Spotlight on Mental Health World Mental Health Day 2022

Spotlight on Mental Health World Mental Health Day 2022
Spotlight on Mental Health World

Spotlight on Mental Health World Mental Health Day 2022

Spotlight on mental health: World Mental Health Day 2022

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 10 October 2022 is World Mental Health Day. The slogan, “Make mental health and well-being a global priority” focuses on the widespread reform of mental health services around the world.

According to the WHO, 1 in 8 people globally was living with a mental disorder in 2019 – a figure that does not account for the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health. During the pandemic, mental health services suffered major disruptions, widening the treatment gap many patients faced.

Taking care of patients’ mental health is becoming very important. To assess patients’ mental health status, surveys can be conducted while the patient is in the pharmacy. The ability to connect allows us to re-ignite our efforts to protect and improve mental health.Free mental wellness resources

Many aspects of mental health are challenged; And in 2019, even before the pandemic, an estimated one in eight people worldwide were living with a mental disorder. At the same time, the services, skills and funding available for mental health are in short supply, and fall far short of what is needed, particularly in low- and middle-income countries.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a global mental health crisis, fueling short- and long-term stress and harming the mental health of millions. Estimates suggest that both anxiety and depressive disorders increased by more than 25 percent during the first year of the pandemic. At the same time, mental health services have been adversely affected and the treatment gap for mental health conditions has widened.World mental health Day 2022 activities

Growing social and economic inequality, protracted conflicts, violence and public health emergencies affect entire populations, threatening progress towards improved well-being. Mental health Day theme 2022.A staggering 84 million people were forcibly displaced worldwide during 2021. We must deepen the value and commitment we place on mental health as individuals, communities and governments and match this value with greater commitment, engagement and investment from all stakeholders in all sectors. We must strengthen mental health care so that the full spectrum of mental health needs can be met through a community-based network of accessible, affordable and quality services and supports.World mental health Day 2022 colour

Stigma and discrimination remain barriers to social inclusion and access to proper care. Importantly, we can all play our part in raising awareness that preventive mental health interventions work and World Mental Health Day is an opportunity to do so collectively. We envision a world in which mental health is valued, promoted and protected. Where everyone has an equal opportunity to enjoy mental health and exercise their human rights. And where everyone can access the mental health care they need.World Mental Health Day 2022 resources

WHO will launch a campaign with partners to make mental health and well-being a global priority for all. It will be an opportunity for people living with mental health conditions, advocates, governments, employers, employees and other stakeholders to come together to recognize progress in the field and ensure mental health and well-being. What do we need to do? A universal priority for all.World Mental Health Week 2022

Zoom Cares Partner Spotlight

Spotlight on Mental Health World Mental Health Day 2022
Spotlight on Mental Health World

Letters to Strangers (L2S) is by young people, the largest global youth mental health nonprofit organization. L2S started as a way for people to connect, open up and help each other through anonymous letter writing, but has evolved to offer much more.World mental health Day theme. In addition to facilitating anonymous letter-writing exchanges, L2S develops science-informed peer education curricula, and provides grassroots policy advocacy to de-stigmatize mental illness while increasing access to quality and affordable treatment.World mental health Day 2022 theme .

“Since Letters to Strangers began in 2013, we’ve impacted more than 150,000 people worldwide and spread across six continents, now directly impacting more than 35,000 people each year,” said Diana Chao, founder of L2S.Make mental health & well-being for all a global priority

Chow is one of 30 White House/MTV Youth Mental Health Leaders ZoomCares has supported with funding and technology to help advance its efforts.World mental health Day activities

A light ring

Creating a society where everyone can find happiness. It’s a light-colored vision, dedicated to making mental health a priority in Japan. As suicide remains the most common cause of death among 15- to 34-year-olds in Japan, LightRing is dedicated to early intervention for mental illness and suicide among children and young adults, and the Japanese government’s campaign for loneliness and suicide. Acts as a key partner. Countermeasures.
LightRing provides mental health education and ongoing support for youth “gatekeepers” (friends, family, and partners who provide peer support), striving to break down the social stigma surrounding mental health and empowering youth. Empower each other with the tools and knowledge to help each other. In collaboration with Zoom Cares, Light Ring 180 willShe was able to take her RingS program online for Tee Keepers, which has helped more than 500 young people at risk of suicide.World Mental Health Day 2023 theme

Initiating concern for all

Spotlight on Mental Health World Mental Health Day 2022
Spotlight on Mental Health World

Initiating Concern for All (iCALL) is an important and empowering mental health initiative launched in 2012 by the School of Human Ecology, TISS – Mumbai, India. iCALL provides free professional counseling to anyone without need for emotional support, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity, and transcends geographic distances while ensuring confidentiality.

In partnership with ZoomCares, iCALL has been able to meet the needs of the pandemic, testing effective ways to facilitate mental health counseling and workshops via Zoom. The group has published an academic paper in the Journal of Family Therapy highlighting lessons learned by facilitators of online psychoeducational groups during COVID-19.

