Stephen “tWitch” Bass, the affable DJ on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and dancer best known for “So You Think You Can Dance,” has died, his wife, fellow dancer Alison Holker Bass, said in a statement to CNN. Confirmed.

He was 40 years old.

“It is with the heaviest of hearts that I need to share that my significant other Stephen has left us,” Holkar-Bass said in an explanation. “Stephen illuminated each room he ventured into. He esteemed family, companions, and the local area regardless of anything else, and directing with affection and light was everything to him. He was the foundation of our loved ones. , was the best spouse and father and motivation to his fans.

“To say he left a legacy would say the least, and his great impact will continue to be felt,” he added. “I’m sure there won’t be a day that goes by that we don’t regard her memory. We demand security for ourselves and especially for our three youths during this problematic time.

According to the LA County Medical Examiner, Bass died by suicide. The LA County Coroner’s Office completed his examination and released his death report on Wednesday.

Bass was pronounced dead around 11:25 a.m. Tuesday in the Los Angeles suburb of Encino, according to the L.A. County Coroner.

Advertising impressions

Holkar-Bass concluded his statement by saying, “Stephen, we love you, we miss you, and I will always save the last dance for you.”

The couple praised their 10th wedding commemoration a couple of days prior.

She was grieved on Wednesday by many individuals via virtual entertainment who shared recordings of her moving and recollections of her.

“A kind soul and a lovely person. That’s how I will remember Twitch… It was her 40th birthday party… My heart goes out to her family especially Alison and their beautiful children. .. This is devastating… I love you bro and will miss you so much,” tweeted daytime TV host and comedian Lonnie Lowe.

Born in Montgomery, Alabama, Bass earned his nickname as a child when he couldn’t sit still.

She moved on from Lee Secondary School in Montgomery in 2000 and concentrated on dance execution at Southern Association State Junior college and Chapman College.

Six years ago he spoke to author and former footballer Lewis Howes for the latter’s podcast and discussed his background, including being raised by a single mother and having an absent father. How his relationships helped shape him.

“I’ve forever been somewhat ‘don’t let me know what I will not do,'” Bass said. “I recollect him conversing with [his dad] beyond his work in the parking garage and saying, ‘Hello, I’m joining the dance group. I want shows and cash to get supplies. Will be and he went off on this digression… I was like ‘Goodness, that implies I truly need to do this.’

In 2003, Bass was a semi-finalist on MTV’s “The Swim Robson Task” and sprinter up in the TV ability rivalry, “Star Search”.

A second-place appearance on “So You Want to Move” in 2008 denoted the start of his ascent to distinction, and he would later re-visitation to act as an adjudicator in the dance contest.

Ellen DeGeneres welcomed him on as a DJ for his well-known daytime syndicated program in 2014, a task he held until the show went behind closed doors that year. Bass was likewise the co-leader maker of the show.

He stays in contact with fans through his well-known online entertainment accounts, frequently sharing recordings of him hitting the dance floor with his better half.

The couple was all-star dancers on season 7 of “So You Think You Can Dance” in 2010 and were romantically linked.

“We shared a dance at the wrap party for this season of ‘So You Think You Can Dance,’ and we’ve been together ever since,” Bass told PEOPLE in February.

“There was no dialogue, no conversation or first hangout. Literally, we danced and the very next day we were holding hands together,” Holkar-Bass added. “And we never looked back.”

The couple is the parents of three children. Bass’ last Instagram post on Monday showed him and Holkar Bass dancing in front of a Christmas tree.

Jerk is an American video live web-based feature that spotlights live real-time computer games, including the telecom of music, imaginative substance, and games as well as offering “in actuality” streams. Jerk is worked by Jerk Intuitive, an auxiliary of, Inc.

It was presented in June 2011 as a side project of the general interest streaming stage Justin. Television Content on the site can be seen live or through video on request. The games highlighted on Jerk’s ongoing landing page are recorded by crowd inclinations and incorporate types, for example, continuous procedure games (RTS), battling games, dashing games, and first-individual shooters.

Jerk’s fame has overshadowed its general interest partner. In October 2013, the site had 45 million special guests, and as of February 2014, it was viewed as the fourth biggest wellspring of pinnacle Web traffic in the US. Simultaneously, Justin. tv’s parent organization was rebranded as Jerk Intelligent to address an adjustment of concentration – Justin.

