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Ehsaas 14000 Tech Learn
Ehsaas 14000 Tech Learn

Ehsaas 14000 Tech Learn

Ehsaas 14000 Tech Learn is a program in Pakistan which aims to provide technical training and education to 14000 disadvantaged youth from different parts of the country. The program focuses on imparting training in various technological fields including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, 5G technologies, and other emerging technologies. The initiative is part of the Big Ehsaas programme, a poverty alleviation effort aimed at providing financial and social support to the weaker sections of Pakistani society.

Ehsaas Technical Training is an online platform that provides technical training and education to those who want to improve their skills in various fields like engineering, programming and technology. The platform offers a wide range of courses designed to help learners enhance their technical knowledge and skills. Ehsaas Technical Training is committed to providing high quality educational resources and tools to enable learners to succeed in their careers.

The role of the EHSAS program in tech learning

The Ehsaas program was launched by the Government of Pakistan in 2019 with the aim of reducing inequality and providing financial assistance to disadvantaged communities. The program consists of several initiatives, including cash transfers, scholarships for deserving students, interest-free loans for small business owners, and health insurance for needy families. The Ehsaas program is considered one of the largest social safety net programs in Pakistan’s history, and its ultimate goal is to lift millions of people out of poverty.

Ehsaas Tech Learn 14000 Check Online

Ehsaas Program Tech Learn 14000 You can check it online. Imran Khan increased the amount from 12000 to 14000. Register here with total guide and check cash online. Under the Ehsaas program, poor and indigent women in Pakistan can get Ehsaas cash in one and a half years. This cash can be given to women who complete the Ehsaas survey.

First, you have to visit the nearest Ehsaas enrollment center and apply (register) your profile metric information. They will request data about your CNIC, your name, your husband’s name, relatives, income type, financial situation and your property.

Check using SMS.

Enter your 13-digit CNIC number without any dashes.
Now send this CNIC via SMS to 8171.
Accordingly, you will get a consistent report.
Within a few seconds you will receive an SMS containing the information whether you are eligible or not.

Check through online portal.

Go to Ehsaas Following 8171 Gateway.
Enter the structure number or CNIC number.
Enter your current cell phone number (SIM).
Click on Check Your Status and check how much money is in your account.

How can I apply online for Ehsaas 14000?

To apply online for Ehsaas 14000, you can visit the official website of Ehsaas program and follow the steps provided. You will need to fill out an online form and provide necessary information about yourself, such as your name, address, and contact details. The website will guide you through the application process, and you will need to submit the required documents to complete your application.

Finally, after successful registration with Ehsaas program, you will receive an SMS, and they will register your CNIC number and telephone number. When your application is handled, you will receive an SMS to inform that you have visited Ehsaas and received cash.

Important note

Always pay attention to SMS 8171 as different scammers send SMS from different numbers and request cash from destitute people. As a result, Ehsaas only sends SMS from 8171, and if you receive SMS from any other number, ignore it.


In this article I tried my best to inform you all about Ehsaas Kafalat program. There are many Ehsaas programs running nowadays including Ehsaas Technical Training Program. All these are designed to help the poor and needy people across the country.

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