPSC Physics Lecturer Previous Papers Analysis PDF is available below. This document contains started mcqs and previous subjects to help you learn more in less time.

PPSC Solved Physics Past Paper for Lecturer

Using the above link, you can download PPSC Lecturer Physics Past Papers in PDF format.

PPSC Physics paper 2022 pdf

Physics MCQs Objective Type Question Answers Quiz Test

Question 1: The number 76.85 is rounded to two significant figures like ——-?

none of these
answer me. B

Q.2: The period of a circular motion is given by ——-?

T = πv
T = πw
T = 2πr
T = 2πr/v
answer me. D

Q.3: What is the apparent force acting on a mass of 10 kg when an inelastic string 10 m long rotates at one end at a speed of 1 m/s?
answer me. Oh

Q.4: If a car moves with a uniform speed of 2 ms-1 in a circle of radius 0.4. Its angular velocity is ——-?

4 Ra
5 Ra
1.6 ra
2.8 ms-1
answer me. B

Q.5: If a body of mass 10 kg is allowed to fall freely, its mass becomes ———?

9.8 n
answer me. Oh
Q.6: Drag force is given by ————?

Newton’s law
Pascal’s law
Gauss’s Law
Stokes’ Law
Answer d

Q.7: The concentration of red cells in the blood is approximately——?

answer me. C

Physics MCQs for Lecturer Test PDF

Q.8: The effect of decrease in pressure with increase in fluid velocity in a horizontal pipe is called ———?

Bernoulli effect
The Torricelli effect
Venturi effect
Stokes effect
answer me. C

Q.9: Velocity of fluid in venturi meter is maximum at ———?

Convergent duct
Contralateral groove
none of these
answer me. D

Q.10: The frequency of the second pendulum is ———?

1 Hz
0.5 Hz
1.5 Hz
2.5 Hz
answer me. B

PPSC Solved Physics Past Paper for Lecturer

Q11: For which displacement does P.E become 1/4 of its maximum value?

x = x’
x = x’/2
x = x’/4
x = x(2)’/2
answer me. B

Q.12: A convex lens acts as a diverging lens if ———?

The object is beyond C.
If the object is with C.
If the object is inside f.
Both B and C
answer me. D

Q.13: A mass attached to a spring acts?

Vibrational motion
Rotating motion
Both A and C
answer me. D

Q.14: Mark the wrong statement?

A frame of reference that is either at rest or moving with constant velocity is called an inertial frame of reference
A non-accelerating frame of reference is called an inertial frame of reference.
In uniform rectilinear motion all frames of reference are equal.
Newton’s laws of motion are valid in an accelerating (non-inertial) frame of reference
answer me. D

Q.15: Einstein’s photoelectric equation is given by?

1/2 mvmax2=hf+Φ
1/2 mvmax2-hf = Φ
1/2 mvmax2=hf-Φ
All of the above are true.
answer me. C

Physics Lecturer Guide PDF

Q.16: If a photon is reflected from a mirror, the change in speed of each photon is ———?

answer me. B

Q.17: In an electron microscope, we use energetic particles because ———?

Penetrating power is high.
Kinetic energy is large.
The wavelength is very short.
All of the above reasons
answer me. C

Q.18: If an object is placed at a distance of 2f of a converging lens, the image will be ———?

Genuine and straightforward
Virtual and straightforward
Real and inverted
answer me. C

Q.19: For normal adjustment, the length of an astronomical telescope is ———?

fo + fe
fo – fe
fe / fo
answer me. A

Q.20: Errors in transmission of power through optic fiber can be reduced by using a———?

Multimode index fiber
Graded index fiber
Single-mode step-index fiber
Copper wire
answer me. B

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