Television ceased in August 2014. That month, the assistance was gained by Amazon. was gained for US$970 million, which later prompted the presentation of cooperative energies with the organization’s membership administration Amazon Prime. 

Jerk procured Revile 2016, an administrator of online video gaming networks, and acquainted a method with buying games through joins on streams, with a program permitting decorations to acquire commissions on deals of those games. They are permitted to play.

Starting around 2015, Jerk had more than 100 million watchers each month. In 2017, Jerk stayed the main live-web-based video administration for computer games in the US and enjoyed an upper hand over YouTube Gaming, which shut down its independent application in May 2019. 

As of February 2020, it had 3 million month-to-month telecasters and 15 million every day dynamic clients, with 1.4 million normal simultaneous clients. As of May 2018, Jerk had 27,000 accomplice channels.



When Justin. tv was launched by Justin Kahn and Emmett Scheer in 2007, the site was divided into several content categories. The gaming category grew particularly quickly, becoming the most popular content on the site. In June 2011: 40 the company renamed gaming content TwitchTV, inspired by the term Twitch gameplay. Decided to spin. 

It officially launched in public beta on June 6, 2011. Since then, Twitch has attracted over 35 million unique visitors a month. In June 2013, Twitch had approximately 80 employees, growing to 100 by December 2013. The company was headquartered in San Francisco’s financial district.

Twitch has been backed by significant venture capital investment, including US$15 million in 2012 (on top of US$7 million originally raised for Justin. tv), and US$20 million in 2013. with. During three rounds of fundraising through late 2013, investors included Draper Associates, Bessemer Venture Partners, and Thrive Capital. :40

Especially since the shutdown of its direct competitor in early 2013, Twitch has become the most popular eSports streaming service by a large margin, leading some to conclude that the website Competing video services, such as YouTube and Dailymotion, began increasing the prominence of their gaming content to compete, but so far this has had little impact. 

As of mid-2013, Twitch had more than 43 million monthly viewers, with the average viewer watching an hour and a half per day. As of February 2014, Twitch ranked second in the United States, behind Netflix, Google, and Apple. The Internet was the fourth largest source of traffic during peak hours. During peak periods Twitch accounts for 1.8% of total US internet traffic.

In late 2013, Twitch had problems with lag and low frame rates in Europe, mainly due to growing viewership. Twitch later added new servers in the region. Also to address these issues, Twitch implemented a new video system that is more efficient than the previous system. 

Initially, the new video system was criticized by users because it caused considerable delay in the stream, which interfered with the interaction between the broadcaster and the viewer. Twitch staff said that the increased delay was likely temporary and was an acceptable trade-off for reduced buffering at the time.

On February 10, 2014, Twitch’s parent company (Justin. tv, Inc.) was renamed Twitch Interactive, reflecting the increased importance of the service on Justin. tv as the company’s core business. . That same month, a stream known as Twitch Plays Pokémon, a crowdsourced attempt to play Pokémon Red using a system that translates chat commands into game controls, went viral. 

As of 17 February, the channel reached over 6.5 million total views and average viewership between 60 and 70 thousand viewers with at least 10% participation. Matthew DiPietro, vice president of marketing, praised the series for how “video games have become a platform for entertainment and creativity that goes beyond the original intent of the game’s creator.” has created a fun hybrid custom. 

It’s a great proof of concept that we hope to see more of in the future.” The official live-streaming platform of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. On May 18, 2014, Variety first reported that Google had struck a preliminary deal to acquire Twitch through its YouTube subsidiary for approximately US$1 billion.

On August 5, 2014, the original Justin.The tv site abruptly shut down, citing the need to focus resources entirely on Twitch. On August 6, 2014, Twitch introduced an updated archive system, including Multi-platform access to past broadcast highlights via one channel, higher quality video, increased server backups, and a new video manager interface for managing past broadcasts and compiling “highlights”. included. 

Broadcasts can also be exported to YouTube. Due to technical limitations and resource requirements, the new system involves several regressions. The option to save full broadcasts indefinitely (“save forever”) was removed, meaning they can be saved for a maximum of 14 days or 60 days for partners and Turbo subscribers. 

