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Action Required to remove ad serving limit for newly linked mobile apps

Action required to remove ad serving limit for newly linked mobile apps
Action required to remove ad serving limit for newly linked mobile apps

Action required to remove ad serving limit for newly linked mobile apps.

Submit newly linked mobile apps for review to remove ad serving limits.

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We are introducing a new process for reviewing and approving mobile apps that are newly added to the App Store to help us better understand the source of these apps.

What is changing?

This new process will be phased in early 2023. After January 2023 all new mobile apps added to the App Store will need to be reviewed through our new process for approval. Ad serving will be restricted until this review is complete.

All monetizing mobile apps will eventually need to link to an app store. We recommend linking your mobile apps as soon as they’re listed on a supported store, then submitting them for review to avoid monetization hurdles.

How do I add a new mobile app?

To add a new mobile app,

  1. Sign in to your Ad Manager account.
  2. Go to Inventory and click Apps in the sidebar.
  3. Click Add App.
  4. Provide app information including your app name and platform (iOS, Android, etc.)
  5. Define the app store by selecting a store where your mobile app is published, linking your mobile app to an app store that Ad Manager supports.
  6. Click Save.
  7. After submitting your mobile app, it will be reviewed.

What is the review process?

After submission, Ad Manager will review newly added mobile apps before supporting unlimited serving. This is part of a standard review of new Ad Manager mobile apps. During the review, mobile apps will experience limited ad serving. Reviews will usually take 24-48 hours, but may take longer in some cases. This review process only applies to mobile apps.

How will I be notified about the result?

You will be notified by email once the review is complete, regardless of whether your mobile app is approved. You can also check the review status of your mobile app in the Inventory > Apps page.

If your app is approved, the ad serving limit will be lifted. If an app isn’t approved, it won’t be able to serve ads, but it can be resubmitted for review after any issues highlighted in the Policy Center are resolved. If you don’t want to address an unapproved app, you can hide the mobile app in the Apps section.

How can I test new apps before they are released?

For testing, we recommend using Test Mode or Test Ad Units (Android, iOS). Sending live production traffic to unreleased iOS apps will not return Google ads, and clicking your own ads during testing may result in policy action. Test mode enables rigorous testing with productive looking ads. It is also safe to click on ads labeled Test Ads.

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