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What is the Google Doodle celebrating?
What is the Google Doodle celebrating?

What is the Google Doodle celebrating?

What is the Google Doodle celebrating?

The Google Doodle is celebrating the 77th birth anniversary of Kitty O’Neil, an American stunt performer who was once crowned “the fastest woman in the world.”

Who created the Google Doodle?

The Google Doodle was created by Washington DC-based deaf guest artist Meeya Tjiang.

What were some of the high-speed sports and stunts Kitty O’Neil performed?

After sustaining a wrist injury and illness that cut her driving career short, Kitty O’Neil shifted her focus to high-speed sports, including water skiing and motorcycle racing, and performing acts like falling from unnerving heights while being set on fire.

What record did Kitty O’Neil break?

In 1976, Kitty O’Neil broke all existing records for driving a rocket-powered car and was crowned the “fastest woman alive.” At 512.76 miles an hour, she surpassed the previous record by almost 200 mph.

Did Kitty O’Neil break the men’s record as well?

Although nobody doubted that Kitty O’Neil could beat the men’s record, her sponsors did not allow her to compete, fearing it would threaten the status quo. O’Neil even tried fighting this sexism legally but failed to secure the opportunity to break the overall record, which was held by a man.

What was the title of the biopic made about Kitty O’Neil’s life?

A 1979 biopic about Kitty O’Neil’s life was titled Silent Victory: The Kitty O’Neil Story, which recaps her impressive Alvord Desert feat.

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FAQs about American stunt performer Kitty O’Neil

Who was Kitty O’Neil?
When was Kitty O’Neil born?
What was Kitty O’Neil known for?
What was Kitty O’Neil’s most famous stunt?
Was Kitty O’Neil the first woman to perform a particular stunt?
What records did Kitty O’Neil break?
Did Kitty O’Neil work on any famous films or TV shows?
Was Kitty O’Neil ever injured while performing stunts?
Did Kitty O’Neil have any notable achievements outside of her stunt work?
What was Kitty O’Neil’s legacy?

Who was Kitty O’Neil?

Kitty O’Neil was an American stunt performer and racer.
When was Kitty O’Neil born?

Kitty O’Neil was born on March 24, 1946.
Where was Kitty O’Neil born?

Kitty O’Neil was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, United States.
What was Kitty O’Neil known for?

Kitty O’Neil was known for her work as a Hollywood stuntwoman and her accomplishments as a speed racer.
What was Kitty O’Neil’s most famous stunt?

Kitty O’Neil’s most famous stunt was a high fall from a hotel in the movie “The Blues Brothers”.
What was Kitty O’Neil’s greatest achievement?

Kitty O’Neil’s greatest achievement was setting a women’s land-speed record in 1976, reaching a speed of 512 mph in a rocket-powered car.
What disability did Kitty O’Neil have?

Kitty O’Neil was deaf from the age of five due to a case of measles.
When did Kitty O’Neil pass away?

Kitty O’Neil passed away on November 2, 2018.

Question Answer
Who was Kitty O’Neil? Kitty O’Neil was an American stunt performer, racer, and deaf activist.
What was Kitty O’Neil famous for? Kitty O’Neil was famous for being a Hollywood stuntwoman who performed dangerous stunts in movies and TV shows.
What was Kitty O’Neil’s biggest achievement? Kitty O’Neil’s biggest achievement was setting a land-speed record for women in 1976, when she drove a rocket-powered car at 618 mph.
How did Kitty O’Neil become deaf? Kitty O’Neil became deaf as a baby due to a high fever, which damaged her auditory nerves.
What other careers did Kitty O’Neil pursue? Apart from being a stunt performer, Kitty O’Neil also worked as a race car driver, a speedboat racer, and a stunt coordinator.
What are some of the stunts Kitty O’Neil performed? Some of the stunts Kitty O’Neil performed include being set on fire, jumping off a five-story building, and driving a rocket car

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