Vita Alere

Vita Alere – which literally means ‘caring for life’ – was created as a safe space to facilitate discussions about suicide and where pain can be welcomed rather than pushed away. Is. Now the Vita Alere Institute is a center of support, education and mental health promotion that provides suicide prevention services for all people, especially teenagers and young adults, throughout Brazil. Vita Alere offers psychotherapy and self-help groups for people with suicidal thoughts and those grieving the suicide of a loved one. In Brazil, men die by suicide at a higher rate than women, and they often lack access to the mental health resources they need. With the support of ZoomCares, Vita Alere was able to develop a program for one of its most pressing issues – helping boys struggling with mental illness, including suicide among this underserved group. Increasing prevention efforts. This project is the first step needed to break paradigms and build bridges to mental health and suicide prevention for boys.

In addition to these four organizations, ZoomCares also partners with the following mental health groups:

Association for Emotional Support of Children
Black girls smile
The Boris Lawrence Hanson Foundation
Burn This Way Foundation
Centro de Valorização da Vida
Associated with hope
Kaleidoscope Youth Center
National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network
Tell Japan
friendship bench
We are local.

Mental health and well-being of employees

We know that making mental health a priority starts at home, and creating opportunities for wellness in the workplace is an important step in changing societal views on the topic. That’s why we offer free access to the Global Employee Assistance Program with professionals available 24/7/365, as well as access to TaskHuman – an app that connects professionals via video for free 1: Provides 1 live session. Coaches are also available 24/7/365 for mental wellness, emotional support, physical wellness, financial support, and spiritual support.

We also provide employees with the flexibility to care for themselves and their families with a comprehensive benefits program that includes generous parental leave, health and wellness benefits, retirement benefits, and an extended vacation policy.
In honor of World Mental Health Day, please consider supporting our mental health partners and learn more about ZoomCares here.

The role of government in addressing mental health challenges

Spotlight on Mental Health World Mental Health Day 2022
Spotlight on Mental Health World

The pandemic has not only shed light on mental health, but has also prompted researchers to focus studies and the government to take steps to raise awareness about the topic. As a result, the subject became the subject of intense and active dialogue in India and around the world.

“The government’s involvement in prioritizing mental health by using a portion of Budget 2022 in the National Tele-Mental-Health Program has opened a much-needed open dialogue among people in society,” said Dr. Ashutosh Singh, a consultant psychiatrist. And a d. – Addiction specialist at Apollo Hospital Indore.

“However, it currently lacks decentralization of services at the district level, and is more focused at the national level. That being said, Madhya Pradesh has become the first state to create a suicide prevention policy for state residents. A committee has been set up for this,” he added.

The panelists also appreciated the role of the National Tele-Mental-Health Program in creating mass awareness and providing better access to the nooks and crannies of the country. However, they highlighted the importance of better regulation of the program to support psychiatrists and service providers.

Improving workplaces for employees’ mental well-being
The work-from-home culture helped employees take care of their families without compromising their productivity in most cases. At that time, several studies and reports indicated that the incidence of burnout had increased dramatically. And asked the director of mental health at Fortis Healthcare how companies can protect the mental health of their employees.

According to Dr. Parekh, an end-to-end mental health solution is critical to the mental well-being of the workforce. He suggested that awarenessCreation, early identification of psychiatric problems, access to psychiatric first aid, and involvement of the insurance sector are some of the basics.

Dr. Singh added that companies should trust their employees whenever someone speaks up or chooses to take time off for mental health reasons. He shared examples of employers reaching out to them to confirm their patient’s conditions in order to approve addresses and how such practices can impact the wellness goals of the entire workforce. are

Epidemics cause personality changes in young adults.
Pandemic lockdowns and physical distancing have become a boon for some young adults and a bane for others. While some flourished within the confines of their homes, others suffered from the uncertainty of the future and took an infinitely long distance from the world.

“Many of the students I work with have reached their best during the lockdown because they can escape the pressure of socializing,” says Geetika Kapoor, a school psychologist. What did But for students to transition into a more socially interactive world than two years ago, self-acceptance and embracing individual strengths and weaknesses is key, Geetika suggests.

Spotlight on Mental Health World

Identifying signs of burnout and exhaustion
The pandemic has changed many things, including the never-ending ‘work from home’, increased use of social media, binge-watching, and a growing hustle culture. However, this led to a sharp rise in cases of work-related anxiety, burnout, and chronic fatigue, “While it can be difficult to recognize the symptoms of burnout in yourself, monitor your productivity levels and your social circle. Communication is a great way to monitor your mental health,” said Dr. Singh.

Spotlight on Mental Health World

Geetika Kapoor further emphasizes the imbalance of mind and body which results in both mental and physical fatigue. “Our mind is capable of doing more than our body. So once the balance between mind and body is out of balance, exhaustion can easily set in. If we start listening to our body early on and By forming your habits accordingly, such irrational burning can be avoided.”

On this World Mental Health Day (October 10), the World Health Organization (WHO) invites us to make mental health and wellness a global priority. Because stigma and discrimination are major barriers to social inclusion and access to better care, awareness plays a huge role in mental health prevention. This day provides an opportunity to do so collectively.

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