Can be maintained. While compiled highlights could be saved indefinitely, they were limited to two hours in length. In addition, Twitch introduced a copyright fingerprinting system that will mute the audio in archived clips if a copyrighted song is detected in the stream.

On August 25, 2014, Amazon procured Jerk Intelligent for US$970 million in an all-cash bargain. Sources announced that Google had dropped the reputed bargain and permitted Amazon to offer., Forbes detailed that Google retreated from the arrangement because of antitrust worries encompassing it and its current responsibility for The securing shut on September 25, 2014. Tech2 Intuitive, which had a 2% stake at the hour of the securing, lost $22 million.

Under Amazon, Shear kept on filling in as CEO of Jerk Intelligent, with Sarah Clemens joining the leader group as Head Working Official in January 2018. Shear additionally fostered the Amazon Web Administrations stage.

It refered to an “alluring” part of the arrangement, and that Amazon has “created associations with significant media players,” which could be utilized to the assistance’s benefit — especially in the domain of content permitting. I. The acquisition of Jerk denotes the third ongoing video gaming-focused obtaining by Amazon, having recently gained engineers Reflexive Amusement and Twofold Helix Games.

On December 9, 2014, Jerk declared that it had obtained GoodGame Office, the association that claims esports groups Malicious Prodigies and Collusion. In Walk 2015, Jerk declared that all client Word reset and crippled all associations with outer Twitter and YouTube accounts after the help announced that somebody had acquired “unapproved access” to the client data of some Jerk clients.

In June 2016, Jerk added another component called “cheering”, a unique type of emoji that is bought as a microtransaction known as “bits”. Pieces are bought utilizing Amazon Installments, and seats act as a gift to the channel. Clients likewise procure identifications inside a channel in view of how much bliss they have communicated.

On August 16, 2016, Jerk gained Revile, Inc. procured by Amazon, an administrator of online video gaming networks and gaming-based VoIP programming. In December 2016, Great Game Organization was stripped by Amazon to its separate individuals because of irreconcilable situations. On September 30, 2016, Jerk declared Jerk Prime, a help that gives premium elements selected to clients who have an Amazon Prime membership.

It included promoting free streaming, month-to-month offers of free extra happy (“Game Plunder”), and game limits. Games remembered for Game Plunder prizes incorporate Peak Legends, Legends of Runeterra, and FIFA Extreme Endlessly group Battle Strategies. , Portable Legends: Bang, Destruction Timeless, from there, the sky is the limit.

In December 2016, Jerk declared a semi-robotized visit balance device (AutoMod), which utilizes normal language handling and AI to disconnect possibly undesirable substances for human surveys. Feb. In 2017, Jerk declared the Jerk Game Store, a computerized circulation stage that will uncover advanced acquisition of games to the site’s perusing connection point.

While streaming games are accessible on the Store, accomplice channels can show an outside reference to buy the game — getting a 5% commission. Clients likewise got a “Jerk Case” with each buy, which contained an assortment of pieces and irregular visit acts out. In August 2017, Jerk reported that it had obtained the video ordering stage ClipMine.

On August 20, 2018, Jerk declared that it will as of now not offer to promote free admittance to the whole help to Amazon Prime supporters, with this honor requiring a different “Jerk Super” membership or a singular channel membership. This honor finished for new clients successful September 14, 2018, and existing clients on October 2018. 

In October 2018, Jerk declared Amazon Metalworker, another expansion permitting telecasters to design showcases of items related to their streams with Amazon member links. On November 27, 2018, Jerk ceased the Game Store administration, referring to that it didn’t produce as much extra income for accomplices as it trusted, and new income opened doors like Amazon Smithy. Clients hold admittance to their bought games.

Jerk gained the Web Games Data set (IGDB), a client-driven site comparative in usefulness to the Web Film Data set (IMDb) to list subtleties of computer games in September 2019. Jerk intends to utilize the information base assistance to further develop its inside search elements and assist clients with finding games they are intrigued in. 


On September 26, 2019, Jerk uncovered another logo and refreshed the site plan. The plan is joined by another publicizing effort, “You’re now one of us”, which will look to advance the stage’s local area members. Jerk started marking restrictiveness and manages high-profile decorations in December 2019.

Jerk presented a Wellbeing Warning Chamber in May 2020, made up of decorations, scholastics, and research organizations, intending to foster control rules, the balance between serious and fun activities, and protect the interests of minimized networks for the platform. In August 2020, Jerk Prime was renamed Prime Gaming, adjusting it nearer to the Amazon Prime group of services.

In May 2021, Jerk declared that it would acquaint north of 350 new labels with arranged streams, including better labels for orientation personality, sexual character, and handicaps, as well as labels for different kinds of topics (like virtual decorations). The handicap and LGBT-arranged labels were created in counsel with the computer game availability good cause AbleGamers and SpecialEffect, and the LGBT associations GLAAD and The Trevor Project.

On October 6, 2021, a mysterious programmer purportedly released “the sum” of Jerk, including its source code of the Jerk client and APIs, and subtleties of the payouts made to practically 2.4 million decorations since August 2019. The client posted a 128GB deluge connect to 4chan and said that the break, which incorporates source code from very nearly 6,000 inward Git vaults, is moreover “section one” of a bigger release. 

The hole likewise included subtleties of plans for a computerized retail facade under the codename of “Fume” intended to be a contender to Steam alongside subtleties on installment got by decorations for their work on Twitch. Jerk confirmed they had experienced an information spill which they ascribed to a server misconfiguration utilized by a “malignant third party”. 

While Jerk tracked down no sign of login qualifications or charge card data to have been taken in the break, the organization reset all stream keys as a precaution.

On August 23, 2022, Jerk declared that it would never again uphold its selectiveness understanding, permitting Jerk decorations to Livestream on other streaming platforms. The declaration noticed that simulcasting on Jerk and other “Jerk like” streaming stages was as yet precluded; nonetheless, an exception to the simulcasting limitation was applied to short-shape streaming stages, for example, Instagram and TikTok. 

Regardless of the particular notice of limitations on simulcasting, previous Jerk representatives noticed that Jerk would likely not authorize the limitation, as doing so would be extremely challenging, and they had not been implementing it for quite a long time preceding the announcement. 

After the declaration, some high-profile decorations that were restricted by restrictiveness, for example, Ninja and Pokimane, began spilling on other platforms.

On September 21, 2022, Jerk declared it would lessen the membership income procured by huge streamers. However most decorations get half of their income from memberships, and a few bigger decorations have premium membership terms, which give them 70% of membership income. 

The new change, set to produce results on June 1, 2023, would mean premium decorations would keep 70% of the first $100,000 procured from memberships, after which their slice would be brought down to 50%. The declaration came after Jerk declined a well-known demand for all decorations to have 70% membership income, which many noted is a similar income previously presented by YouTube. 

Jerk President Dan Clancy supported the adjustment of an assertion given on Jerk’s blog, expressing it was finished to take care of Jerk’s working expenses, noticing the exceptional 70% split quit being proposed to new decorations north of a year earlier, and highlighting substitute decoration income sources that wouldn’t be impacted by the membership income decreases, for example, Prime Subs or ad breaks. 

However Clancy guaranteed 90% off decorations wouldn’t be impacted by the income decrease, the change drew analysis from numerous decorations, who saw it as destructive to the security of streaming professions and more gainful to Jerk and its sponsors than their clients, with a few decorations communicating uncertainty at Clancy’s cases of Jerk’s high working expenses, and taking note of that Jerk as of now has elective income sources that make diminishing decoration income unnecessary. The declaration prompted a few decorations to think about leaving Jerk or coordinating blacklists.


Jerk is intended to be a stage for content, including esports competitions, individual surges of individual players, and gaming-related syndicated programs. Various channels really do live to speedrun. The Jerk landing page presently shows games in light of viewership. As of June 2018, probably the most well-known games gushed on Jerk are Fortnite, Class of Legends, Dota 2, PlayerUnknown’s Landmarks, Hearthstone, Overwatch, and Counter-Strike: Worldwide Hostile with a joined completely of north of 356 million hours watched.

Jerk has likewise made ventures into non-gaming content, for example, in July 2013, the site streamed a presentation of ‘Rot’s Blowout’ from San Diego Comic-Con, and on July 30, 2014, electronic dance music act Steve Aoki broadcast a live exhibition from a club in Ibiza. In January 2015, Jerk presented an authority classification for music streams, like public broadcasts and music creation exercises, and in Walk 2015, reported that it would turn into the new authority live streaming accomplice of the Ultra Live performance, an electronic live event in Miami.

On October 28, 2015, Jerk sent off a second non-gaming class, “Innovative”, which is expected for streams exhibiting the production of imaginative and inventive works. To advance the send-off, the assistance likewise streamed an eight-day long-distance race of Sway Ross’ The Delight of Painting. In July 2016, Jerk sent off “Social eating” as a beta; it was motivated by the Korean peculiarity of making and Korean players having taken part in the training as breaks on their gaming streams.

In Walk 2017, Jerk added an “IRL” classification, which is intended for content inside Jerk rules that doesn’t fall inside any of the other laid-out classes on the site, (for example, lifelong).GeekWire detailed that “while ongoing interaction actually makes up by far most of the substance broadcast by means of Jerk, the ‘Simply Talking’ classification — a catch-all term that envelops anything from genuine discussion to reality programming — took the best position by an agreeable edge generally in December [2019]. While the class has been on the ascent for the most recent few months, this was whenever that it’s first really accomplished No. 1 generally speaking for a followed period on the stage”.

In 2020, Thrillist portrayed Jerk as “live radio for the very on the web”. Michael Espinosa, for Business Insider in 2021, featured that “Jerk overwhelms the live happy space, with 17 billion hours observed last year (per StreamElements), contrasted with YouTube Gaming Live’s 10 billion (per the organization). However, by far most of the gaming content is as yet consumed on-request, where YouTube is the unmistakable pioneer with north of 100 billion hours observed the year before”.

As an instructing device

Jerk is frequently utilized for computer game instructional exercises; the idea of Jerk permits mass quantities of students to communicate with one another and the teacher progressively. Jerk is likewise utilized for programming advancement learning, with networks of clients streaming programming undertakings and talking through their work.


Noble cause

Games Done Fast is a half-yearly speedrunning occasion for a noble cause facilitated by Jerk.

Telecasters on Jerk frequently have streams advancing and fund-raising towards a noble cause. By 2013, the site has facilitated occasions which, altogether, brought over US$8 million up in gifts for worthy missions, for example, Additional Life 2013. Starting around 2017, Jerk has brought up over US$75 million up in gifts for admirable missions. The greatest foundation occasion of Jerk is Zevent, a French undertaking made by Adrien Nougaret and Alexandre Douchary, with more than US$10 million raised for Activity Contre la Faim in October 2021.


ESL competitions have circulated on Justin. tv and later Twitch. tv starting around 2009. The stage has likewise been a long-term telecaster of the Development Title Series.

Jerk has been the authority telecaster of the Class of Legends Big showdown starting around 2012, as well as other Class of Legends competitions coordinated by Uproar Games.

Dota 2’s chief competition The Global has been live-streamed on Jerk starting around 2013.

The stage airs Rocket Association competitions coordinated by Psyonix starting around 2016. The ELeague additionally communicates occasions on Jerk starting around 2016.

Jerk and Snowstorm Diversion marked a two-year bargain in June 2017 to cause Jerk to be the restrictive streaming telecaster of select Snowstorm esports title occasions, with watchers under Jerk Prime procuring unique prizes in different Snowstorm games. Jerk likewise arrived at an arrangement in 2018 to be the streaming accomplice of the Overwatch Association, with the site likewise offering an “All-Entrance Pass” with selective substance, acts out, and in-game things for Overwatch. Snowstorm changed to match stage YouTube in 2020.

Fortnite Fight Royale contests have been broadcasted on Jerk since its send-off in 2017, including the E3 2018 Fortnite Favorable to Am and the 2019 Fortnite World Cup.

The NBA 2K Association has been live-streamed on Jerk since its beginning in 2018.

As the Coronavirus pandemic suspended motorsports rivalries all over the planet, a few series sent off sim hustling contests with genuine expert drivers. Some series had official transmissions on Jerk, for example, Recipe One and IMSA. Numerous drivers likewise had their own live streams on Jerk, similar to the instance of a few NASCAR iRacing Expert Invitational Series and INDYCAR racing Challenge drivers.


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